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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-11-10meta-galielo: move conf/machine-sdk into meta-quark-bspOng Boon Leong
2014-11-10meta-quark-bsp: linux-yocto-quark: use 8250 driver as early serialOng Boon Leong
2014-11-10linux: upgrade to BSP 1.0.1 kernelBrendan Le Foll
2014-11-10meta-quark-bsp: rename layer to be quark-bspOng Boon Leong
2014-11-10meta-quark-bsp: quark.conf: remove unnecessary module_autoloadOng Boon Leong
2014-11-10meta-quark-bsp: quark.conf: rename clanton to quarkOng Boon Leong
2014-11-10meta-quark-bsp: conf: rename machine conf file to quark.confOng Boon Leong
2014-06-11linux-yocto-clanton: use g_acm_ms instead of g_serialBrendan Le Foll
2014-05-13clanton.conf: change module name intel_cln_gip to intel_qrk_gipPaul Eggleton
2014-05-09clanton.conf: update for tune base changesSaul Wold
2014-05-09clanton.conf: fix i2c module autoloadBrendan Le Foll
2014-05-09clanton.conf: Add STMMAC as an autoload moduleSaul Wold
2014-05-09kernel: remove auto.conf file added by galileo-targetBrendan Le Foll
2014-05-09Initial commit adding combo repositoriesPaul Eggleton