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2018-04-17conf/machine/intel-corei7-64.conf: remove DPDK_TARGET_MACHINECalifornia Sullivan
2018-04-17conf/machine/intel-core*: use systemd-bootdisk-microcode.wks by defaultCalifornia Sullivan
2018-04-17conf/machine/intel-*: remove do_image_wic dependsAnuj Mittal
2018-01-29meta-intel.inc: set default version linux-intel-rt to 4.9California Sullivan
2017-11-01layer.conf: Bump Layer due to removal of meta-tlk8.0-rocko-2.4Saul Wold
2017-10-19maintainers: Update with available team membersSaul Wold
2017-09-27meta-intel.inc: Use grub-efi for x32Saul Wold
2017-09-26meta-*/layer.conf: Add LAYERDEPENDSSaul Wold
2017-09-25qat: Move BSP specific configurations from recipes to machine.confMark Hatle
2017-09-25dpdk: Move BSP specific configurations from recipes to machine.confMark Hatle
2017-09-25Move dpdk and qat components to meta-dpdk and meta-qatMark Hatle
2017-09-05intel-common-pkgarch: fix iwlwifi rename and add ixgbeSaul Wold
2017-08-23conf/machine/intel-*: move core-image-minimal-initramfs PACKAGE_INSTALLCalifornia Sullivan
2017-07-31intel-common-pkgarch: Add out of tree modulesSaul Wold
2017-07-27meta-intel.inc: Ensure thermald is installed for most targetsSaul Wold
2017-07-10meta-intel.inc: Set default DISK_SIGNATURE_UUIDCalifornia Sullivan
2017-07-08Revert "meta-intel: Add override for EFI_PROVIDER and x32"Saul Wold
2017-07-05Revert "world-broken: Add for dpdk packages"Saul Wold
2017-06-26meta-intel: Add override for EFI_PROVIDER and x32Saul Wold
2017-06-26world-broken: Add for dpdk packagesSaul Wold
2017-06-07layer.conf: Add LAYERSERIES_COMPAT markup to layer.confSaul Wold
2017-05-19conf/machine/intel-core*: Fix WKS_FILE setting7.0-pyro-2.3California Sullivan
2017-05-16maintainers: Re-Sort and remove duplicateSaul Wold
2017-05-16conf/machine/intel-core*: change WKS_FILE based on EFI_PROVIDERCalifornia Sullivan
2017-05-16canned-wks/systemd-bootdisk-uuid.wks: remove fileCalifornia Sullivan
2017-05-11qemu-intel.inc: Add to KERNEL_FEATURES via KERNEL_FEATURES_INTEL_COMMONCalifornia Sullivan
2017-05-09maintainer: Update Maintainer listSaul Wold
2017-05-06conf: set recipe maintainersRoss Burton
2017-04-17intel-common-pkgarch: Add additional kernel typesSaul Wold
2017-03-28qemu-intel.inc: Add ovmf to EXTRA_IMAGEDEPENDSCalifornia Sullivan
2017-03-23meta-intel.inc: Set PREFERRED_PROVIDER to linux-yocto for linuxstdbaseCalifornia Sullivan
2017-03-21Include recommended packges for all Intel machinesJussi Laako
2017-03-07meta-intel.inc: Set intel-linux as default kernel for poky-tinyAlejandro Hernandez
2017-03-06intel-common-pkgarch: Add linux-intelSaul Wold
2017-02-28meta-intel: Don't override default qemu slirp optionsDmitry Rozhkov
2017-02-08meta-intel.inc: Enable linux-intel and 4.9 by default for meta-intel hardwareSaul Wold
2017-01-24meta-intel: enable qemu and select more suitable virtual machine optionsPatrick Ohly
2017-01-17intel-quark: remove redundant EFI_PROVIDER settingMikko Ylinen
2017-01-17intel-*: wic: drop recursive task depedency to do_bootimgMikko Ylinen
2017-01-17intel-*: build dosfs/mtools for wic image creationMikko Ylinen
2016-12-15vaapi: remove as recipes moved to oe-coreRoss Burton
2016-12-15rmc: add support for alternative EFI bootloadersTodor Minchev
2016-11-28intel-core*: Add ASPEED Xserver driverRahul Kumar Gupta
2016-11-28intel-core*: add ttyS1 to SERIAL_CONSOLESRahul Kumar Gupta
2016-11-10conf/machine/intel-core*: Change WKS_FILE to systemd-bootdisk-uuidCalifornia Sullivan
2016-11-02meta-intel.inc: Add MACHINEOVERRIDE for meta-intelSaul Wold
2016-11-02meta-intel.inc: remove setting rmc in DISTRO_FEATURESSaul Wold
2016-11-02layer.conf: Remove BBMASK'ing itemsSaul Wold
2016-11-02intel-corei7-64: Use SERIAL_CONSOLES to add ttyS2Saul Wold
2016-11-01quark: amend EFI Bootloader optionJianxun Zhang