AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-08-10linux-intel: Update SRCREVs8.0-rocko-2.4_M2Saul Wold
2017-08-10iwlwifi: skip host install scriptsMikko Ylinen
2017-08-10dpdk: Fix build error on the core2-64Guojian Zhou
2017-08-09Revert "iwlwifi_git.bb: run make_scripts earlier"Saul Wold
2017-08-08iwlwifi: Fix install_append for usrmergeSaul Wold
2017-08-02dpdk: Link examples with BFD linkerKhem Raj
2017-08-02dpdk: Fix build with examplesKhem Raj
2017-08-02qat16: Fix build when ld-is-gold is set in DISTRO_FEATURESKhem Raj
2017-08-02libyami: Rename the file to be checked with LIC_FILES_CHKSUMKhem Raj
2017-07-31disable_skylake_sound: Temp disable config for core2-32Saul Wold
2017-07-31linux-intel: Add linux-intel to files search pathSaul Wold
2017-07-31linux-intel: Update SRCREV for 4.9.35Saul Wold
2017-07-31dpdk: upgrade to version 17.05Syed Mohamad Fauzi, Syed Johan Arif
2017-07-31linux-intel: refactor and remove iwlwifi modules for out of tree enablementSaul Wold
2017-07-31intel-common-pkgarch: Add out of tree modulesSaul Wold
2017-07-31iwlwifi_git.bb: run make_scripts earlierCalifornia Sullivan
2017-07-31iwlwifi: Clean-up and use module_installSaul Wold
2017-07-31iwlwifi: include iwlwifi OOT driver in meta-intel layer.Priyalee Kushwaha
2017-07-31intel-microcode: Upgrade recipe versionsweeaun
2017-07-27linux-yocto-4.1: Fix kernel versionCalifornia Sullivan
2017-07-27thermald: Add openmp to dependencies when building with clangKhem Raj
2017-07-27meta-intel.inc: Ensure thermald is installed for most targetsSaul Wold
2017-07-24linux-yocto/4.1: Update kernel to version 4.1.41California Sullivan
2017-07-24linux-yocto/4.4: Update kernel to version 4.4.76California Sullivan
2017-07-19intel-gpu-tools: Upgrade to version 1.19Ng, Wei Tee
2017-07-19uefi-comboapp.bbclass: Split signing functionality into its own bbclassCalifornia Sullivan
2017-07-19uefi-comboapp.bbclass: support multiple UEFI combo apps + fixesPatrick Ohly
2017-07-13cryptodev-module: update 0001-zc-Force-4.10-get_user_pages_remote-API.patchRobert Yang
2017-07-12wic: Move WKS newer common locationSaul Wold
2017-07-11lms8: Added Intel AMT ME notification infra patch to LMS.Anand Vastrad
2017-07-11thermald: upgrade to 1.6sweeaun
2017-07-10meta-intel.inc: Set default DISK_SIGNATURE_UUIDCalifornia Sullivan
2017-07-10canned-wks: add generic-bootdisk kickstart templateCalifornia Sullivan
2017-07-10classes: Add uefi-comboapp bbclassCalifornia Sullivan
2017-07-10recipes: move sbsigntool from refkit to meta-intelCalifornia Sullivan
2017-07-10systemd-boot_%.bbappend: compile and deploy EFI stubCalifornia Sullivan
2017-07-10lms8: Added 0003-Fix-device-file-referanc* patch which uses /dev/mei0.Anand Vastrad
2017-07-08Revert "meta-intel: Add override for EFI_PROVIDER and x32"Saul Wold
2017-07-06rmc: split rmc.bb and rmc-efi.bb into separate recipesTodor Minchev
2017-07-06meta-tlk: Add linux-intel bbappendCalifornia Sullivan
2017-07-06meta-tlk: merge linux-yocto_tlk.inc with bbappendCalifornia Sullivan
2017-07-05rmc: add install.conf for platforms without internal storageTodor Minchev
2017-07-05linux-intel: bump srcrevsSaul Wold
2017-07-05core-image-tiny-initramfs: Fixes WKS_FILE for Intel MACHINESAlejandro Hernandez
2017-07-05Revert "world-broken: Add for dpdk packages"Saul Wold
2017-06-29libva-intel-driver: upgrade to 1.8.3Maxin B. John
2017-06-29dpdk-dev-libibverbs: suppress gcc7 warningsJoe Slater
2017-06-26Revert "linux-yocto/4.9: Remove bbappends"California Sullivan
2017-06-26meta-intel: Add override for EFI_PROVIDER and x32Saul Wold
2017-06-26world-broken: Add for dpdk packagesSaul Wold