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+This is the BSP layer for the Intel Quark as found in the Intel Galileo gen1 &
+gen2 development boards.
+This layer depends on:
+ URI: git://git.openembedded.org/openembedded-core
+ branch: daisy
+Guidelines for submitting patches
+Please submit any patches to the meta-intel mailing list
+(meta-intel@yoctoproject.org). Also, if your patches are available via a public
+git repository, please also include a URL to the repo and branch containing
+your patches as that makes it easier for maintainers to grab and test your
+Regardless of how you submit a patch or patchset, the patches should
+at minimum follow the suggestions outlined in the 'How to Submit a
+Change' secion in the Yocto Project Development Manual. Specifically,
+they should:
+ - Include a 'Signed-off-by:' line. A commit can't legally be pulled
+ in without this.
+ - Provide a single-line, short summary of the change. This short
+ description should be prefixed by the BSP or recipe name, as
+ appropriate, followed by a colon. Capitalize the first character
+ of the summary (following the colon).
+ - For the body of the commit message, provide detailed information
+ that describes what you changed, why you made the change, and the
+ approach you used.
+ - If the change addresses a specific bug or issue that is associated
+ with a bug-tracking ID, include a reference to that ID in your
+ detailed description in the following format: [YOCTO #<bug-id>].
+ - Pay attention to line length - please don't allow any particular
+ line in the commit message to stretch past 72 characters.
+ - For any non-trivial patch, provide information about how you
+ tested the patch, and for any non-trivial or non-obvious testing
+ setup, provide details of that setup.
+Doing a quick 'git log' will provide you with many
+examples of good example commits if you have questions about any
+aspect of the preferred format.
+The maintainers will do their best to review and/or pull in a patch or patchset
+within 48 hours of the time it was posted. For larger and/or more involved
+patches and patchsets, the review process may take longer.