AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-03-07Add obex recipe from meta-openembeddedFlorin Sarbu
2013-03-06linux-yocto_3.0.bbappend: Removed this obsolete .bbappendFlorin Sarbu
2013-03-06pulseaudio: Update .bbappend to match poky 3.0 versionFlorin Sarbu
2013-02-21node-state-manager: Add --with-systemdsystemunitdir whenFlorin Sarbu
2013-02-21audiomanager_git: Added DEFAULT_PREFERENCE = "-1"Florin Sarbu
2013-02-21packagegroup-core-p1.bb: Removed audiomanager-systemdFlorin Sarbu
2013-02-21audiomanager: Update to version 3.2Florin Sarbu
2013-02-21poky-ivi-systemd.conf: Add yoctoproject mirrorsFlorin Sarbu
2013-02-19qemux86_64.cfg: Added requestedFlorin Sarbu
2013-02-19qemux86.cfg: Added requestedFlorin Sarbu
2013-02-19vexpress_a9.cfg: Added requestedFlorin Sarbu
2013-02-19xserver-xorg: Removed ${PN}-systemd andFlorin Sarbu
2013-02-19packagegroup-core-p1.bb: Removed obsolete -systemdFlorin Sarbu
2013-02-19ecryptfs-utils: Removed ${PN}-systemd andFlorin Sarbu
2013-02-19layer-management: Removed ${PN}-systemd andFlorin Sarbu
2013-02-19node-state-manager: Removed ${PN}-systemd andFlorin Sarbu
2013-02-19node-startup-controller: Modified to match newFlorin Sarbu
2013-02-19portmap: Rewrite .bbappend due to systemd.bbclassFlorin Sarbu
2013-02-12audiomanager_git: Add ${PN}-systemd to PACKAGESFlorin Sarbu
2013-02-12ecryptfs-utils: Add ${PN}-systemd to PACKAGESFlorin Sarbu
2013-02-12audiomanager: Add ${PN}-systemd to PACKAGESFlorin Sarbu
2013-02-12portmap: Add ${PN}-systemd to PACKAGESFlorin Sarbu
2013-02-12oofono: Add ${PN}-systemd to PACKAGESFlorin Sarbu
2013-02-12bluez: Add ${PN}-systemd to PACKAGESFlorin Sarbu
2013-02-07packagegroup-core-p1: Remove wpa-supplicant-systemd as systemd services are n...Andrei Gherzan
2013-02-07README.md: Add info about qemux86-64Florin Sarbu
2013-02-07linux-yocto: Add kernel fragment file for qemux86-64, needed toFlorin Sarbu
2013-02-07linux-yocto: Add PRINCAndrei Gherzan
2013-02-07vexpress_a9.cfg: Activate ecryptfsAndrei Gherzan
2013-02-07qemux86.cfg: Activate ecryptfsAndrei Gherzan
2013-02-07ecryptfs-utils: Add dependency on intltool-nativeFlorin Sarbu
2013-02-06poky-ivi-systemd: Add xf86-video-vmware for x86 64 bit target.Florin Sarbu
2013-02-06keyutils: Fix compiling for x86 64 bit targetFlorin Sarbu
2013-02-05systemd: Remove bbappend as xz is not GPLv3Andrei Gherzan
2013-02-05eglibc: Update .bbappend to version 2.17Florin Sarbu
2013-02-05nfs-utils: Update .bbappend to version 1.2.7Florin Sarbu
2013-02-05linux-yocto: Remove 0001-net-bus-add-the-AF_BUS-socket-address-family.patchFlorin Sarbu
2013-01-31excalibur-image.bb: prepare 3.0.3Holger Behrens
2013-01-31packagegroup-core-p2.bb: Add wireless-tools as a P2 component.Florin Sarbu
2013-01-31dbus: Update .bbappend to version 1.6.8Florin Sarbu
2013-01-31linux-yocto: Add missing AF_BUS kernel config for qemux86.Florin Sarbu
2013-01-31node-startup-controller: Update package to git version 1.0.2Florin Sarbu
2013-01-31busybox: Update .bbappend to version 1.10Florin Sarbu
2013-01-31linux-yocto: Reworked bbappend to work with master poky changes.Florin Sarbu
2013-01-31busybox: Remove a bunch of configsAndrei Gherzan
2013-01-31consolekit: Remove bbappend as gnome-common is not GPLv3Andrei Gherzan
2013-01-31packagegroup-core-p2.bb: Added node-state-manager as a P2 packageFlorin Sarbu
2013-01-31Add node state managerFlorin Sarbu
2013-01-31layer-management: Fix systemd service - sleep is in /binAndrei Gherzan
2013-01-29dlt-daemon: Remove User option from systemd servicesAndrei Gherzan