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12 daysdpdk: Use nonarch_base_libdir instead of hardcoding /lib for module pathKhem Raj
12 daysdpdk_19.11-20.12.bb: Fix build with gcc-12Khem Raj
13 daysdpdk: Always use gcc compilerKhem Raj
2023-02-08layer: Use github for QorIQ sourceTom Hochstein
2022-12-16tsntool: update to commit a0769e2Jun Zhu
2022-12-15Switch NXP QorIQ repositories to github.comJun Zhu
2022-12-07jailhouse: update to lf-5.15.52_2.1.0Ricardo Salveti
2022-12-06jailhouse: update to lf-5.15.32_2.0.0 branchJose Quaresma
2022-03-03layer: Update LICENSE variable to use SPDX license identifiersAndrey Zhizhikin
2022-02-21Generalize overrides subsystem for NXP and Mainline supportOtavio Salvador
2022-02-11crconf: Don't set FILESSean Anderson
2022-02-11crconf: Set SBINDIR and MANDIRSean Anderson
2021-10-21odp-module/odp-counters/kernel-module-ar: fix QA Issue during usermergeHongxu Jia
2021-10-15pktgen-dpdk: upgrade to 21.05.0Ting Liu
2021-10-15ovs-dpdk: upgrade to 2.15Ting Liu
2021-10-15libpkcs11: update to 8d85182Ting Liu
2021-10-15dpdk: add 20.11 recipeTing Liu
2021-10-15secure-obj: update to 5ff1231Ting Liu
2021-10-15tsntool: update to b767c26Ting Liu
2021-08-12layer: Convert to new override syntaxKhem Raj
2021-07-06tsntool: update to 3111f7fTing Liu
2021-06-18jailhouse: Fix firmware location as non-arch specificTom Hochstein
2020-12-25tsntool: update to 1d1686eTing Liu
2020-12-17secure-obj: DEPENDS python3-pycryptodomex-nativeTing Liu
2020-12-16dpdk: update to 7071c27f (LSDK-20.12)Ting Liu
2020-12-16dpdk: update scripts to use python3Ting Liu
2020-12-16dpdk: add RDEPENDS on python3-coreTing Liu
2020-12-16dpdk: correct LICENSE and update LIC_FILES_CHKSUMTing Liu
2020-12-16libpkcs11: fix multiple definition errorTing Liu
2020-12-16secure-obj: DEPENDS python3-pycryptodome-nativeTing Liu
2020-12-16secure-obj: update to 71a6eb3Ting Liu
2020-12-16crconf: update to c2b9595Ting Liu
2020-12-16ovs-dpdk: update to 07213041Ting Liu
2020-11-05tsntool: update to b74987cTing Liu
2020-10-20jailhouse: Fix FILES_pyjailhouseCristinel Panfir
2020-10-20jailhouse: Upgrade to version 0.12Cristinel Panfir
2020-06-23dpdk: fix gcc 10 maybe-uninitialized warningJens Rehsack
2020-06-10ovs-dpdk: add configurable buffer parameter via envTing Liu
2020-05-25jailhouse: Enable Jailhouse for i.MXCristinel Panfir
2020-05-06gpulib: rm as it is not needed nowTing Liu
2020-05-06vpp-core/dpdkvpp: rm as it is not supported nowTing Liu
2020-05-06tsntool: update to ca2d8fbTing Liu
2020-05-06pktgen-dpdk: upgrade to 19.12.0Ting Liu
2020-05-06secure-obj: update to fb179a8Ting Liu
2020-04-20skmm-ep: switch to source.codeaurora.orgTing Liu
2020-04-20hyperrelay: rm as it is not maintained nowTing Liu
2020-04-07ovs-dpdk: upgrade to v2.13.0 (LSDK-20.04)Jens Rehsack
2020-04-07{dpdk,dpdkvpp}: upgrade to v19.11 of LSDK-20.04Jens Rehsack
2020-02-11vpp-core: update to python3-ply dependencyChunrong Guo
2020-02-11secure-obj: update to python3-pycrypto-native dependencyChunrong Guo