path: root/recipes-support/opencv/opencv_4.5.2.imx.bb
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-03-06opencv: follow oe-core's variable name changesMax Krummenacher
2022-02-21Generalize overrides subsystem for NXP and Mainline supportOtavio Salvador
2022-01-22opencv: imx: stop fetching tiny-dnnMax Krummenacher
2022-01-22opencv: imx: prevent warning about distutilsMax Krummenacher
2021-11-03opencv: Backport updates from OE-CoreTom Hochstein
2021-11-03recipes: use https protocol and add explicit branch parameterPierre-Jean Texier
2021-08-12opencv: Undo conversion of SRCREV_extraTom Hochstein
2021-08-12layer: Convert to new override syntaxKhem Raj
2021-05-21Drop overrides for i.MX 8DXL Phantom MEKTom Hochstein
2021-05-04opencv: Fix SRC_URITom Hochstein
2021-04-30opencv: Upgrade to 4.5.2.imxTom Hochstein