path: root/meta-n450
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2011-06-15meta-intel: fix formfactor bbappends to use FILESEXTRAPATHS_prependPaul Eggleton
2011-06-14meta-intel/linux-yocto: update to match the renamed linux-yocto recipesBruce Ashfield
2011-06-14meta-n450: add dependency infoTom Zanussi
2011-06-13meta-intel: add systemtap bbappendsTom Zanussi
2011-05-27linux-yocto*: correct FILESEXTRAPATHS assignment in all layersDarren Hart
2011-05-17README.sources: use git.yoctoproject.org as server for the BSP repositoryOtavio Salvador
2011-05-16meta-intel: add README.sourcesTom Zanussi
2011-05-14n450: fix n450-audio LIC_FILES_CHKSUMTom Zanussi
2011-05-13linux-yocto*: extend FILESEXTRAPATHS instead of clobber themDarren Hart
2011-04-27n450: use linux-yocto (2.6.37) by defaultDarren Hart
2011-04-27n450: add linux_yocto (2.6.37) bbappendDarren Hart
2011-04-27n450: enable SMP and SCHED_SMTDarren Hart
2011-03-16gtk+: remove per-machine gtk+ FULL_OPTIMIZATION in favor of tune-atom.incDarren Hart
2011-03-16n450: add optimization flags to gtk+ for n450 to avoid gcc core2 bugDarren Hart
2011-03-15n450: add xorg.conf to disable AutoAddDevicesDarren Hart
2011-03-15n450: add formfactor configDarren Hart
2011-03-12n450: replace n450-audio with a proper init scriptDarren Hart
2011-03-12n450: revamp audio mixer init scriptDarren Hart
2011-03-11n450: Default to atom-pc SRCREVs for linux-yocto-stableDarren Hart
2011-03-11n450: use KMACHINE instead of WRMACHINE (fix boot failure)Darren Hart
2011-03-03meta-n450: compile fixesbernard-5.0rc2Tom Zanussi
2011-03-03meta-n450: use linux-yocto-stableTom Zanussi
2011-01-03meta-n450: Add new BSP for BlackSand / n450Saul Wold