path: root/recipes-extended/ipc-ust
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-08-12layer: Convert to new override syntaxKhem Raj
2018-03-06ipc-ust: update SRC_URLC.R. Guo
2016-12-06ipc-ust: Set PACKAGE_ARCH to the value of MACHINE_ARCHFabio Berton
2016-08-12ipc-ust: obey LDFLAGS to fix GNU_HASH errorTing Liu
2016-07-15ipc.inc: merge into ipc-ust and kernel-module-ipcTing Liu
2016-07-15ipc-ust: not use IPC_UST_SOC variableTing Liu
2016-07-15ipc: update to 74d6627Ting Liu
2016-06-03ipc-ust: skip two insane checkZhenhua Luo
2016-04-19ipc: update to commit b010e35Ting Liu
2016-04-19ipc-ust: move SOC specific variables to qoriq-base.incZhenhua Luo
2016-04-19ipc: Optimize the ipc recipes directoriesZhenhua Luo