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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-10-08ngraph: removeAnuj Mittal
2020-08-03maintainers.inc: add recipe entriesNaveen Saini
2020-07-08librealsense: removeAnuj Mittal
2019-11-01librealsense: Initial recipe for Intel Real Sense SDKAnkit Navik
2019-10-30gma500-gfx-check: removeAnuj Mittal
2019-08-21libipt: Initial recipe for Intel Processor Trace decoder libraryAnkit Navik
2019-08-03isa-l: Initial recipe for Intelligent Storage Acceleration LibraryAnkit Navik
2019-07-30libxcam: Initial recipe for libXCamAnkit Navik
2019-04-04metrics-discovery: Updates mesa util filesAnkit Navik
2019-03-05mkl-dnn: Initial recipe for Intel Math Kernel LibraryAnkit Navik
2018-11-28intel-mediasdk: add recipeAnuj Mittal
2018-11-28intel-media-driver: add recipeAnuj Mittal
2018-11-28gmmlib: add recipeAnuj Mittal
2018-08-02lms8: removeAnuj Mittal
2018-07-27lms7: removeAnuj Mittal
2018-07-18va-intel: removeAnuj Mittal
2018-07-16rmc: removeAnuj Mittal
2018-06-21maintainers: update all owners to AnujRoss Burton
2018-03-27efilinux: removeCalifornia Sullivan
2018-02-16intel-vaapi-driver: upgrade to 2.0.0Anuj Mittal
2018-01-17xf86-video-mga: remove recipe from meta-intelAnuj Mittal
2018-01-16maintainers.inc: update recipes for new maintainersCalifornia Sullivan
2017-10-19maintainers: Update with available team membersSaul Wold
2017-09-25Move dpdk and qat components to meta-dpdk and meta-qatMark Hatle
2017-07-05Revert "world-broken: Add for dpdk packages"Saul Wold
2017-06-26world-broken: Add for dpdk packagesSaul Wold
2017-05-16maintainers: Re-Sort and remove duplicateSaul Wold
2017-05-09maintainer: Update Maintainer listSaul Wold
2017-05-06conf: set recipe maintainersRoss Burton