AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-10-31ci-build.sh: Fix bug in append local conf14.x-rockoGunnar Andersson
2018-09-10ivi-image: remove hard-coded IMAGE_ROOTFS_SIZEMirza Krak
2018-09-07Merge branch '14.x-rocko' into 14.xGunnar Andersson
2018-07-19remove default-providers-iviMirza Krak
2018-07-19distro: remove default provider for node-state-managerMirza Krak
2018-07-19poky-ivi-systemd: add space between = and "" for DISTRO_CODENAMEMirza Krak
2018-07-19distro: default-providers-ivi: remove jpeg providersMirza Krak
2018-07-19distro: default-providers-iv: remove kmod-crossMirza Krak
2018-07-19poky-iv-systemd: remove XSERVER assignmentMirza Krak
2018-07-19poky-ivi-systemd: remove gstreamer PREFERRED_VERSIONsMirza Krak
2018-07-19distro: poky-ivi-systemd: inherit from pokyMirza Krak
2018-07-11README.md: update meta-gplv2 commitStephen Lawrence
2018-07-11README.md: update meta-gplv2 commitStephen Lawrence
2018-07-11README.md: Final tweaks on branch and tag policiesGunnar Andersson
2018-07-11README.md: Rewrite of branch and tag policiesOscar Andreasson
2018-07-11README.md: Final tweaks on branch and tag policiesGunnar Andersson
2018-07-11README.md: Rewrite of branch and tag policiesOscar Andreasson
2018-06-20Update MAINTAINERSOscar Andreasson
2018-06-20ci-build: Fix the git diff reporting on conf filesGunnar Andersson
2018-05-21qemu_2: Remove dependency on libusbOscar Andreasson
2018-05-18ci-build: Avoid multiple appends to conf filesGunnar Andersson
2018-05-18ci-build: Change build/ dir location to parent dirGunnar Andersson
2018-05-18ci-build: Change default for reused (fixed) directories to falseGunnar Andersson
2018-05-18ci-build: Documenting the scriptGunnar Andersson
2018-05-18checkout script: remove bash specific syntaxGunnar Andersson
2018-05-18First adjustment of ci-build.sh for meta-iviGunnar Andersson
2018-05-18Add initial ci-build.shGunnar Andersson
2018-03-29poky-ivi-systemd distro: Remove PREFERRED_VERSIONP-1.0Oscar Andreasson
2018-03-29Add "hardening" compiler flagsGunnar Andersson
2018-03-29Add .gitignore fileOscar Andreasson
2018-03-29dlt-daemon: Bump to 2.17.0Oscar Andreasson
2018-03-29Bump dependencies: poky, meta-oe, meta-gplv2Oscar Andreasson
2018-03-28meta-ivi-test: Move in documentationOscar Andreasson
2018-03-27bluez5: Fix compilation for testOscar Andreasson
2018-03-27PCL: BumpOscar Andreasson
2018-02-14runqemu: Use bash instead of shP-0.1Oscar Andreasson
2018-02-14wayland-ivi-extension tests: Disable sanitizersOscar Andreasson
2018-02-14bblayers.conf.sample: meta-yocto renamed meta-pokyOscar Andreasson
2018-02-14Audiomanager tests: Bumped to 7.6Oscar Andreasson
2018-02-14node-startup-controller: Add package nsm-dummyOscar Andreasson
2018-02-14dbus: Fix uninitialized variableOscar Andreasson
2018-02-14Name change orion to pulsar:Oscar Andreasson
2018-02-14audiomanagerplugins: Fixed perl regexpsOscar Andreasson
2018-02-14Bump vsomeip: Use version 2.10.10Oscar Andreasson
2018-02-14PCL: Remove patch applied upstreamOscar Andreasson
2018-02-14weston: Patch to add required API for wayland-ivi-extensionOscar Andreasson
2018-02-14wayland-ivi-extension: Add support for version 2.1Oscar Andreasson
2018-02-14distro: gstreamer preferred version updatedOscar Andreasson
2018-02-14pcl: Add patch for proper initialization:Oscar Andreasson
2018-02-14pco: Remove uninstalled filesOscar Andreasson