AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-10-07Bump version to Joh
2016-10-07Merge branch '11' #2Yong-iL Joh
2016-10-06capicxx-perf: use https protocol to get source from github.comYong-iL Joh
2016-10-06dlt-daemon: move git repository to github.com/GENIVIYong-iL Joh
2016-09-23Merge branch '11'Yong-iL Joh
2016-09-23wayland-ivi-extension: udpateM-1.0Yong-iL Joh
2016-09-23README.md: add comment about am7.4 issueYong-iL Joh
2016-09-23capicxx-native: fix up for build errorYong-iL Joh
2016-09-23persistence-client-library: fix test scriptYong-iL Joh
2016-09-23node-state-manager: fix test scriptYong-iL Joh
2016-09-23audiomanager: add version 7.0Yong-iL Joh
2016-09-23Merge pull request #20 from RobertAJMarshall/capi-java-fixtolkien-joh
2016-09-21Fix build issue with java versions other than 1.8Robert Marshall
2016-09-19keyutils: Fixes building with musl libcMing Liu
2016-09-09audiomanager: fix build error when java-8 is usedYong-iL Joh
2016-09-09Merge pull request #18 from tolkien-joh/capicxx-native-fixtolkien-joh
2016-08-29audiomanager: version up to 7.4Yong-iL Joh
2016-08-26test-fw: 2nd updateM-0.2Yong-iL Joh
2016-08-25vsomeip: build fix for "QA Issue: package vsomeip-test contains bad RPATH"Yong-iL Joh
2016-08-24capicxx-*-native: fix build error when java-8 is usedYong-iL Joh
2016-08-24README.md: updatedYong-iL Joh
2016-08-24audiomanagerplugins: Remove capitalisation from AudioManagerPlugins (meta-ivi...Yong-iL Joh
2016-08-24liboil: added for build gstreamer-plugins-base-1.2.3Yong-iL Joh
2016-08-24Merge pull request #17 from slawr/fix_gst_123tolkien-joh
2016-08-18gstreamer: fix gst 1.2.3 supportStephen Lawrence
2016-07-28Merge pull request #14 from tolkien-joh/11.0M-0.1tolkien-joh
2016-07-27node-startup-controller: build fix for git repository corruptionYong-iL Joh
2016-07-27Merge pull request #11 from tom--pollard/audiomanagerpluginsipktolkien-joh
2016-07-27Merge pull request #10 from chbae/patch/11.0/westontolkien-joh
2016-07-25audiomanagerplugins: Remove capitalisation from AudioManagerPluginsTom Pollard
2016-07-25weston: Fix issue not to apply pam definitionChanghyeok Bae
2016-07-22test-fw: added (test framework)Yong-iL Joh
2016-07-22Merge pull request #7 from chbae/patch/commonapitolkien-joh
2016-07-21common-api-c++: Arrange recipesChanghyeok Bae
2016-07-21common-api: move capicxx-*-native_... from meta-ivi-test/ to meta-ivi/Yong-iL Joh
2016-07-21Make the setting of EXTRA_USERS_PARAMS a default valueRobert Marshall
2016-07-21common-api-c++-someip: version 3.1.5Yong-iL Joh
2016-07-21vsomeip: version 2.0.1Yong-iL Joh
2016-07-21AudioManagerPlugins: addedYong-iL Joh
2016-07-21persistence-administrator: modify by test/pers_svc_test/test_infoYong-iL Joh
2016-07-21bluez5: build fix with latest poky, meta-oeYong-iL Joh
2016-07-21persistence-client-library: update to latest (2016/3/30)Yong-iL Joh
2016-07-21node-state-manager: update to latest (2015/10/28)Yong-iL Joh
2016-07-19poky-ivi-systemd: Exclude DATE from DISTRO/SDK_VERSION checksumsYong-iL Joh
2016-07-19shadow-securetty: move machine dependent code to meta-ivi-bsp/Yong-iL Joh
2016-07-19persistence-administrator: remove dependency "libitzam"Yong-iL Joh
2016-07-19persistence-administrator: upgrade to 1.0.8Yong-iL Joh
2016-07-19persistence-common-object: update to latest (2015/11/27)Yong-iL Joh
2016-07-19itzamc: removed because PCO does not use anymoreYong-iL Joh
2016-07-19weston: version 1.11.0Yong-iL Joh