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2022-06-22slimboot-tools: update to latest commitNaveen Saini
2022-01-28Revert "slimboot: add recipe for Slim Bootloader"Anuj Mittal
2022-01-26slimboot: add recipe for Slim BootloaderYongxin Liu
2021-11-03meta: add explicit branch and protocol to SRC_URIAnuj Mittal
2020-10-08ngraph: removeAnuj Mittal
2020-08-13slimboot-tools: add support for slimbootloader toolsNishioka, Toshiki
2020-04-10ngraph: upgrade 0.22.1 -> 2.29.0-rc0Anuj Mittal
2019-09-13ngraph: add recipeAnuj Mittal
2019-08-21opencl-clang: move to a separate recipeAnuj Mittal
2019-05-17build linux_linker from common clangAnuj Mittal