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rmc: Extend usages of RMC_BOARD_DATA_DIRS to specify board data
Use the variable RMC_BOARD_DATA_DIRS, to disable, append to, or override the default board data in meta-intel with boards' data provided by users. Ideally, users should get the updated database in the new built image after an incremental build. Examples of RMC database output (db): RMC_BOARD_DATA_DIRS = "" (disable db generation) RMC_BOARD_DATA_DIRS_append = " top_dir" (db of defaults & user's) RMC_BOARD_DATA_DIRS = "top_dir" (db for user's , no defaults) RMC_BOARD_DATA_DIRS = " " (same as "") Signed-off-by: Jianxun Zhang <jianxun.zhang@linux.intel.com> Signed-off-by: California Sullivan <california.l.sullivan@intel.com>
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@@ -82,15 +82,31 @@ following this example, so that RMC recipes can pick up them correctly in build.
|- ...more files
Note 0:
-To add your boards into RMC feature, simply put this line in your
+Developers are expected to use variable RMC_BOARD_DATA_DIRS to specify data of
+boards packed into RMC database file generated in a build. The default value of
+the variable in meta-intel specifies a group of boards. They work as examples
+and necessary quirks for these boards to function properly. Developers can
+override, append to the default boards with data of their own boards in the
+database file, or even disable the generation of the database file.
-RMC_BOARD_DATA_DIRS_append := " ${THISDIR}/my_top_dir"
+For example, in your local.conf file:
-RMC db recipe takes all top directories specified in RMC_BOARD_DATA_DIRS to
-construct and deploy a central RMC database inside image. The bbclass of the
-bare RMC project also provide function for other components to construct their
-own RMC database file. Please refer to rmc-db.bbclass for more information.
+This line adds your boards along with the default boards into RMC database file,
+assuming you have a directory named "rmc" which has a subdirectory for each
+RMC_BOARD_DATA_DIRS_append = " /path_of/rmc"
+This line directs RMC to pack data of your boards only, without data of the
+default boards in meta-intel:
+RMC_BOARD_DATA_DIRS = "/path_of/rmc"
+And this line disables database generation:
+Please also refer to the "Example 1" in this document.
Subdirectory is not supported in a board's directory.
@@ -175,15 +191,8 @@ bootloader please overwrite the RMC_BOOTLOADER variable in your local.conf
Image could be still bootable if you only have either of two lines, but RMC
-feature won't be fully functional.
-To install only the RMC client with the systemd-boot bootloader without
-including a default RMC database file, add the following lines to your
-EFI_PROVIDER = "systemd-boot"
-IMAGE_INSTALL_append = " rmc"
+feature could not be fully functional, depending on the availability of the
+database file, installer and the rmc tool.