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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-01-14ceetm: set COMPATIBLE_MACHINE as qoriqChunrong Guo
2018-07-05ceetm: udpate to 6a7f2ecChunrong Guo
2018-04-02ceetm: update to 889c527b84d5C.R. Guo
2018-03-06ceetm: update SRC_URLC.R. Guo
2017-11-10ceetm: update recipesChunrong Guo
2017-01-11ceetm: support ls1046a targetsZhenhua Luo
2016-12-06ceetm: Set PACKAGE_ARCH to the value of MACHINE_SOCARCHFabio Berton
2016-08-12ceetm: update to a237e09Camelia Groza
2016-04-19ceetm: install ceetm.ko into /lib/modules/Ting Liu
2016-04-19ceetm: remove useless do_configure_preappendTing Liu
2016-04-19ceetm: update to commit 2c79d0bTing Liu
2016-04-19kernel-module-ceetm: rename back to ceetmTing Liu
2016-04-19rename ceetm to kernel-module-ceetm and move bb to kernel-modules subdirZhenhua Luo
2016-04-19ceetm: Add COMPATIBLE_MACHINE and remove unnecessary DEPENDSZhenhua Luo
2015-07-28Move meta-fsl-ppc content to layer rootOtavio Salvador