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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-05-06conf: use zlib-intel by default for target buildsRoss Burton
2019-04-04metrics-discovery: Updates mesa util filesAnkit Navik
2019-04-03layer.conf: Add warrior to compatible release seriesKhem Raj
2019-03-07wic: pass APPEND to bootloaderRoss Burton
2019-03-05mkl-dnn: Initial recipe for Intel Math Kernel LibraryAnkit Navik
2019-02-12conf: set -rt kernel to 4.19Anuj Mittal
2018-12-17conf/machine: set preferred kernel to 4.19Anuj Mittal
2018-12-06intel-corei7-64.conf: remove reference to dpdk-libibverbsAnuj Mittal
2018-11-28intel-mediasdk: add recipeAnuj Mittal
2018-11-28intel-media-driver: add recipeAnuj Mittal
2018-11-28gmmlib: add recipeAnuj Mittal
2018-10-01layer.conf: update layer compatibility sumo->thudyocto-2.6thud-20.0.0Anuj Mittal
2018-08-02lms8: removeAnuj Mittal
2018-07-27README: minor editAnuj Mittal
2018-07-27machine/intel-corei7: remove lms from MACHINE_EXTRA_RRECOMMENDSAnuj Mittal
2018-07-27lms7: removeAnuj Mittal
2018-07-25machine/intel-corei7-64: remove reference to openssl-qatAnuj Mittal
2018-07-18va-intel: removeAnuj Mittal
2018-07-16rmc: removeAnuj Mittal
2018-06-21maintainers: update all owners to AnujRoss Burton
2018-06-06conf/machine/intel-core*: add COMPATIBLE_MACHINE for qat17Tan, Raymond
2018-06-04intel-core*.conf: change wks to be used for grub-efiAnuj Mittal
2018-04-17conf/machine/intel-corei7-64.conf: remove DPDK_TARGET_MACHINECalifornia Sullivan
2018-04-13conf/machine/intel-core*: use systemd-bootdisk-microcode.wks by defaultCalifornia Sullivan
2018-04-06layer.conf: update LAYERSERIES_COMPAT variableCalifornia Sullivan
2018-03-27efilinux: removeCalifornia Sullivan
2018-03-13meta-intel.inc: remove unreferenced xserver codeAnuj Mittal
2018-03-06Revert "conf: override WKS_FILE_DEPENDS for intel machines"California Sullivan
2018-02-16conf: override WKS_FILE_DEPENDS for intel machinesAnuj Mittal
2018-02-16conf/machine/intel-*: remove do_image_wic dependsAnuj Mittal
2018-02-16intel-vaapi-driver: upgrade to 2.0.0Anuj Mittal
2018-01-29meta-intel.inc: use linux-intel instead of linux-yocto in -lsbCalifornia Sullivan
2018-01-22meta-intel.inc: set default EFI_PROVIDER to systemd-bootCalifornia Sullivan
2018-01-17xf86-video-mga: remove recipe from meta-intelAnuj Mittal
2018-01-16maintainers.inc: update recipes for new maintainersCalifornia Sullivan
2018-01-08meta-intel.inc: Update linux-intel PREFERRED_VERSION to 4.14California Sullivan
2017-12-08intel-quark: Remove MACHINE configuration for QuarkSaul Wold
2017-12-08qemuboot-intel: Remove quark referencesSaul Wold
2017-11-20meta-intel: Reorganize the layout to remove commonSaul Wold
2017-11-01layer.conf: Bump Layer due to removal of meta-tlk8.0-rocko-2.4Saul Wold
2017-10-19maintainers: Update with available team membersSaul Wold
2017-09-27meta-intel.inc: Use grub-efi for x32Saul Wold
2017-09-26meta-*/layer.conf: Add LAYERDEPENDSSaul Wold
2017-09-25qat: Move BSP specific configurations from recipes to machine.confMark Hatle
2017-09-25dpdk: Move BSP specific configurations from recipes to machine.confMark Hatle
2017-09-25Move dpdk and qat components to meta-dpdk and meta-qatMark Hatle
2017-09-05intel-common-pkgarch: fix iwlwifi rename and add ixgbeSaul Wold
2017-08-23conf/machine/intel-*: move core-image-minimal-initramfs PACKAGE_INSTALLCalifornia Sullivan
2017-07-31intel-common-pkgarch: Add out of tree modulesSaul Wold
2017-07-27meta-intel.inc: Ensure thermald is installed for most targetsSaul Wold