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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-04-27linux-intel/4.19: removeAnuj Mittal
2020-03-03linux-intel: remove not supported snd configurationNaveen Saini
2020-02-24linux-intel: backport commit from mainline to fix perf buildsAnuj Mittal
2020-01-02linux-intel: remove 4.14 kernel and related patchNaveen Saini
2019-10-01linux-intel: fix perf build failure with 4.14 kernelNaveen Saini
2018-12-05linux-intel/4.19: add recipeAnuj Mittal
2018-09-04linux-intel: remove obsolete configsAnuj Mittal
2018-08-09linux-intel/4.9: use new/correct revision for 4.9.116Anuj Mittal
2018-08-08linux-intel/4.9: update to 4.9.116Anuj Mittal
2018-01-25linux-intel: fix menuconfig when host lacks ncursesCalifornia Sullivan
2017-12-18linux-intel/4.14: Fix 32-bit perf issueCalifornia Sullivan
2017-11-20meta-intel: Reorganize the layout to remove commonSaul Wold