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-The intel-* BSPs, also known as the intel-common BSPs, provide a few
-carefully selected tune options and generic hardware support to cover
-the majority of current Intel CPUs and devices. The naming follows the
-convention of intel-<TUNE>-<BITS>, where TUNE is the gcc cpu-type (used
-with mtune and march typically) and BITS is either 32 bit or 64 bit.
-This BSP is optimized for the Core2 family of CPUs as well as all Atom
-CPUs prior to the Silvermont core.
-This BSP is optimized for Nehalem and later Core and Xeon CPUs as well
-as Silvermont and later Atom CPUs, such as the Baytrail SoCs.
-These BSPs use what we call the intel-common Linux kernel package
-architecture. This includes core2-32-intel-common and
-corei7-64-intel-common. These kernel packages can also be used by any of
-the BSPs in meta-intel that choose to include the
-intel-common-pkgarch.inc file. To minimize the proliferation of vendor
-trees, reduce the sources we must support, and consolidate QA efforts,
-all BSP maintainers are encouraged to make use of the intel-common Linux
-kernel package architecture.
-Of the BSPs presently included in meta-intel, the following have passed
-initial testing with the intel-common BSPs (rather than the named BSP):
-For intel-corei7-64:
- crystalforest-server
- crystalforest-gladden
- haswell-wc
- nuc (Ivy Bridge and Haswell, manual audio config required)
- sugarbay
-For intel-core2-32:
- <currently under test>
-If you are interested in a BSP not listed here, chances are we are
-currently working on resolving some configuration issues with it. Please
-check the bugzilla and check in with us on the meta-intel mailing list.