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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-11-07vpp-core: install startup.confChunrong Guo
2019-10-21gpulib: add recipesChunrong Guo
2019-10-21tsntool: add recipesChunrong Guo
2019-10-21dpdkvpp: update to a36da6aChunrong Guo
2019-10-21vpp-core : update to ea4f900Chunrong Guo
2019-10-21dpdk:update to a36da6aChunrong Guo
2019-09-12dpdk,dpdkvpp: update COMPATIBLE_MACHINE for qoriq socChunrong Guo
2019-09-10dpdk,dpdkvpp: Limit to imx socsKhem Raj
2019-09-04secure-obj: update recipesChunrong Guo
2019-08-06dpdk,dpdkvpp: Define valid configs for armv7Khem Raj
2019-08-06dpdkvpp: -mtls-dialect=trad is aarch64 specificKhem Raj
2019-08-06dpdk,dpdkvpp: Depend on numactl for x86_64Khem Raj
2019-07-15dpdk,dpdkvpp: Limit to x86/armKhem Raj
2019-07-12dpdkvpp: add recipesChunrong Guo
2019-07-12vpp-core: update to ff7bf7bChunrong Guo
2019-07-12pktgen-dpdk: Upgrade version to 3.6.6Chunrong Guo
2019-07-12dpdk: Upgrade from version 17.11 to 18.11Chunrong Guo
2019-07-12ovs-dpdk: Upgrade 2.10 -> 2.11Chunrong Guo
2019-07-12secure-obj: update to cd3c353Chunrong Guo
2019-07-12libpkcs11: update to a243fb2Chunrong Guo
2019-07-12crconf: add recipesChunrong Guo
2019-04-12dpdk: Add missing patchChunrong Guo
2019-04-11vpp-core: add "-DCLIB_LOG2_CACHE_LINE_BYTES=6" to CFLAGSChunrong Guo
2019-04-11ovs-dpdk: Upgrade version to 2.10Chunrong Guo
2019-04-11dpdk: update to c0fe1b9Chunrong Guo
2019-01-31secure-obj:Remove redundant test commandChunrong Guo
2019-01-31ovs-dpdk: remove static key wordChunrong Guo
2019-01-15vpp-core: Pin to qoriq socsKhem Raj
2019-01-14dpdk: set COMPATIBLE_MACHINE as qoriqChunrong Guo
2019-01-14pktgen-dpdk: set COMPATIBLE_MACHINE as qoriq-arm64Chunrong Guo
2019-01-14libpkcs11: set COMPATIBLE_MACHINE as qoriq-arm64Chunrong Guo
2019-01-14vpp: add recipesChunrong Guo
2019-01-14secure-obj:update to bc0553aChunrong Guo
2019-01-14libpkcs11: update to efd15b9Chunrong Guo
2019-01-14dpdk: update to f451d2bChunrong Guo
2019-01-10hyperrelay: inherit fsl-eula-unpack classChunrong Guo
2018-12-13ovs-dpdk: set DPAA_VER = "dpaa"Chunrong Guo
2018-12-13dpdk: set DPAA_VER = "dpaa"Chunrong Guo
2018-11-19dpdk: add '-fPIC' to CPU_CFLAGSChunrong Guo
2018-10-01secure-obj:update to bbcbe6cChunrong Guo
2018-10-01libpkcs11: update to e9f570cChunrong Guo
2018-10-01hyperrelay: add ldflags to INSANE_SKIPChunrong Guo
2018-10-01dpdk: update to 0c0332aChunrong Guo
2018-09-28recipes: Mark compatible machines as restricted by dependenciesKhem Raj
2018-07-06odp: update to bda2c9Chunrong Guo
2018-07-05secure-obj: update to 24d3133Chunrong Guo
2018-07-05dpdk: update to 9448fe7Chunrong Guo
2018-07-05ovs-dpdk: update to version 2.9Chunrong Guo
2018-07-05libpkcs11: update to 8e942d3Chunrong Guo
2018-04-11secure-obj: add recipesC.R. Guo