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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-03-03layer: Update LICENSE variable to use SPDX license identifiersAndrey Zhizhikin
2022-02-21Generalize overrides subsystem for NXP and Mainline supportOtavio Salvador
2021-10-15dpdk: add 20.11 recipeTing Liu
2021-08-12layer: Convert to new override syntaxKhem Raj
2020-12-16dpdk: update to 7071c27f (LSDK-20.12)Ting Liu
2020-12-16dpdk: update scripts to use python3Ting Liu
2020-12-16dpdk: add RDEPENDS on python3-coreTing Liu
2020-12-16dpdk: correct LICENSE and update LIC_FILES_CHKSUMTing Liu
2020-06-23dpdk: fix gcc 10 maybe-uninitialized warningJens Rehsack
2020-04-07{dpdk,dpdkvpp}: upgrade to v19.11 of LSDK-20.04Jens Rehsack
2020-02-11dpdk: Remove deprecated python3-subprocess from the RDEPENDSChunrong Guo
2019-10-21dpdk:update to a36da6aChunrong Guo
2019-09-12dpdk,dpdkvpp: update COMPATIBLE_MACHINE for qoriq socChunrong Guo
2019-09-10dpdk,dpdkvpp: Limit to imx socsKhem Raj
2019-08-06dpdk,dpdkvpp: Define valid configs for armv7Khem Raj
2019-08-06dpdk,dpdkvpp: Depend on numactl for x86_64Khem Raj
2019-07-15dpdk,dpdkvpp: Limit to x86/armKhem Raj
2019-07-12dpdk: Upgrade from version 17.11 to 18.11Chunrong Guo
2019-04-12dpdk: Add missing patchChunrong Guo
2019-04-11dpdk: update to c0fe1b9Chunrong Guo
2019-01-14dpdk: set COMPATIBLE_MACHINE as qoriqChunrong Guo
2019-01-14dpdk: update to f451d2bChunrong Guo
2018-12-13dpdk: set DPAA_VER = "dpaa"Chunrong Guo
2018-11-19dpdk: add '-fPIC' to CPU_CFLAGSChunrong Guo
2018-10-01dpdk: update to 0c0332aChunrong Guo
2018-07-05dpdk: update to 9448fe7Chunrong Guo
2018-04-02dpdk : Upgrade to v17.11C.R. Guo
2018-03-06dpdk: update SRC_URLC.R. Guo
2018-02-06dpdk-extras: removeChunrong Guo
2018-02-06dpdk: update recipeChunrong Guo
2017-10-18dpdk: update recipesChunrong Guo
2017-08-07dpdk-extras: update to d17f3e0654Chunrong Guo
2017-08-07dpdk: update to 98f548c36Chunrong Guo
2017-07-14dpdk: fix build error with gcc 7Chunrong Guo
2017-05-02dpdk-extras :update to 47ee260Chunrong Guo
2017-05-02dpdk: update to a3395d2Chunrong Guo
2017-03-22dpdk: fix typoChunrong Guo
2017-03-17dpdk/dpdk-extras/ovs-dpdk: add recipeChunrong Guo