AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2011-09-14meta-intel/common: remove initramfs-live-install .bbappend1.1_M4.rc2+Tom Zanussi
2011-09-14meta-intel: update BSPs to use grub2Tom Zanussi
2011-09-14meta-intel/MAINTAINERS: remove grubTom Zanussi
2011-09-14meta-intel/common: remove grub-1.98Tom Zanussi
2011-09-14meta-intel: update SRCREVsTom Zanussi
2011-09-09grub2: update license versionTom Zanussi
2011-09-07n450: update linux-yocto PREFERRED_VERSION to 3.0%Darren Hart
2011-09-07n450: update linux-yocto SRCREV to 3.0.4Darren Hart
2011-09-06meta-intel: update SRCREVsTom Zanussi
2011-09-06meta-intel: update SRCREVsTom Zanussi
2011-09-04crownbay: change preferred display orderTom Zanussi
2011-08-31grub: remove the dependency on freetype, disable grub-mkfontDarren Hart
2011-08-28emenlow xpsb-glx: add package libglu to fix lsb image build warningYu Ke
2011-08-26meta-intel: update meta-emenlow kernel SRCREVsTom Zanussi
2011-08-25meta-fri2: update READMETom Zanussi
2011-08-25meta-crownbay: update READMETom Zanussi
2011-08-25meta-intel: update meta-crownbay kernel SRCREVsTom Zanussi
2011-08-25meta-fri2: add common/recipes-graphics to BBFILESTom Zanussi
2011-08-25meta-intel: move emgd-driver-bin_1.8 to commonTom Zanussi
2011-08-25meta-fri2: add EMGD 1.8 capabilities to fri2Tom Zanussi
2011-08-25meta-crownbay: xorg.conf changesTom Zanussi
2011-08-25meta-crownbay: select emgd 1.8Tom Zanussi
2011-08-25meta-crownbay: new recipe for emgd 1.8 driver binariesTom Zanussi
2011-08-24meta-crownbay: switch to linux-yocto 3.0 kernelTom Zanussi
2011-08-24meta-tlk: initial creationBruce Ashfield
2011-08-22meta-intel: update init-install.shTom Zanussi
2011-08-20meta-intel: update SRCREVsTom Zanussi
2011-08-20meta-intel: change PREFERRED_VERSIONsTom Zanussi
2011-08-19n450: decouple from meta-yocto atom-pc machine configDarren Hart
2011-08-17meta-intel: update linux-yocto 3.0 kernel SRCREVsTom Zanussi
2011-08-12rt: simplify linux-yocto-rt.bbappend for all BSPsDarren Hart
2011-08-11allow override of kernel providerDarren Hart
2011-08-11add linux-yocto-rt_3.0 support for all meta-intel BSPsDarren Hart
2011-08-08meta-fishriver: switch to linux-yocto 3.0 kernelTom Zanussi
2011-08-08meta-fishriver: add live fstypeTom Zanussi
2011-08-08meta-fishriver: remove tune-related assignments from machine confTom Zanussi
2011-08-04meta-emenlow: add live fstypeTom Zanussi
2011-08-04meta-emenlow: remove tune-related assignments from machine confTom Zanussi
2011-08-04meta-jasperforest: add live fstypeTom Zanussi
2011-08-04meta-sugarbay: add live fstypeTom Zanussi
2011-08-04meta-jasperforest: update machine configuration for recent tune file changesPaul Eggleton
2011-08-04meta-sugarbay: update machine configuration for recent tune file changesPaul Eggleton
2011-08-03meta-crownbay: remove obsolete dirTom Zanussi
2011-08-03meta-crownbay: add live fstypeTom Zanussi
2011-08-03meta-crownbay: remove tune-related assignments from machine confTom Zanussi
2011-08-03meta-fri2: add 3g and wifi featuresTom Zanussi
2011-08-03meta-fri2: new layer for Fish River Island II (E6XX/EG20T) systemsTom Zanussi
2011-08-02meta-crownbay: fix BBFILES in crownbay layer.confTom Zanussi
2011-07-26meta-sugarbay: switch to linux-yocto 3.0 kernel1.1_M3.rc2Tom Zanussi
2011-07-25meta-jasperforeset: switch to linux-yocto 3.0 kernelTom Zanussi