AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-10-01meta-sugarbay: Add wifi machine feature to sugarbay.conf2.0-rc2-dizzy-1.7-rc2Nitin A Kamble
2014-10-01meta-intel/common: Upgrade DPDK to v1.7.0Sreeju Selvaraj
2014-10-01meta-intel/common: Add include file for DPDKSreeju Selvaraj
2014-10-01layer.conf: Avoid conflicts with sub-layersNitin A Kamble
2014-09-30meta-sugarbay: Use the v3.17 kernel by defaultNitin A Kamble
2014-09-30meta-nuc: Use the v3.17 kernel by defaultNitin A Kamble
2014-09-30meta-jasperforest: Use the v3.17 kernel by defaultNitin A Kamble
2014-09-30meta-fri2: Use the v3.17 kernel by default for fri2-noemgdNitin A Kamble
2014-09-30meta-emenlow: Use the v3.17 kernel by default for emenlow-noemgdNitin A Kamble
2014-09-30meta-crownbay: Use the v3.17 kernel by default for crownbay-noemgdNitin A Kamble
2014-09-30intel-corei7-64: Use the v3.17 kernel by defaultNitin A Kamble
2014-09-30intel-core2-32: Use the v3.17 kernel by defaultNitin A Kamble
2014-09-30linux-yocto: Add linux-yocto_3.17.bbappendNitin A Kamble
2014-09-30meta-emenlow: Use the common kernel for emenlow-noemgdNitin A Kamble
2014-09-30meta-fri2: Soften the preferred kernel version assignment for fri2-noemgdNitin A Kamble
2014-09-26linux-yocto*_3.14: Update SRCREV_meta to avoid rt build failureDarren Hart
2014-09-24intel-gpu-tools: remove intel-gen4asm.pc from sysrootRoss Burton
2014-09-18layer.conf: Bumping LAYERVERSIONElizabeth Flanagan
2014-09-18intel-corei7-64.conf: include the AMT daemon in the imagesNitin A Kamble
2014-09-16Remove the xserver-xorg-1.9.3 recipe and it's filesNitin A Kamble
2014-09-16Remove all the changes related to the proprietary EMGD graphics driverNitin A Kamble
2014-09-16Remove fri2 machine supportNitin A Kamble
2014-09-16Remove crownbay machine supportNitin A Kamble
2014-09-16Remove emenlow machine supportNitin A Kamble
2014-09-09iucode-tools: remove non-ASCII charactersRoss Burton
2014-09-08meta-valleyisland: Update linux-yocto v3.10 SRCREV to v3.10.43Chang Rebecca Swee Fun
2014-09-04meta-intel BSPs: enable microcode loading support for imagesNitin A Kamble
2014-09-04intel-microcode: a recipe for Intel microcode datafileNitin A Kamble
2014-09-04iucode-tool: a new recipe for loading Intel CPU microcodeNitin A Kamble
2014-09-04meta-intel BSPs: include meta-intel.incNitin A Kamble
2014-09-02linux-yocto: Use _append when overrides are usedJosep Puigdemont
2014-08-27meta-crystalforest: Update README with new build settingsChang Rebecca Swee Fun
2014-08-27meta-crystalforest: Merge machine confChan Wei Sern
2014-08-18gstreamer-vaapi: fix builds against GStreamer 1.4Ross Burton
2014-07-29linux-yocto-dev: Remove LINUX_VERSIONDarren Hart
2014-07-28gstreamer-vaapi: Upgrade to 0.5.8Ross Burton
2014-07-28gstreamer-vaapi: Switch gstreamer-vaapi-1.0 to GStreamer 1.2 APIRoss Burton
2014-07-28libva-intel-driver: Upgrade to 1.3.2Ross Burton
2014-07-28libva: Upgrade to 1.3.1Ross Burton
2014-07-24nuc: add 'efi' to MACHINE_FEATURESCorneliu Stoicescu
2014-07-17meta-intel/common: Initial Intel DPDK recipe under recipes-extendedChan Wei Sern
2014-07-16meta-mohonpeak: Fix README on building mohonpeak BSP layerChan Wei Sern
2014-06-26linux-yocto: Make KERNEL_MODULE_AUTOLOAD machine specificDarren Hart
2014-06-23meta-tlk: using wildcard bbappend for linux-yoctoNitin A Kamble
2014-06-23linux-yocto recipes: fix use of module_autoload_* varsNitin A Kamble
2014-06-12Provide a time limited kernel extension for the v3.14 kernelNitin A Kamble
2014-06-11Revert "common: Update linux-yocto v3.10 recipes SRCREVs to v3.10.41"Tom Zanussi
2014-06-11Revert "common: Update linux-yocto v3.14 recipe SRCREVs to v3.14.5"Tom Zanussi
2014-06-10BSP READMEs: correct the mailing list addressNitin A Kamble
2014-06-10common: Update linux-yocto v3.10 recipes SRCREVs to v3.10.41Nitin A Kamble