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2016-05-19weston: build fix up due to version changeYong-iL Joh
2016-04-28wayland-ivi-extension: build fix upYong-iL Joh
2016-04-28weston/wayland: removed because poky(krogoth) supports 1.9.0Yong-iL Joh
2016-04-18Use http protocol to fetch sources (OSSINFR-30)Philippe Coval
2016-04-15using SRCREV instead of BRANCH or TAG at SRC_URI="git://..."Yong-iL Joh
2016-03-18wayland-ivi-extension: fix a build error due to race conditionYong-iL Joh
2016-03-18wayland-ivi-extension: create *-test packageYong-iL Joh
2016-02-06xkeyboard-config: Remove temporary fix that has been upstreamed.Frederico Cadete
2016-02-05weston: add xkeyboard-config as dependenciesYong-iL Joh
2016-02-05weston: change weston.ini for running wayland-ivi-extension correctlyYong-iL Joh
2016-01-28wayland-ivi-extension: trying to enable ivi-input-controller.soYong-iL Joh
2016-01-28libxkbcommon: add xkb-data to handle pc keyboard inputYong-iL Joh
2016-01-28wayland-ivi-extension: bump version to 1.9.0Yong-iL Joh
2015-11-17libinput: version up to 1.1.1Yong-iL Joh
2015-11-13wayland/weston: version up to 1.9.0Yong-iL Joh
2015-11-10wayland-ivi-extension: remove 1.2.0, 1.3.0Yong-iL Joh
2015-11-10cairo: remove package cairo-perf-utils, cairo-script-interpreterYong-iL Joh
2015-11-10layer-management: removedYong-iL Joh
2015-10-30mesa: move bbappend from meta-ivi to meta-ivi-bspYong-iL Joh
2015-10-15weston: fix of mismatched plugin interface between weston 1.6.0 and wayland-i...Yong-iL Joh
2015-10-15wayland-ivi-extension: add support for version 1.5.0Manuel Bachmann
2015-09-30mesa: enable the EGL state tracker for egl on qemux86, qemux86-64Yong-iL Joh
2015-09-14wayland-ivi-extension: Update from 1.3.0 to 1.3.91Yong-iL Joh
2015-09-14weston: Switch on 1.6.0Andrei Gherzan
2015-02-16wayland-ivi-extension: add support for version 1.3.0Holger Behrens
2015-02-16weston: disable default virtual keyboardHolger Behrens
2015-02-16weston: apply ivi-shell click event patchHolger Behrens
2014-11-17xkeyboard-config: Add temporary fixAndrei Gherzan
2014-10-07mesa: add leading space to PACKAGECONFIG_appendHolger Behrens
2014-10-06wayland-ivi-extension: Update from 1.2.0-rc7 to 1.2.0Andrei Gherzan
2014-10-01Globally replace 'base_contains' calls by 'bb.utils.contains'Andrei Gherzan
2014-10-01mesa: enable gallium, gallium-egl and gallium-llvm configurationHolger Behrens
2014-09-26weston : Switch on genivi-1.2.0Andrei Gherzan
2014-09-12xserver-xorg: Fix SYSTEMD_SERVICE to be pkg specificAndrei Gherzan
2014-09-12layer-management: Fix SYSTEMD_SERVICE to be pkg specificAndrei Gherzan
2014-08-21wayland-ivi-extension: upgrade to 1.2.0_rc7Holger Behrens
2014-08-20wayland-ivi-extension: upgrade to 1.2.0_rc6+8049908e73Holger Behrens
2014-08-19wayland-ivi-extension: upgrade to 1.2.0_rc6+19788f8881Holger Behrens
2014-08-13weston-ivi-shell: Add patches on top of weston v1.5Andrei Gherzan
2014-08-13Use FILESEXTRAPATHS correctlyAndrei Gherzan
2014-07-10weston: Update to version 1.4.93-v3-transitionFlorin Sarbu
2014-07-10wayland-ivi-extension: Update to version 1.2.0-rc6Florin Sarbu
2014-06-20weston: make version 1.4.0 available to meta-iviHolger Behrens
2014-05-13wayland-ivi-extension: Update to version 1.2.0-rc5Florin Sarbu
2014-05-13weston: Update to version 1.4.0-v13Florin Sarbu
2014-05-13Add weston.ini config fileFlorin Sarbu
2014-05-09meta-ivi: refactor layer structureholger