AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-02-21qt4: sync g++.conf file with upstreamdaisyJavier Viguera
2014-12-20libdrm: libdrm build fails due to missing space in SRC_URI_appendAlexander Shashkevych
2014-12-11gpu-viv-bin-mx6q: Remove patch files which are unusedOtavio Salvador
2014-12-11image_types_fsl.bbclass: Use 69K as offset to load imageOtavio Salvador
2014-11-05gpu-viv-g2d: fix file ownership in packagesJavier Viguera
2014-11-05efl: Avoid applying the patch for non-i.MX6 machinesOtavio Salvador
2014-11-05efl: rename bbappend to match future versionsAndreas Müller
2014-10-02linux-mfgtool.inc: Fix dynamic packages handlingOtavio Salvador
2014-09-23linux-fslc: Update to 00e472 revisionOtavio Salvador
2014-09-23u-boot-fslc: Update to 9e76b38 revisionOtavio Salvador
2014-09-23gstreamer1.0-plugins-imx: Update to version 0.9.9Carlos Rafael Giani
2014-09-15imx-{lib,vpu}: obey CFLAGS, LDFLAGSChristopher Larson
2014-09-15gstreamer1.0-plugins-imx: Update to version 0.9.8Carlos Rafael Giani
2014-09-15linux-imx (3.10.17): Forward port 3.10.17-1.0.0 fixesOtavio Salvador
2014-08-28linux-imx-rt: Use 'performance' as default cpufreq governorJacob Kroon
2014-08-28linux-imx-rt: Upgrade to 3.10.17-1.0.1Jacob Kroon
2014-08-28Revert "alsa-lib: add conf for multichannel support in mx6"Otavio Salvador
2014-08-22kernel-module-mcc: Update to version 1.06Tony Felice
2014-08-22libmcc: Update to version 1.05Tony Felice
2014-08-22linux-imx: Upgrade to 3.10.17-1.0.1Lauren Post
2014-08-22xf86-video-imxfb-vivante: Upgrade to 3.10.17-1.0.1Lauren Post
2014-08-22gpu-viv-bin-mx6q: Upgrade to 3.10.17-1.0.1Lauren Post
2014-08-22imx-bootlets: indentation fixes and whitespace cleanupMario Domenech Goulart
2014-08-22kernel-module-mcc: remove bashism in MakefileMax Krummenacher
2014-08-22libmcc: remove bashism in MakefileMax Krummenacher
2014-08-22gpu-viv-bin-mx6q: Add a missing runtime dependency on libdrmOtavio Salvador
2014-08-22pulseaudio: Fix mutext issue when do pause in gstreamerJun Zhu
2014-08-22alsa-lib: add conf for multichannel support in mx6Wang Zidan
2014-08-22meta-fsl-arm: fix some typosJavier Viguera
2014-08-22gst-fsl-plugin: fix build for kernel headers >= 3.10Gary Bisson
2014-08-22directfb-examples: Fix building with new autoconfOtavio Salvador
2014-08-18linux-fslc: Update to ab42ba6 revisionOtavio Salvador
2014-08-10linux-fslc: Update to d29923d revisionOtavio Salvador
2014-08-05linux-fslc (3.14): Update to 6c6f90b revisionOtavio Salvador
2014-08-05linux-imx ( Update to the b3912bb revisionOtavio Salvador
2014-08-05gpu-viv-bin-mx6q: Use symlink in libgl-mx6 packageJacob Kroon
2014-08-05gpu-viv-bin-mx6q: Fix file ownership in packagesJacob Kroon
2014-08-05gpu-viv-bin-mx6q: Don't package wayland libraries in non-wayland buildsJacob Kroon
2014-08-05linux-fslc (3.14): Update to cde0fbb revisionOtavio Salvador
2014-08-05linux-imx (3.10.17): Update to 2a69800 revisionOtavio Salvador
2014-08-05gstreamer1.0-plugins-imx: Update to version 0.9.7Carlos Rafael Giani
2014-08-05imx28evk: Add U-Boot NAND image generation supportAlexey Ignatov
2014-08-05image_types_fsl.bbclass: Add U-Boot NAND support for i.MX23/i.MX28Alexey Ignatov
2014-07-25pointercal.xinput: Remove stray characterLauren Post
2014-06-30libfslvpuwrap_1.0.46: fix IOGetVirtMem callsEric Nelson
2014-06-30efl: Add bbappend to make it work with the Vivante EGL headersCarlos Rafael Giani
2014-06-30gstreamer1.0-plugins-bad: set correct EGL defines for Vivante GPUsCarlos Rafael Giani
2014-06-30gstreamer1.0-plugins-imx: select X11/Wayland/FB EGL platform if appropriateCarlos Rafael Giani
2014-06-30libdrm: Add ite instruction to mx6 ARM patchThomas Elste
2014-06-25imx-vpu: fix checks of IOGetVirtMem() return valueEric Nelson