AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-08-14fsl-eula-unpack: exclude FSL_EULA_FILE from sstate signaturezeusSamuli Piippo
2020-08-09Revert "weston-init: use g2d for i.MX8M Nano SoC"Tom Hochstein
2020-06-05qtbase: Define empty PACKAGECONFIG_VULKANKhem Raj
2020-06-05qtbase: Drop upstreamed patchTom Hochstein
2020-06-05qtbase: Add i.MX 8 configurationTom Hochstein
2020-06-04weston: fix a patch fuzz issueMing Liu
2020-05-05qtbase: Fix patch fuzz for mkspecs/linux-oe-g++/qmake.confantznin
2020-05-05optee-os: Replace /lib by ${nonarch_base_libdir} in do_installantznin
2020-04-29imx-base: non-overriding append for WKS_FILE_DEPENDSManuel Bessler
2020-04-24waffle: Fix x11 build without GBM supportTom Hochstein
2020-04-24waffle: Add missing dependency on EGLTom Hochstein
2020-04-24waffle: Disable GBM support for i.MX 6 and 7 GPUTom Hochstein
2020-04-23Revert "optee-[client,test]: upgrade to 4.19.35_1.1.0"Peter Griffin
2020-04-17Revert "mx8qm: Use cortexa72-cortexa53 tune by default"Tom Hochstein
2020-04-16fsl-eula-unpack.bbclass: add latest license md5sumMax Krummenacher
2020-04-16mx8qxp: Use cortexa35-crypto tuning for i.MX 8 QXP defaultTom Hochstein
2020-04-16mx8qm: Use cortexa72-cortexa53 tune by defaultJoshua Watt
2020-04-14imx8mq: Add tuning for cortexa53+crypto+crcTom Hochstein
2020-04-13imx-sc-firmware: Fix the license as ProprietaryTom Hochstein
2020-04-13fsl-eula-unpack.bbclass: Enhance EULA modelTom Hochstein
2020-04-13fsl-eula-unpack.bbclass: Verify LICENSE contains ProprietaryTom Hochstein
2020-04-13Revert "optee-[client,test]: upgrade to 4.19.35_1.1.0"Chris Dimich
2020-04-13Revert "optee-os: update to 4.19.35_1.1.0 and introduce imx8mn config"Chris Dimich
2020-04-13Revert "imx-atf: add platform definition for i.MX8M Nano"Chris Dimich
2020-04-13Revert "imx-atf_2.0.bb: Update branch and revision for 4.19.35_1.1.0"Chris Dimich
2020-04-08optee-[client,test]: upgrade to 4.19.35_1.1.0Andrey Zhizhikin
2020-04-08optee-os: update to 4.19.35_1.1.0 and introduce imx8mn configAndrey Zhizhikin
2020-04-08imx-atf: add platform definition for i.MX8M NanoAndrey Zhizhikin
2020-04-08imx-atf_2.0.bb: Update branch and revision for 4.19.35_1.1.0Cristinel Panfir
2020-04-08weston-init: use g2d for i.MX8M Nano SoCAndrey Zhizhikin
2020-04-08imx-boot: add support for i.MX8M Nano EVKAndrey Zhizhikin
2020-04-08imx-base: add common defines for imx8m nano socAndrey Zhizhikin
2020-04-08imx-base.inc: add uboot entrypoint for mx8mmRicardo Salveti
2020-04-06optee-imx: add (backported) patches for GCC 9 & muslAndré Draszik
2020-03-28linux-fslc-lts-4.19: upgrade to 4.19.107Andrey Zhizhikin
2020-03-27Revert "fsl-eula-unpack.bbclass: Enhance EULA model"Otavio Salvador
2020-03-27fsl-eula-unpack.bbclass: Enhance EULA modelTom Hochstein
2020-03-27fsl-eula-unpack.bbclass: CleanupTom Hochstein
2020-03-16glmark2: don't build drm flavours for machines not supporting itMax Krummenacher
2020-03-16glmark2: Remove bbappendJoshua Watt
2020-03-03Revert "fsl-eula-unpack.bbclass: Facilitate downstream EULA update"Otavio Salvador
2020-03-03fsl-eula-unpack.bbclass: Facilitate downstream EULA updateTom Hochstein
2020-02-19linux-fslc: Update to use 5.4.x versionFabio Berton
2020-02-17mesa: Allow to use Etnaviv with i.MX8Frieder Schrempf
2020-02-17mesa: Use PACKAGECONFIG to enable Gallium driversFrieder Schrempf
2020-02-12imx-imx-boot-bootpart.wks.in: Fix overlap of imx-boot and boot partitionsTom Hochstein
2020-02-12imx-imx-boot-bootpart.wks.in: Fix the layout commentTom Hochstein
2020-02-07fsl-vivante-kernel-driver-handler: Fix kernel name in variable assignmentTom Hochstein
2020-02-05linux-fslc(-lts): add CONFIG_NET_SCH_FQ_CODE=y and necessary dependsAndreas Müller
2020-01-22firmware-imx: remove sdma-imx6q.bin and sdma-imx7d.binJoris Offouga