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2013-07-24mesa: Follow OE-Core update to 9.1.5Otavio Salvador
2013-07-20mesa-demos: set PACKAGE_ARCH when building for i.MX6 SoCsOtavio Salvador
2013-07-20mesa: Avoid removing virtual/libgl provider for i.MX5 SoCsOtavio Salvador
2013-07-18gpu-viv-bin-mx6q, mesa: fix virtual/libgl dependenciesSimon Braunschmidt
2013-06-07mesa-demos: Fix building using Vivante libGLOtavio Salvador
2013-06-07mesa: Drop libGL when building for i.MX6Otavio Salvador
2013-06-07mesa: Update bbappend to 9.1.3 versionOtavio Salvador
2013-03-23mesa: Rename bbappend from mesa-dri to mesaOtavio Salvador
2013-03-21mesa-dri: Fix wrong assignment for provide list changeOtavio Salvador
2013-03-20mesa-dri: Drop GIT bbappend as this is not used by defaultOtavio Salvador
2013-03-20mesa-dri: Don't build EGL, GL ES and GL ES2 librarioesOtavio Salvador
2013-02-17mesa: Rename to follow OE-Core upgradeOtavio Salvador
2013-01-11mesa-dri: upgrade bbappend to 9.0.1 to follow oe-coreEric BĂ©nard
2012-12-14mesa-dri: Sync with version from oe-coreAndrei Gherzan
2012-11-23mesa-dri: Change provided set of libraries when building for iMX6Otavio Salvador
2012-09-30mesa-dri: Override provided OpenGL API set for mx5 SoCsOtavio Salvador