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This file will keep track of major changes between releases, beginning with the pyro release. Signed-off-by: California Sullivan <california.l.sullivan@intel.com> Signed-off-by: Saul Wold <sgw@linux.intel.com>
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+This file will only list major changes that occur within a release.
+For a full list of changes, view the git log of the repository.
+Pyro Release 5/2017
+Changed default kernel provider from linux-yocto to linux-intel.
+Linux-intel is an Intel(R)-maintained kernel based on the latest stable
+branch, along with backports from upstream to better support Intel(R)
+hardware. The intel-linux kernel also has a branch with the preempt-rt
+patches applied, providing a preempt-rt kernel with no additional work.
+Added QEMU support.
+We now build several virtio drivers into the kernel by default, and
+have qemuboot.conf files for intel-corei7-64 and intel-core2-32
+targets. This allows one to do basic testing on meta-intel images
+without having to use hardware. The virtio drivers are added via
+KERNEL_FEATURES_INTEL_COMMON. This prevents them from being added to
+custom kernels by default. They can be removed by adding the
+following to a conf or kernel bbappend file:
+ KERNEL_FEATURES_INTEL_COMMON_remove = “cfg/virtio.scc”
+OVMF firmware is also built and can be used in order to emulate a UEFI
+environment. A full runqemu command line for intel-corei7-64 could look
+like this:
+ runqemu core-image-minimal intel-corei7-64 wic ovmf
+Musl support
+Meta-intel is now compatible with the musl C library. You can specify musl
+As your C library by adding the following to your local.conf:
+ TCLIBC = “musl”
+Note: there is a known failure with DPDK.
+X32 support
+The meta-intel layer can now build with the x32 tune settings in a multi-lib
+setting, it will not work in as the primary MACHINE tune as the bootloader needs
+to be built as a 64bit binary. The setup for this would be as follows:
+ require conf/multilib.conf
+ MULTILIBS = "multilib:libx32
+ DEFAULTTUNE_virtclass-multilib-libx32 = "corei7-64-x32"