AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2012-11-02bluez: Renamed bluez bbappend due to bluez upgrade in pokydenzilFlorin Sarbu
2012-11-02pulseaudio: Rename bbappend due to upgrade in pokyFlorin Sarbu
2012-09-26layer-management: fix machine search string for imx6 targetsAdrian Alonso
2012-09-26wpa-supplicant: append wpa-supplicant.serviceAdrian Alonso
2012-09-26pormap: append portmap.serviceAdrian Alonso
2012-05-31usr-merge: Replace Wind River license with GPLv2Andrei Gherzan
2012-05-24task-core-p2: Add ofono and ofono-systemdAndrei Gherzan
2012-05-24poky-ivi-systemd: Add bluetooth to DISTRO_FEATURESAndrei Gherzan
2012-05-24ofono: Update to v1.6 and tweaksAndrei Gherzan
2012-05-24bluez4: Add systemd to DEPENDS if DISTRO_FEATURES contains systemdAndrei Gherzan
2012-05-16usr-merge.bbclass: Define class to implement first (dirty) usr mergeAndrei Gherzan
2012-05-16qt4-embedded_4.8.0: Remove demos and examples from RRECOMMENDS_${PN}Andrei Gherzan
2012-05-16yocto-ivi-systemd.conf: Add systemd to DISTRO_FEATURESAndrei Gherzan
2012-05-16pulseaudio: Use module-systemd-login if distro features includes systemdAndrei Gherzan
2012-05-16AudioManager: add service file for systemd and setup scriptSebastian Proca
2012-05-16wpa-supplicant: add service file for systemd usageSebastian Proca
2012-05-16vexpress_a9.cfg: Activate CONFIG_TUNAndrei Gherzan
2012-05-16task-core-p1.bb : add systemd related rpm packages that would install service...Sebastian Proca
2012-05-16runqemu-internal: Add $QEMU_NETWORK_CMD to QEMUOPTIONS for vexpress a9.Andrei Gherzan
2012-05-16portmap: add and enable installation of services for systemdSebastian Proca
2012-05-16ecryptfs-utils: add service file for systemd usageSebastian Proca
2012-05-16DLT-daemon: enable installation of services for systemdSebastian Proca
2012-05-16bluez4: add systemd related service file for bluez packageSebastian Proca
2012-04-22qemu: update qemu linaro to 2012.04 versionFlorin Sarbu
2012-04-22runqemu-internal: modify to pick up vexpressa9 .img creation script from same...Florin Sarbu
2012-04-21Modify step 11 in README.mdFlorin Sarbu
2012-04-21Corrected typo in README.mdFlorin Sarbu
2012-04-21Modify runqemu script to support our vexpressa9 qemu target and update README...Florin Sarbu
2012-04-20Redo initial populationFlorin Sarbu
2012-04-19Initial PopulationHolger Behrens