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using SRCREV instead of BRANCH or TAG at SRC_URI="git://..."
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5. To login use these credentials:
> User - root
> Password - root
+talk about using SRCREV instead of branch or tag at SRC_URI
+Sent: Tuesday, April 05, 2016 11:33 PM
+To: James Thomas
+Cc: genivi-meta-ivi@lists.genivi.org
+Subject: Re: [meta-ivi] Building with local source mirror
+On Tue, Mar 29, 2016 at 10:51 PM, James Thomas <james.thomas@codethink.co.uk> wrote:
+> One thing I noticed is that simply providing the SRCREV works as long
+> as that sha exists within master, if it doesn't then you have a build
+> error, so being able to use tags is useful.
+> I think using git://...;tag=foo is not sufficient, because tags *can*
+> change (i.e there's no guarantee that the tag you're using is going to
+> be the same as the one you used yesterday).
+> What would be nice is if you could go tag=foo, and have it verified
+> against SRCREV (in my testing this resulted in a build error *when*
+> the tag and sha matched)
+> However, something like
+> SRC_URI = "git://mygitrepo/foo.git;nobranch=1;branch=v0.2"
+> SRCREV = "7654321"
+> does enforce that check (v0.2 is actually a tag in this case), which
+> seems to be pretty useful (the recipe provides something human
+> readable, and something a machine can understand, and will always
+> check they match)
+I completely understand the reasoning behind this. The point I'm trying to make is that the automotive industry has a strong need for reproducible offline builds and any kind of mandatory online checks break this requirement. And like Federico said, using SRCREV is also the Yocto project practice.
+If we want meta-ivi to be widely used in the industry I believe it should support it's needs. In my opinion the same should go for the whole GENIVI stack to work nicely, which in particular means tags of the projects should not change. But the easiest solution would be for meta-ivi to not use tags. That way it supports offline builds and it is also possible to track bugfixes in the projects instead of pinning to the tag and then getting the bugfixes in patch by patch until next release.
+How do the others on this list feel about this proposal?
+Igor Socec
+Software Engineer