AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-11-06libfslvpuwrap: Update to 1.0.40Lauren Post
2013-11-06libfslcodec: Update to 3.0.9Lauren Post
2013-11-06imx-vpu (3.10.9-1.0.0): Fix build system to use OE build flagsOtavio Salvador
2013-11-06imx-vpu (3.10.9-1.0.0): Use imx-vpu.inc to avoid code duplicationOtavio Salvador
2013-11-06gpu-viv-bin-mx6q: Add pc file for openvgPrabhu Sundararaj
2013-11-06linux-imx (3.0.35): epdc: Rename mxcfb_epdc_kernel.h to mxc_epdc.hOtavio Salvador
2013-11-06imx-vpu: Add 3.10.9-1.0.0 recipeLauren Post
2013-11-06imx-test: Upgrade to 3.10.9-1.0.0Lauren Post
2013-11-06imx-lib: Upgrade to 3.10.9-1.0.0Lauren Post
2013-11-04linux-imx ( Sync i.MX5 defconfig with the one in the kernelMahesh Mahadevan
2013-11-04linux-imx ( Update maintain branch to commit 903363edMahesh Mahadevan
2013-11-04u-boot-fslc: Update to revision 079e2148Otavio Salvador
2013-11-04machine/*: Allow kernel provider overrideGary Thomas
2013-11-03image_types_fsl.bbclass: Support i.MX25 platformsGary Thomas
2013-11-03gpu-viv-g2d: Upgrade to 3.10.9-1.0.0_alphaLauren Post
2013-11-03gpu-viv-bin-mx6q: Upgrade to 3.10.9-1.0.0_alphaLauren Post
2013-11-03gpu-viv-bin-mx6q: Fix wayland-egl.pc version to 1.0Lauren Post
2013-10-30linux-fslc: kernel build now needs GNU bc to workLucas Dutra Nunes
2013-10-30gst-fsl-plugin: Add dependency on imx-vpuDaiane Angolini
2013-10-30u-boot-fslc: Update to revision commit 38322587Otavio Salvador
2013-10-28linux-fslc: Update to 3.12-rc7 based kernelOtavio Salvador
2013-10-28gpu-viv-bin-mx6q: Cleanup wayland install, disable wayland & X11 for nowAndy Voltz
2013-10-28fsl-eula-unpack: add FSL_EULA_FILE to vardepsexcludeChristopher Larson
2013-10-28alsa-state: Fix mx6 buffer timeDaiane Angolini
2013-10-18imx-test: Add dependency on imx-vpu1.5Daiane Angolini
2013-10-18imx-vpu: Add imx-vpu version 11.09.02Daiane Angolini
2013-10-18imx-lib: Move from 11.09.01 to 11.09.02Daiane Angolini
2013-10-18linux-fslc: Update to 3.12-rc5 based releaseOtavio Salvador
2013-10-18u-boot-fslc: Update to 2013.10 based releaseOtavio Salvador
2013-10-18machines: Add PREFERRED_PROVIDER for virtual/bootloaderKhem Raj
2013-10-15qtbase: update to version 5.1.1Christoph Settgast
2013-10-14alsa-state: Add default state values for mx5/mx6/mxsDaiane Angolini
2013-10-14imx-audio: Drop redundant packageDaiane Angolini
2013-10-09u-boot-fslc: Fix license file checksum which has been changed in rc4Otavio Salvador
2013-10-08imx-kobs: Add version 3.5.7-1.0.0Lauren Post
2013-10-08u-boot-fslc: Update to d97067b revisionOtavio Salvador
2013-10-08linux-imx (3.0.35): mx6sabresd: Register SDHC3 firstOtavio Salvador
2013-10-08imx28evk: add NAND supportMario Domenech Goulart
2013-10-07gst-plugins-base: Use MACHINE_SOCARCH for PACKAGE_ARCHOtavio Salvador
2013-10-07qtbase: update mx5 & mx6 supportEric BENARD
2013-10-05imx-base: provide right package for amd-gpu-bin if x11 is disabledEric BENARD
2013-10-01u-boot-fslc: Add 'openssl-native' dependency for MX23/MX28Otavio Salvador
2013-10-01Revert "u-boot-fslc: Avoid native binary builds"Otavio Salvador
2013-09-30u-boot-fslc: Avoid native binary buildsOtavio Salvador
2013-09-28xf86-video-imxfb-vivante: Use MACHINE_SOCARCH for PACKAGE_ARCHOtavio Salvador
2013-09-28libdrm: Use MACHINE_SOCARCH for PACKAGE_ARCHOtavio Salvador
2013-09-28firmware-imx: Use MACHINE_SOCARCH for PACKAGE_ARCHOtavio Salvador
2013-09-28imx28evk: Drop inherited MACHINE_GSTREAMER_PLUGIN settingOtavio Salvador
2013-09-28mxs-base.inc: Add MACHINE_GSTREAMER_PLUGIN default settingOtavio Salvador
2013-09-25gst-fsl-plugin.inc: Remove redundant PACKAGE_ARCH settingOtavio Salvador