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2013-01-15nativesdk-packagegroup-sdk-host: Fix inclusion of elftosb and mxsldrOtavio Salvador
2012-12-18udev: Drop bbappend as Meta-OpenEmbedded does not has it anymoreOtavio Salvador
2012-11-27meta-toolchain: Include elftosb and mxsldr in toolchainOtavio Salvador
2012-11-03Revert "udev: Fix file extension for replacement file"Otavio Salvador
2012-11-02udev: Fix file extension for replacement fileJeremy Stashluk
2012-10-21udev: Use oe_filter_out to switch to git sourceAndrei Gherzan
2012-09-07task-base: follow OE-Core the rename to packagegroup-baseOtavio Salvador
2012-09-07udev-extraconf: follow OE-Core bump for 1.0 versionOtavio Salvador
2012-08-02udev-extra-rules: follow meta-oe and use udev-extraconfOtavio Salvador
2012-06-12udev: add 173 bbappend to use GIT for source fetchingOtavio Salvador
2012-06-11udev-extra-rules: addOtavio Salvador
2012-05-29udev-extraconf: add INCPR to ensure a PR bumpOtavio Salvador
2012-05-29task-base: add a bbappend to bump PR per imx-base.inc changesOtavio Salvador
2012-03-24udev: remove OE-Core 164 releaseOtavio Salvador
2012-02-01udev: import 164 version from OE-CoreOtavio Salvador
2011-08-24udev-extraconf: add custom target udev rules to rootfsAdrian Alonso