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committerOtavio Salvador <otavio@ossystems.com.br>2020-04-07 16:09:42 -0300
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ovs-dpdk: upgrade to v2.13.0 (LSDK-20.04)
Upgrade Open V-Switch DPDK to 2.13.0 of LSDL-20.04 containing following: 71d553b99 Set release date for 2.13.0. 15ae9db33 dp-packet: prefetch the next packet when cloning a batch. dfa11246c netdev-dpdk: Don't enable offloading on HW device if not requested. bc07368c1 netdev-linux: Prepend the std packet in the TSO packet 983b5f470 netdev-linux-private: fix max length to be 16 bits 64e0e43da netdev-dpdk: Fix port init when lacking Tx offloads for TSO. 7229bc050 conntrack: Fix conntrack new state 10b4c80bd tc: handle packet mark of zero 498fe0481 Prepare for post-2.13.0 (2.13.90). da3828f03 dpif: Fix dp_extra_info leak by reworking the allocation scheme. dbdf66c29 dpif: Fix memory leak while dumping dpif flows. 2a4f006c7 Prepare for 2.13.0. 8ecc28620 Documentation: add notes for TSO & i40e d7b55c5c9 dpif: Fix leak and usage of uninitialized dp_extra_info. e8568993e netdev-afxdp: NUMA-aware memory allocation for XSK related memory. 105cf8df8 netdev-linux: Detect numa node id. 29cf9c1b3 userspace: Add TCP Segmentation Offload support f2c7be238 Typo fix: vswtch -> vswitch. e666e8e0f vhost: Disable multi-segmented buffers d48771848 dp-packet: preserve headroom when cloning a pkt batch 9d0fab9fc AUTHORS: Add Emma Finn. 0e8f5c6a3 dpif-netdev: Modified ovs-appctl dpctl/dump-flows command 8ae6a5f98 NEWS: Fix location of output actions to be under DPDK. 197c21a63 Documentation: Fix building with Python 3.9 a529e3cd1 ovsdb-server: Allow OVSDB clients to specify the UUID for inserted rows. b9254f7b5 netdev-offload-dpdk: Support offload of set TCP/UDP ports actions. d9a831c3b netdev-offload-dpdk: Support offload of set IPv4 actions. ae32e08d6 netdev-offload-dpdk: Support offload of set MAC actions. abb288c00 netdev-offload-dpdk: Support offload of drop action. 3c7330ebf netdev-offload-dpdk: Support offload of output action. 65c73b3f8 netdev-offload: Introduce a function to validate same flow api handle. 2f7f9284b netdev-dpdk: Getter function for dpdk port id API. 319a9bb33 dpif-netdev: Populate dpif class field in offload struct. a309e4f52 dpif-netdev: Update offloaded flows statistics. 80944cb41 dpctl: Support dump-flows filters "dpdk" and "partially-offloaded". 2aca29df9 netdev-offload-dpdk: Implement flow get method. 60e778c75 netdev-offload-dpdk: Framework for actions offload. 34ce6bf7b netdev-offload-dpdk: Return UFID-rte_flow entry in find method. 63556d858 netdev-dpdk: Introduce rte flow query function. 7d6033d6b netdev-offload-dpdk: Improve HW offload flow debuggability. 900fe0078 netdev-offload-dpdk: Dynamically allocate pattern items. 1e60e4b09 netdev-offload-dpdk: Refactor action items freeing scheme. 7c5b722a4 netdev-offload-dpdk: Refactor flow patterns. 81e89d5c2 dpif-netdev: Make datapath port mutex recursive. 865701245 docs: Correct links in mailing-lists.rst e61bdffc2 netdev-dpdk: Add new DPDK RFC 4115 egress policer 23c01b196 netdev-dpdk: Add support for multi-queue QoS to the DPDK datapath 695e35091 netdev-offload-tc: Fix crash if offloading is not configured on outdev. b9b7b989d socket-util: Emulate recvmmsg() and sendmmsg() on Linux only. 67eb81101 odp-util: Fix passing uninitialized bytes in OVS_KEY_ATTR_CT_ORIG_TUPLE_IPV*. 02707cd45 ovs-tcpdump: Fallback to read /proc/net/dev on Linux cefdd80a2 netdev-dpdk: Avoid undefined behavior processing devargs 2109841b7 Use batch process recv for tap and raw socket in netdev datapath b90189841 socket-util: Introduce emulation and wrapper for recvmmsg(). b926f577a acinclude: Use RTE_IBVERBS_LINK_DLOPEN 9ce4832cd AUTHORS: update email for Lance Richardson 633486a98 dpif-netdev: Get rid of broken dpif pointer in dp_netdev structure. 7a5e0ee7c dpif: Turn dpif_flow_hash function into generic odp_flow_key_hash. e988b8abe ovsdb replication: Provide option to configure probe interval. c3428f439 tests: introduced tests for adding/deleting logical routers in VTEP database a13a02097 userspace: Improved packet drop statistics. 924d94a69 ofproto-dpif-upcall: Fix using uninitialized upcall hash. c4d8a4e03 ofproto-dpif: Fix using uninitialized execute hash. af683565b tests: Allow running offloads testsuite under valgrind. f7392b44a dpif-netlink: Fix dumping uninitialized netdev flow stats. e64fe4e4c tc: Fix using uninitialized id chain. aeee33444 netdev-offload-tc: Fix using uninitialized recirc_act. 6634cc8ae compat: Include confirm_neigh parameter if needed 1ecb4cde6 AUTHORS: Add Krishna Kolakaluri. 1a008ebf0 bridge: Split the column updates of rstp statistics and status. 161773c72 netdev-afxdp: Fix transmission freeze in native mode without zerocopy. dfa2e3d04 cirrus: Use python 3.7 packages on FreeBSD. 2bf6ffb76 netdev-offload-tc: Add conntrack nat support 9221c721b netdev-offload-tc: Add conntrack label and mark support 576126a93 netdev-offload-tc: Add conntrack support b2ae40690 netdev-offload-tc: Add recirculation support via tc chains 7c53bd783 tc: Move tunnel_key unset action before output ports dcdcad68c dpif: Add support to set user features 900b5bdc4 netdev-offload-tc: Implement netdev tc flush via tc filter del acdd544c4 tc: Introduce tcf_id to specify a tc filter 104d33ca8 compat: Add tc ct action and flower matches defines for older kernels 62df1f5be match: Add match_set_ct_zone_masked helper 7efc69801 ovsdb raft: Fix the problem when cluster restarted after DB compaction. 6d0340539 ovsdb-cluster.at: Wait until leader is elected before DB compact. 2947774c5 ovs container build: Make kernel module configurable daa867f6e Revert "docs: To build OVS on RHEL7 EPEL is needed" 0c4d144a9 Remove dependency on python3-six 24e697080 travis: Use pip3 to install the python packages on linux 138d30a9c dpctl: Fix referencing DPDK in a flow dump. 28d050162 ovs-thread: Avoid huge alignment on a base spinlock structure. 3d56e4ac4 netdev-dpdk: Add coverage counter to count vhost IRQs. 6d77abf4f netdev-dpdk: Fix sw stats perf drop. a0152c116 Documentation: Fix ovs-tcpdump options. 2620f056a system-afxdp.at: Add test for infinite re-addition of failed ports. 37a246552 netdev-afxdp: Avoid removing of XDP program if not loaded. 96e744046 dpif-netdev: Avoid infinite re-addition of misconfigured ports. 988fd4639 netdev-dpdk: add support for the RTE_ETH_EVENT_INTR_RESET event. db54e9672 bridge: Allow manual notifications about interfaces' updates. bd6da4ab3 tests: introduced test for checking "ovs-vsctl emer-reset" 391b52f3c rhel: Support RHEL 7.8 kernel module rpm build ac9daaa6a cirrus: Use FreeBSD 12.1 stable release. cfc3c50c3 AUTHORS: Add Lance Yang. bdfab5937 travis: Move x86-only add-on packages to linux-prepare script. 96445fa4d dpif-netdev-perf: Fix using of uninitialized last_tsc. e7cb123ff dpif-netdev: Hold global port mutex while calling offload API. c77f3a162 tests: Log commands being executed for async message control test. 223503511 tests: Improve logging for async message control test. e6eef1114 tests: Better document OVS_WAIT_UNTIL, OVS_WAIT_WHILE macros. dd7467a01 ofp-monitor: Make OFP_FLOW_REMOVED_REASON_BUFSIZE public. 95a5454c5 ofp-print: Abbreviate lists of fields in table features output. 9802fafa9 checkpatch: Check spelling in commit messages. 37c6dfab1 checkpatch: Skip words containing numbers. 98a411b32 checkpatch: Allow common abbreviations for spell checking. 40570384b datapath-windows: Do not delete internal port on OID_SWITCH_NIC_DISCONNECT 1061dc7c8 dpif-netdev: Retrieve dpif_class from struct dp_netdev. 164413156 Add offload packets statistics 3843208ee dpif-netdev-perf: Accurate cycle counter update 127b6a6ee dpdk: Update to use DPDK 19.11. 9bf871c40 trivial: Fix erspan coding style. 4d80f503f AUTHORS: Add Yi Yang. 822c8923f ovs-vsctl: unit test for checking fail-mode related 84dd881bb ofproto-dpif-xlate: Prevent duplicating of traffic to a mirror port a7f33fdbf conntrack: Support zone limits. 551c72854 ofproto-dpif: Refactor the get capability code. 3343f8d6c netdev: use acquire-release semantics for change_seq in netdev e515e66a1 datapath: make generic netlink group const 5623ed2d4 faq: Correct fragment reassembly release. 7b950521f ofproto-dpif-xlate: Restore table ID on error in xlate_table_action(). 9e9b4f5bb debian: Update list of copyright holders. 39b5e4631 Documentation: Convert multiple manpages to ReST. aa34a87e7 sparse: Get rid of obsolete rte_flow header. c9ee7c0e8 ofproto: fix stack-buffer-overflow 30115809d dpif-netdev: Use netdev-offload API for port lookup while offloading. 89ee730a6 ofproto-provider: Move datapath capabilities callback to correct section. 9965fef8d dp-packet: Fix clearing/copying of memory layout flags. b4c5f00c3 netdev-dpdk: Deprecate ring ports. 2596585bc dpdk: Use DPDK 18.11.5 release. 47f8743e8 ofproto: Fix crash on PACKET_OUT due to recursive locking after upcall. 953ef9188 vswitch.xml: Replace non-ASCII characters. aa453e319 ofproto-dpif: Expose datapath ND Extensions capability to ovsdb 0442bfb11 ofproto-dpif-upcall: Echo HASH attribute back to datapath. df711aae1 Datapath: Change in openvswitch kernel module to support MPLS label depth of 3 in ingress direction. d0dd4908d flow: Fix IPv6 header parser with partial offloading. 9248e103e lacp: Add support to recognize LACP Marker RX PDUs. d0d571493 ofproto-dpif: Allow IPv6 ND Extensions only if supported 9f72e505d AUTHORS: Add Wang Li. 0c3057d59 ipf: bail out when ipf state is COMPLETED 9bfb280a1 ovsdb raft: Fix election timer parsing in snapshot RPC. ea5c1ba0e jsonrpc: increase input buffer size from 512 to 4096 7bf075d95 netdev-afxdp: Enable libbpf logging to OVS. 27501802d ofproto-dpif: Expose datapath capability to ovsdb. acb691e15 ovsdb-server: fix memory leak while deleting zone 89a84caf9 compat: Add missing inline keyword afc0c379f ovs-actions: Clarify documentation for stack usage with group buckets. e8f563448 netdev-afxdp: Best-effort configuration of XDP mode. 4ae8c4617 dpdk: Deprecate pdump support. 52b5a5c0a netdev-afxdp: add afxdp specific maximum MTU check 433a3fa51 dpif-netdev: Log rxq assignment for isolated pmd. 1aaf467bd rhel: Fix ovs-kmod-manage.sh that may create invalid soft links 716b035e3 ovs-bugtool: Script to collect the port statistics. 2f862c712 netdev-dpdk: Detailed packet drop statistics. b99ab8aaa netdev-dpdk: Reuse vhost function for dpdk ETH custom stats. 292d5bd9b tc: Set 'no_percpu' flag for compatible actions c0a1df2e3 compat: Add compat fix for old kernels 9ff24b9c9 netdev-dpdk: Track vhost tx contention. 0c489cc54 tests: Wait up to OVS_CTL_TIMEOUT seconds. 485c76db8 vswitch.xml: Fix column for xdpmode. b903e17d5 ip_gre: Remove even more unused code 89879979d AUTHORS: Add Tomasz Konieczny. c2c84474d netdev-dpdk: Fix flow control not configuring. 13ede8c11 faq: Fix meter action releases. 36e50679a lib/tc: Fix flow dump for tunnel id equal zero ac4b6e83d travis: Fix skipping of python SSL tests. 5ae6f976d travis: Workaround skipping of IPv6 tests. 3e613cd81 ofp-monitor: Fixed the usage of 'usable_protocols' variable in 'parse_flow_monitor_request' function. d5ac96282 Revert "ip_gre: Remove even more unused code" 9793898ef travis: Enable pdump for DPDK build. 42a059e02 ip_gre: Remove even more unused code adf9ac69a ip_gre: Removed unused ipgre netdev ops 75ad1cd6e Avoid indeterminate statistics in offload implementations. cd7ea5217 AUTHORS: Add Gowrishankar Muthukrishnan. a773a5c90 lacp: warn transmit failure of lacp pdu 7139ca552 ovsdb-execute: Remove unused variable from ovsdb_execute_mutate(). e50547b51 netdev-afxdp: Add need_wakeup support. ed1617406 rhel: openvswitch-fedora.spec.in: Fix output redirect to null device acc5df0e3 dpif-netdev: Fix time delta overflow in case of race for meter lock. 18ae34ae1 dpif-netdev: Do not mix recirculation depth into RSS hash itself. 6e26ff633 command-line: New function ovs_cmdl_env_parse_all(). dee6478d4 ovsdb-server: fix memory leak while converting database 9e334d91b docs: To build OVS on RHEL7 EPEL is needed 54e2baec0 flow: Fix crash on vlan packets with partial offloading. 51528c299 tests: Fix indentation in userspace packet type aware test. 454dc17c7 rhel: Support RHEL7.7 build and packaging cec7005bd ovsdb-server: Allow replication from older schema version servers. f04977508 lldp: Fix for OVS crashes when a LLDP-enabled port is deleted 49df3c0fe docs: DPDK isn't a datapath, so don't use the term. 653eedff2 faq: Give specific versions that introduced various features. 423416f58 lacp: report desync in ovs threads enabling slave 1051576cf ovs-tcpundump: allow multiple packet lengths c691cffb0 ovs-tcpundump: exit when getting version 15ba075d3 netdev-dpdk: Fix Tx queue false sharing. d5ad58044 travis: Test build with afxdp. a6028d3ab rhel: Remove the cond 'build_python3' 7e0c91eb0 debian and rhel: Add libunwind dev package. 0d8fb0211 ossfuzz: Simplify miniflow fuzzer harness. b8c57b098 datapath: Allow attaching helper in later commit 337da25b5 datapath: Fix log message in ovs conntrack 0b26ee1b4 datapath: Replace removed NF_NAT_NEEDED with IS_ENABLED(CONFIG_NF_NAT) 5a6069e3f datapath: Check for null pointer return from nla_nest_start_noflag 4c941202f datapath: Load and reference the NAT helper. f1e9590e8 datapath: genetlink: optionally validate strictly/dumps 09c339961 datapath: Use nla_nest_start_noflag() d42fb06d7 datapath: Handle NF_NAT_NEEDED replacement 0e34479d2 datapath: add seqadj extension when NAT is used. 9ea96dce4 datapath: Detect upstream nf_nat change c1d728dbd datapath: Replace nf_ct_invert_tuplepr() with nf_ct_invert_tuple() 719197e73 datapath: Fix linking without CONFIG_NF_CONNTRACK_LABELS efcae7df6 datapath: compat: drop bridge nf reset from nf_reset a2bdad676 datapath: rename flow_stats to sw_flow_stats 5bc09abc7 compat: remove the incorrect mtu limit for erspan 8fc8986d0 datapath: change type of UPCALL_PID attribute to NLA_UNSPEC 19b6110dd datapath: hide clang frame-overflow warnings d0fbb09f9 tc: Limit the max action number to 16 63c2321db compat: Fix small naming issue 81a29c0ab configure: Properly handle case where libunwind.h is not available. 15394e0ff tests: Get rid of timeout options for control utilities. cc23f6062 AUTHORS: Add Alessandro Pilotti. 2cbb63665 ovs container build.sh requires python3 36e5d97f9 ovs-vlan-bug-workaround: Remove. 622ea8fd7 dpif-netlink: Fix some variable naming. cec89046f lib: packets: export compose_ipv6 routine to OVN 666602ada dpif-netlink: Free leaked nl_sock a5ff4874b ovsdb-server: Don't drop all connections on read/write status change. 53c0bd5de netdev-afxdp: Update memory locking limits unconditionally. ec92f8d2f netdev-afxdp: Fix umem creation failure due to uninitialized config. eab30f385 cirrus: Use latest stable FreeBSD images. 361a47d66 flow: Fix using pointer to member of packed struct icmp6_hdr. 800978527 appveyor: Update OpenSSL link and python3 to path 1e9ec310b tests: Allow valgrind check for afxdp testsuite. e5273084d Fix "the the" typo in two places. 736a8111e ofproto: Fix for frequent invalidation of mega flows for push actions 4093b4c79 Avoid clobbered variable warning on ppc64le. 76c67e9ac ovsdb-client: fix memory leak while executing database backup 9fe21a4fc netdev-offload: replace netdev_hmap_mutex to netdev_hmap_rwlock 9048ab600 acinclude: Fix false positive search for prandom_u32 4cdc7b4db ovsdb-tool: fix memory leak while converting cluster into standalone database 36e282f5c ovsdb-tool: fix memory leak while running "db-is-standalone" command 7d6a859e1 ofproto: fix a typo for ttl in dpif_sflow_actions eab800416 travis: Fix 32-bit libunwind system build. 0b2653064 backtrace: Fix 32-bit libunwind build. ef11ff8a5 doc: Added OVS Extensions document aa135fb9b ci: Get rid of OVS_CFLAGS in CI scripts. ae05d6813 tests: Only run test on kernel datapath 6678cc32f doc: Fix incorrect reference for dpdk-testpmd. d7fd61ae3 tests: Add check for correct l3l4 conntrack frag reassembly 26228f445 ofproto-dpif-xlate: Fix memory leak in is_neighbor_reply_correct() function 1bbc32df4 vlog: fix memory leak in vlog_set_log_file() function e7ea37ac9 ovsdb-client: fix memory leak to prevent valgrind reporting memory leaks while running test suite 285de6b21 odp-util: calc checksum of ip hdr for tunnel encap eedd4fd74 Documentation: Document a useful pre-push hook for committers. bf2431fb0 MAINTAINERS: Add William Tu. 3e0205082 ovsdb-client: fix memory leak in do_needs_conversion() and do_convert() ea8c1736e cirrus: Fix typo in the name of sphinx package. a8d36f944 ovsdb-client: fix memory leak in is_database_clustered() function. f634ab671 AUTHORS: Add Liu Chang. 62e73f9ca userspace-tunnelling.rst: Fix a typo in the userspace tunnel guide 05bf1dbb9 ovn: Remove remaining pieces. 817db7301 ovsdb-cluster: Use ovs-vsctl instead of ovn-nbctl and ovn-sbctl. 47d76e9f0 datapath: Fix conntrack cache with timeout b0d48450b AUTHORS: Add Lukasz Pawlik. e2ed6fbeb fatal-signal: Catch SIGSEGV and print backtrace. 1ca0323e7 Require Python 3 and remove support for Python 2. 187bb41fb ofproto-dpif-xlate: Translate timeout policy in ct action ebe62ec1b datapath: Add support for conntrack timeout policy 2fc8309bd datapath: compat: Backport nf_conntrack_timeout support 993cae678 ofproto-dpif: Consume CT_Zone, and CT_Timeout_Policy tables 6a16962cd simap: Add utility function to help compare two simaps. 1f1613183 ct-dpif, dpif-netlink: Add conntrack timeout policy support 934f54a1b ct-dpif: Export ct_dpif_format_ipproto() 45339539f ovs-vsctl: Add conntrack zone commands. 15a5dddde travis: Drop -MD related workaround for sparse. d0d1a76ea dpdk: Remove unneeded log message copy. 892545b95 flow: fix incorrect padding length checking in ipv6_sanity_check 9e585df1f show "rx_missed_errors" counter in interface statisics 940ac2ce8 treewide: Use packet batch APIs 6a1c98461 Add a __str__ method to idl.Row dc0bd12f5 userspace: Enable non-bridge port as tunnel endpoint. c7051413b vswitchd: update bond-rebalance-interval maxInteger in vswtich.xml 64207120c conntrack: Add option to disable TCP sequence checking. be2ddc651 Exclude ovn-nb/ovn-sb man and OVN schema files during compilation. bc6f73c95 flake8: also check the ovs-check-dead-ifs script 78e2a5692 ovs-check-dead-ifs: unshadow pid variable c864b82d8 ovs-check-dead-ifs: python3 print format 594570ea1 conntrack: Optimize recirculations. ba5ca2840 conntrack: Fix 'reverse_nat_packet()' variable datatype. d84109f0b ovsdb-idlc.in: fix dict change during iteration. a0b89c513 conntrack: Fix 'check_orig_tuple()' Valgrind false positive. 1f5094270 AUTHORS: Add Martin Zhang and Dujie. f210ce43e odp-util: fill IPv4 ver and head length for tnl_push e35626355 ovs-ofctl: fix memory leak in open_vconn__() function 739933ff4 Documentation: Fix security mailing list address. 3dabc687f vswitchd: Make packet-in controller queue size configurable 00de46f9e ovsdb-tool: Convert clustered db to standalone db. 45bd8c563 vswitch: ratelimit the device add log 8720575c7 stream_ssl: fix important memory leak in ssl_connect() function 9da8b2f8c faq: Update OVS/DPDK version table for OVS 2.12. 40053bd46 configure: Properly handle case where sphinx-build is not available. 4dcdf55bc xenserver: Make Python files parse in Python 3 also. ab4514890 Recommend Sphinx from Python 3 in documentation and packaging. 2a97891eb Documentation: Work with sphinx-build for Python 3 also. c98f69070 travis: Dump config.log if make fails. 4e5c87e9e travis: Obtain testsuite logs from the correct directory. f44733c52 conntrack: Validate accessing of conntrack data in pkt_metadata 720043046 db-ctl-base: Free leaked ovsdb_datum 51e6215e7 ofproto-dpif: Free leaked 'webster' 9ff0b84cf dns-resolve: Free 'struct ub_result' when callback returns error results 48d8a65e7 ovsdb-client: Free ovsdb_schema 0070f7fed trigger: Free leaked ovsdb_schema 3b6a5b737 ovs-ofctl: Free leaked minimatch c98eedf9e dpif-netdev: Handle uninitialized value error for 'match.wc' 584992d06 ofproto-dpif: Uninitialize 'xlate_cache' to free resources ce52f1ee9 raft: Free leaked json data 7f76faf94 ovs-bugtool: Add ip -s -s to get_device_stats.out. cf0e42394 db-ctl-base: Give better error messages for ambiguous abbreviations. 3ae9a07ae sset: New function sset_join(). 334eec6a8 checkpatch: Ignore utilities/bugtool. c73d632a4 tests: Fix ovs-vsctl unit test failure regression. 61a5264d6 ovs-vswitchd: Add Datapath, CT_Zone, and CT_Zone_Policy tables. 24d128ed0 MAINTAINERS: Update email for Ilya Maximets. 1a96f823e ovn: Fix broken dist* targets. b62ffebfc faq: Update list of kernels supported by 2.12. f3e24610e Remove OVN. 9b0064a3c tests: Add track-origins flag to valgrind. 8afbf2fac dpif-netdev: Add core id in the PMD thread name. 15d8655b1 dpdk: Use ovs-numa provided functions to manage thread affinity. 1276e3db8 dpif-netdev-perf: Fix TSC frequency for non-DPDK case. 42db85f34 ovs-numa: Add dump based thread affinity functions. d11f4cbbf Set release date for 2.12.0. d0fa7d7f1 rhel: Revert RHEL 7.4 comp_ver change e64c2c1ea rhel: Fix ovs-kmod-manage.sh to work with RHEL 7.3 f92bba166 packets: Fix using outdated RSS hash after MPLS decapsulation. 3f51ea180 dpif-netdev: Fail port addition if reconfiguration failed. 5c5660720 Make pid_exists() more robust against empty pid argument 6c2a93064 conntrack: Fix ICMPv4 error data L4 length check. 4bfdefea0 datapath: compat: Backports bugfixes for nf_conncount c98f77699 datapath: Clear the L4 portion of the key for "later" fragments 26091730b datapath: Properly set L4 keys on "later" IP fragments 96b2c715e utilities: Improve ovs-dpctl-top flow parsing f1dbe3796 flow: save "vlan_hdrs" memset for untagged traffic c2c19ddd7 flow: Reduce metadata connection state branches in miniflow_extract 8daa479fa pinctrl: Fix DNS packet parsing 52b06b5e5 OVN: fix memory leak in build_pre_lb ae36d63d7 ovs-thread: Make struct spin lock cache aligned. ea41c034d tnl-neigh: Use outgoing ofproto version. 22abff206 rhel: Add case for RHEL 7.5 major version to kmod manage script 9c74b5740 ovs-lib: Add timeout at ovs-check-dead-ifs. 5c7ba90d8 netdev-dpdk: Refactor vhost custom stats for extensibility. 18366d165 netdev-dpdk: Fix not reporting rx_oversize_errors in stats. c2bb883c0 ovsdb.7.rst: some corrections in ovsdb-client usage. 2110e2bbe ovsdb.5.rst: Fix minor format problem. a76ba8254 raft: Save and read new election timer in header snapshot. ac3ba8c64 raft.c: Election timer initial reset with value from log. 24a4bbe1d ofproto-dpif: Fix using uninitialised memory in user_action_cookie. d578e064c Remove ageing check in run_put_mac_binding 93482cb0d test: do not require python2 for CHECK_CONNTRACK macro 9bac5e78a OVN: fix DNAT/SNAT system-ovn unit tests 6b4dc055d OVS: Containerize components bf1f453fd AUTHORS: Add Surya Rudra. aeb6566db ofproto-dpif: Fix for recirc issue with mpls traffic with dp_hash e31ecf588 upcall: Configure datapath min-revalidate-pps through ovs-vsctl. 489830502 upcall: Change should_revalidate to use max-revalidator value b6bdc3cd7 upcall: Configure datapath max-revalidator through ovs-vsctl. c194367cb ovsdb monitor: Fix crash when using non-zero last-id with standalone DB. 8e3546141 ovsdb raft: Support leader election time change online. 923f01cad raft.c: Set candidate_retrying if no leader elected since last election. 89771c1e6 raft.c: Stale leader should disconnect from cluster. ca367fa5f ovsdb-idl.c: Allows retry even when using a single remote. f4bef8b39 raft: Move raft_reset_ping_timer() out of the loop. 0175bdd46 sat-math: Do not use __builtin_s*_overflow() with sparse. 1a3f3cf8a ovs-lib: Fix standalone db migration to raft 15b527e2d datapath-windows: Fix updating ct label when mask is specified 3bfc9c1c3 travis: Drop OSX workarounds. 2581b0ad1 travis: Combine kernel builds. 7654a3ed0 travis: Cache DPDK build. 58b34b001 Switch from internal port to all ports defined aacad8685 checkpatch: Fix regexp for if, while, etc inside macros. 05629ed27 netdev-afxdp: fix corner case where umem entries were not released a8f005cf2 ovs-tc: offload MPLS set actions to TC datapath 283dcf850 ovs-tc: offload MPLS push actions to TC datapath 55412eac6 ovs-tc: offload MPLS pop actions to TC datapath abef79598 compat: add compatibility headers for tc mpls action 0770429e3 dpif-netlink: Allow offloading of flows with dl_type 0x1234. 22b78906e netdev-afxdp: Error when no XDP program loaded. 29004db27 ovsdb-data: Don't put strings with digits in quotes. d560bc1ba netdev-afxdp: Convert AFXDP_DEBUG to custom stats. f627cf1dd netdev-afxdp: Fix use of unconfigured device. 91a38e891 Prepare for post-2.12.0 (2.12.90). 031b1f46d Prepare for 2.12.0. df0ecb2e1 test: Fix fragment-related tests that fail on 4.19+ due to small-sized packets 8416e50f8 tnl-neigh-cache: Purge learnt neighbors when port/bridge is deleted 0c5a65f20 system-traffic: Make nsh test more robust. 0de1b4259 netdev-afxdp: add new netdev type for AF_XDP. 884ca8ace ovs-thread: Add pthread spin lock support. ce2c1065c AUTHORS: Add Harry Van Haaren. f54d8f004 dpif-netdev: Add specialized generic scalar functions a0b36b392 dpif-netdev: Refactor generic implementation 92c7c870d dpif-netdev: Split out generic lookup function f5ace7cd8 dpif-netdev: Move dpcls lookup structures to .h aadede3dd dpif-netdev: Implement function pointers/subtable 300ac0e18 ovsdb-idl: Mark row "parsed" in ovsdb_idl_txn_write__ e6a97fe6a doc: Remove experimental tag for SMC cache. 2ed650555 flow: Avoid unsafe comparison of minimasks. fc1847b27 AUTHORS: Add Michele Baldessari. 00dbfe5a3 OVN resource agent - make promotion synchronous 074680705 ofp-flow: Improve error message when cookie cannot be set. c904ee47b NEWS: Mention IGMP support for OVN 569c3df26 odp-util: Fix NSH mask parsing. cbbab7012 flow: Wildcard UDP ports when using SYMMETRIC_L4 hash for select groups. 605535f9a OVN: Add ovn-northd IGMP support c89f5f171 OVN: Add IGMP SB definitions and ovn-controller support 1db444539 packets: Add IGMPv3 query packet definitions 6778f245f ovn-northd: Fix the ovn-northd continuous looping c99d14775 ovs-macros: An option to suspend test execution on error 821e1e54a OVN: use trigger_event action to report 'empty_lb_rule' events 5e0d2837c OVN: introduce trigger_event() action f732a1ab9 OVN: introduce Controller_Event table 5fe179987 Shutdown SSL connection before closing socket 03b756305 tests: Add ovsdb-cluster-testsuite to gitignore. df8c04b1c checkpatch: Check FOR_EACH loops with numbers. fbe67a7d1 ovn: Fix the test failures in travis CI. 8732450c2 netdev-vport: Make ip6gre netdev type to use TC rules 809ac71dc ovn-performance.at: Fix syntax error in ACL. 89fa2a74c ovn-performance.at: Missing steps for connecting LS to LR. 2a9679e3b ovsdb-server: drop all connections on read/write status change 183b5bba4 datapath: fix csum updates for MPLS actions b68d6deaa compat: ip6_gre: fix possible use-after-free in ip6erspan_rcv ec61d4707 dpif-netdev: Clarify PMD reloading scheme. 68a0625b7 dpif-netdev: Catch reloads faster. e2cafa869 dpif-netdev: Only reload static tx qid when needed. 6d9fead10 dpif-netdev: Do not sleep when swapping queues. 8f077b31e dpif-netdev: Trigger parallel pmd reloads. 299c8d611 dpif-netdev: Convert exit latch to flag. cfc06fb13 dist-docs: Fix bugs in text to HTML conversion. a6ee09882 OVN: run local logical flows first in S_ROUTER_OUT_SNAT table 4afd1d876 rhel: Fixed a bug for checking the correct major version and revision. c18c020e3 ovn-controller: Update stale chassis entry at init 242f1799f ovn-controller: Refactor chassis.c to abstract the string parsing 87cef708f ovn-controller: Fix chassis ovn-sbdb record init 080f080c3 netdev-dpdk: Enable tx-retries-max config. c161357d5 netdev-dpdk: Add custom stat for vhost tx retries. 4e6c16db3 doc: Move vhost tx retry info to separate section. f26196e31 OVN: do not distribute traffic for local FIP 2c3d147dd Documentation: Clarify connection tracking tutorial 393f479c3 rconn: Increase precision of timers. d2cb440c4 rconn: Remove write-only struct members. 741424326 sat-math: Add functions for saturating arithmetic on "long long int". 18d07d313 ofproto-dpif-upcall: Remove unused macro MAX_QUEUE_LENGTH. 8bf6d33c6 ovn-controller: Omit tracking external_ids columns 795d7f24c OVN: Enable E-W Traffic, Vlan backed DVR 0815fdb27 ovn-controller: Provide the option to configure inactivity probe interval for OpenFlow conn 7b34595d8 db-ctl-base: fix memory leak in cmd-get() function d65586b6f ovn: Send GARP for router port IPs of a router port connected to bridged logical switch ed198fb3b ovn: Send GARP for the router ports with reside-on-redirect-chassis options set cd37e7341 ovn-northd: Refactor the code which sets nat_addresses a3173ee14 tunnel: Add layer 2 IPv6 GRE encapsulation support. ec7a138d8 compat: Clean up tunnel_id_to_key 6d97adeea compat: Clean up gre_calc_hlen b943fba79 compat: Remove duplicate metadata destination code 998bfdccf ossfuzz: Remove duplicate tcp flags parsing in flow extract target d11728b15 ossfuzz: Add documentation 695e54033 ovsdb-idl: Improve comments. 9c75bc655 faq: Correct supported kernel versions for OVS 2.11.x. ad16ffd11 ovn-nbctl: fix memory leak f87c13570 vswitchd: Always cleanup userspace datapath. 7eef7001a NEWS: Update regarding dumping HW offloaded flows. 5efc6552e netdev-offload-tc: Fix requesting match on wildcarded vlan tpid. f42a37b08 ovsdb-idl: memory leak while destroying database b5e8f2053 OVN: add the possibility to specify tunnel dst port 6d6513bfc doc: Add info on vhost tx retries. d5d0c9455 stream-ssl: Fix crash on NULL private key and valid certificate. 730b34859 netdev-dpdk: Fix additional vhost tx retry. 61473a0eb netdev-dpdk: Reset queue number for vhost devices on vm shutdown. f2c7ddef2 dpdk: Use DPDK 18.11.2 release. 03ccfe482 vswitchd: Separate disable system and route. 35736cff1 ovs-atomic-c++.h: Fix for 64 bit atomics. 7235cd206 netdev-dpdk: Avoid reconfiguration on VIRTIO_NET_F_MQ changes. 35c91567c dpif-netdev: Only poll enabled vhost queues. 934a85a87 compat: Fix compilation error on CentOS 7.6 26b3641c9 rhel: Fix upgrade path 88d2ac50a ofproto-dpif: Fix continuation with patch port 13c952ca0 OpenFlow: Enable OpenFlow 1.5 by default. 4332b6719 ofp-actions: Support OF1.5 meter action. 3925b3e9a travis: Make it possible to build against a dpdk branch. 7639e0668 travis: Do not patch dpdk sources. 9588c3779 AUTHORS: Add Yanqin Wei and Malvika Gupta. a0f7bf222 util: implement count_1bits with Neon intrinsics or gcc built-in for aarch64. 2adada0e3 datapath: Support kernel version 5.0.x 140c8971c net: core: dev: Add extack argument to dev_change_flags() abcf1c0de datapath: Backport the removal of __tcp_checksum_complete() 9feb5bda2 OVS: remove use of VLAN_TAG_PRESENT 8b7cc7526 datapath: Check extack argument of rtnl_create_link() 9e74acbe4 netdev-tc-offloads: Use correct hook qdisc at init tc flow db7a3c99e ovn-controller: Fix parsing of OVN tunnel IDs bb16fbccf travis: Don't install kernel for DPDK checks. b76aa872e ovn-controller: Cleanup memory in binding_evaluate_port_binding_changes 4f746d526 netdev-offload: Rename offload providers. b6cabb8f8 netdev: Split up netdev offloading to separate module. d74ca2269 dpctl: Update docs about dump-flows and HW offloading. 5fc5c50f3 netdev: Dynamic per-port Flow API. 7a65e5a92 rhel: let *-ctl handle runtime directory 0d5dd7c2d rhel: Fix ovn database dir optional on first run 0186c3807 rhel: set useropts optional for ovsdb-server cdce093e6 rhel: useropts should be owned by package b3e8cd6b3 lacp: Don't send or receive PDUs when carrier state of slave is down a8448cb17 lacp: Avoid packet drop on LACP bond after link up c94e2d64f travis: Test with latest stable kernel releases. 40535924a AUTHORS: Add Damijan Skvarc and Jaime Caamaño Ruiz. 94e1e8be3 rhel: run ovn with the same user as ovs 27e25e18c rhel: secure openvswitch useropts dd9b0ed53 rhel: start ovn-controller-vtep with ovn-ctl ea8519fcc ovn-controller-vtep: Fix wrong value for ovnsb-db argument 6f6d19db0 nsh: Fix "shadow" warnings while compiling with clang. 70ed59cb5 tests: Add negative tests for action and instruction parsing. 4304fd986 ovs-ofctl: New testing command "parse-group". 9f0721e98 ofp-actions: Improve a few error messages. 4e7a226b2 ofp-actions: Eliminate redundant error messages from ofpacts_parse__(). 2e7ac3e0f ofp-actions: Improve error messages for verification failures in parsing. dca97ce8e ofp-actions: Enforce minimum length for packet truncation during parsing. 1ca203571 ofp-actions: Make decap action format output match parsed input. 0cb2fe2f6 ofp-actions: Make encap action really require OF1.3+. b1986b08b ofproto-dpif-xlate: Report DHCP output actions in trace. a187bd814 ovn: grab pinctrl_mutex before running pinctrl_handle_buffered_packets 88a28bbe5 datapath: Fix build errors for 4.9.172+ kernels c9dc050d2 ofproto-dpif-xlate: Fix match criteria for in-band control rule e32cd4c62 conntrack: ignore port for ICMP/ICMPv6 NAT. fb23ed478 flow: Don't include ports of first fragments in hash c6d91be50 AUTHORS: Add Maciej Józefczyk. cbf495452 ovn: Add support for DHCP option 15 - domain name dbd483102 travis: Use enable-Werror knob. 50f48c27e sparse: Re-allow sparse builds with dpdk. 346c65382 acinclude: Add vector defines to sparse. 0da667e34 dpif-netdev: Forbid vport offloading attempts. 0a5cba659 dpif-netdev: Fix flow mark leak on port lookup failure. 4048c5088 conntrack: Add 'conn_lookup()' api. 28274f774 conntrack: Fix missed 'conn' lookup checks. 5f918a8a4 conntrack: Don't re-add cleaned 'conn' to expiry list. 52d12cc45 rhel7.6: Support kmod build and load for mulitple kernel versions 81b244226 tests: Include ovn-macros for system testsuites. 0b0a84783 netdev-tc-offloads: Support match on priority tags 4e59513cd ovn-nbctl.8.xml: Fix typo. e6fc4e2ce Remove ESX references. 54b4f001c ossfuzz: Fix expr target build failure 595ce47cd netdev-dpdk: Print the reason of device detaching failure. eef853808 dpif-netdev: Fix unsafe access to pmd polling lists. 7095b9036 checkpatch: Ignore "sparse" headers. 4992e0001 ovn-ctl: Set max open files limit for SB DB. a62128adc OVN: Fix the ovn-controller 100% usage issue with put_mac_bindings f1a0469ee conntrack: Expand 'conn_to_ct_dpif_entry()' locking. 27ca0f788 ovn-controller: mac_binding incremental processing. 3084a1c76 ovn-performance.at: Test port group incremental processing. a13373e40 ovn: Test for full logical flow processing in ovn-controller. 927992ce4 coverage: Add command for reading counter value. c62ec1e23 ovn-controller: Incremental processing for port-group changes. adb2c5c92 ovn-controller: Split port_groups from runtime_data. 37c951b25 ovn-controller: Incremental processing for address-set changes. 43e6900a7 ovn-controller: Maintain resource references for logical flows. 2782e59d2 ovn-controller: Split addr_sets from runtime_data. 72aeb243a ovsdb-idl: Tracking - preserve data for deleted rows. c4af63071 ovn-controller: incremental processing for multicast group changes e35a136d8 ovn-controller: port-binding incremental processing for physical flows 9d0b504ab ovn-controller: runtime_data change handler for SB port-binding e0b9e3390 ovn-controller: Incremental logical flow processing 0bd4d85c3 ovn-controller: Initial use of incremental engine - quiet mode. 6b179607c ovn-controller: Track OVSDB changes 12d8c6a93 ovn-controller: Incremental processing engine ffbe41dbc ofproto-dpif-xlate: Add "always" mode to priority tags 88f52d7fa ofproto-dpif-xlate: Change priority tags from boolean to enum b530bfcba ovsdb-client.1: Fix typo. 93346d889 conntrack: add display support for sctp 8c7130da9 compat: add SCTP netfilter states for older kernels fbc22735f AUTHORS: Add Liliia Butorina. 30e834dcb netdev-dpdk: Post-copy Live Migration support for vhost-user-client. da05d1c82 vswitchd: Track status of memory locking. d7d9000ef AUTHORS: Add Klemens Nanni. 97950510e sflow, ovn: Typofix: trafic -> traffic 180bbbed3 ovn: Properly set the index for chassis lookup 70df182f0 ovn-macros: Break the OVN macros into their own file. c4d0e4f22 ovn.at: Use ovn cleanup macros. 7861ca300 ovn.at: Clean up northd-backup in "ovn -- ipam" test. 1a11f5278 travis: Fix typo in comment. 048674b45 travis: Retry kernel download on 503 first byte timeout. 402efbe4e rhel: Add 4.12 kernel support in ovs-kmod-manage.sh 672c8c696 datapath-windows: Copy mru information when cloning a nbl. f5ff25f5d doc: Add CirrusCI status badge to README. cb82799bc doc: Fix cropped what-is-ovs page. 6d414025d cirrus: Disable coredumps on FreeBSD. dab29add2 fedora: Handle upgrades from rhel package. dcd0f1e87 fedora: Ability to auto enable openvswitch service. d58b59c17 datapath: Support kernel version 4.19.x and 4.20.x 7685ce31c netfilter: Remove useless param helper of nf_ct_helper_ext_add d94ae5c5b openvswitch: use nf_ct_get_tuplepr, invert_tuplepr 340aa575e datapath: Fix conntrack_count related compilation errors 7857a9b4f datapath: Use new header file net/ipv6_frag.h 4fdec8986 datapath: Pass nf_hook_state to nf_conntrack_in() 945d6d1c1 datapath: Handle removal of nf_conntrack_l3proto.h b718aa107 AUTHORS: Add Nicolas J. Bouliane. 4272c6040 ovs-actions: Fix sentence. 4224b9cf8 ovs-vswitchd: Update limits section in manpage. 5a7f15ab3 ovs-actions.xml: Better document the "bundle" and "bundle_load" actions. 967bb5c5c conntrack: Add rcu support. fe772f539 ovs-save: Handle cases of upgrades from very old OVS versions. 5fbe9d15f odp-util: extend usage of limit for parse functions b5355b0d6 dpdk: Use DPDK 18.11.1 release. 1881a1a45 datapath-windows: Add Win10Analyze target e045ef158 AUTHORS: Add Dumitru Ceara. 294637e92 stopwatch: Free stopwatch packets after processing 01e88418e OVN: convert buffered_mac_bindings to ovs_list 1c24b2f49 OVN: fix pinctrl ip buffering for gw router port e2603f61d tests: Fix IPv4 checksums in zone limit test. 21ffe4097 conntrack: Free conntrack context in 'conntrack_destroy()'. 57593fd24 conntrack: Stop exporting internal datastructures. abf11558c ovn: Added missing --wait in ovn tests 94ae417a3 oss-fuzz: fixed wrong lib path eeecd1b29 ovs-tcpdump: Fix E117 over-indented. c7582c7f6 system-offloads-traffic.at: Fix requesting HW offloaded flows from veth. 8f6d230fc datapath: Fix compiling error for 4.14.111+ kernel b0b950c11 MAINTAINERS: Add Ilya Maximets. de7791782 ovn-northd: Fix the HA_Chassis sync issue in OVN SB DB c15a5dcf5 ovsdb-server.7: Describe message ordering between "update" and "transact". bcbc52615 Documentation: Update documentation for OpenFlow support. 5406e557b datapath-windows: Do not send out nbls when cloned nbls are being accessed 0cdd5b13d sparse: Configure target operating system and fix fallout. 46124c18b travis: Fix checks skipping by sparse. 146ee6262 ofproto: Return error codes for rule insertions. 0fcf0776c Double postponing to free subtables. c94d47d09 OVN: Clarify docs about the default transport zone 1f00f85c2 debian: Notes for systemd-networkd integration with OVS. 3bb479d9a OVN: Add support for Transport Zones 879e8238d travis: Update sparse git repo 4d9b28cbb ovsdb raft: Avoid unnecessary reconnecting during leader election. 9f39622ab ovsdb-cluster-testsuite.at: Restores "clustered transactions" tests back. ba11e1628 ovn: Generate ICMPv4 packet in router pipeline for larger packets e3fcc19d8 ovn: Support OVS action 'check_pkt_larger' in OVN 5e35f78ad ovn: Add a new OVN action 'icmp4_error' 086470cdb ovn: Add a new OVN field icmp4.frag_mtu faa3beb48 datapath: Add a new action check_pkt_len 5b34f8fc3 Add a new OVS action check_pkt_larger 718be50da netdev-linux: Add coverage counters for netdev_set_policing when ingress tc-offload 42697ca77 dpif-netdev: fix meter at high packet rate. abf85df81 selinux: update for netlink socket types af741ca34 dpif-netdev: Update comment about flow installation race. b137383e8 dpif-netdev: Fix double parsing of packets when EMC disabled. 596acefdf ovn-nbctl: Fix 32-bit build with gcc. e9cbac536 OVN: Add NEWS for Policy-based routing 902c5ffd3 compat: iptunnel: NULL pointer deref for ip_md_tunnel_xmit eee4c8eb3 datapath: fix missing checks for nla_nest_start f463bdc94 net: openvswitch: fix a NULL pointer dereference 4383e54bb datapath: convert to kvmalloc a53a7e03a rhel ovn: Remove ovn-common rpm 23fa50f64 netlink linux: fix to append the netnsid netlink attr. b43762a5a netlink linux: account for the netnsid netlink attr. 2aaeb6108 AUTHORS: Add Liu Chang. 2eeadf73d ovs-tcpdump: Improve error message when tcpdump is not available. b291eb69d stream-ssl: Add support for TLS SNI (Server Name Indication). f72469405 datapath: meter: Use struct_size() in kzalloc() 30572df86 faq: Add information about git-pw. de0c1c322 OVN: add the possibility to configure a static IPv4/IPv6 address and dynamic MAC c61a85f6c conntrack: Fix minimum connections to clean. 068c3bade rhel: if rpms were built without libcapng then let processes to run as root 659624598 chassis.c: Return chassis record whenever available in chassis_run(). 1c9669b19 ovn-controller: Fix busy loop when sb disconnected. a64bb5734 Policy-based routing (PBR) in OVN. ca81e239e OVN: fix DVR Floating IP support 960800835 ovn: Support a new Logical_Switch_Port.type - 'external' bddb73db7 ovn-northd: Delete the references to gateway_chasss in SB DB 8256e80b8 ovn-controller: Make use of ha_chassis_group table to bind the chassisredirect ports 1be1e0e5e ovn: Add generic HA chassis group a1b0f972d ovn-northd: Reuse the hmaps - datapaths and ports in ovnsb_db_run() 404df0371 compiler: Fix compilation when using VStudio 2015/2017 50aa6e687 datapath: Revert "datapath: Fix template leak in error cases." edf3a9c34 faq: Explain why select groups don't sort out packets evenly. 5a9b53a51 ovsdb raft: Fix duplicated transaction execution when leader failover. 7ef360894 ovsdb raft: cmd->eid should always be non-null. eb6922584 ovsdb raft: Test cases for cluster failures when there are pending transactions. 3dcb9ce01 ovn-nbctl: Support --no-shuffle-remotes. d59050555 ovsdb-idl: Support optionally not shuffling multiple remotes. 67dba0706 ovsdb raft: Support commands that are required for testing failure scenarios. 0f954f326 ovsdb raft: Sync commit index to followers without delay. 2bcb3b705 ovsdb raft: Move ovsdb cluster tests to separate testsuite. 91e2d982c ovsdb.at: Move ovsdb macros from ovsdb.at to ovsdb-macros.at. 31fc72da2 debian: Remove Ben Pfaff from Uploaders field. 699878819 netdev-vport: Use the dst_port in tunnel netdev name 4bee6d8b0 checkpatch: Fix handling of line endings. ead94250e pvector: Document the entry destruction policy. da49e81b3 Docs: fix conntrack flow ct_state input 74286173f odp-util: Add FLOW_WC_SEQ assertions. 005bb8720 flow: Add FLOW_WC_SEQ assertions and improve comments. c90656d40 meta-flow: Add comment. 8889a8cc3 extract-ofp-fields: Improve error message. 6b3aa6cd7 datapath: fix flow actions reallocation e2f375118 acinclude: Use AC_SEARCH_LIBS for linking with dl. f0d1ead8b acinclude: Transparent checking for DPDK dependencies. 34378ae4b netdev-rte-offloads: Fix printing masks with wrong byte order. bb9d26235 netdev-dpdk: Allocate vhost_id dynamically. 608ff46aa ovs-tc: offload datapath rules matching on internal ports 95255018a ovs-tc: allow offloading TC rules to egress qdiscs 4aa2dc04e ovs-tc: allow offloading of ingress mirred TC actions to datapath 7808b2b97 compat: add compatibility headers for tc skbedit action 80e57090f datapath-windows: Fix vlan key getting stored in host byte order. 760f5738c windows, tests: Allow tests to run on MSYS2 2a2e63708 netdev-tc-offloads: Fix probe tc block support 0067a64e2 compiler: Disable BUILD_MESSAGE() when processing with sparse. 63c71537e datapath-windows: Add guards around IpHelper adapter binding calls 241bc88a2 checkpatch: Normalize exit code for Windows c4f8dc7a9 datapath-windows: Address memory allocation issues for OVS_BUFFER_CONTEXT a76ef11de rhel: Include all header files in the Fedora's devel package 8e738337a lib: added check to prevent int overflow 723b6ab2d bridge: Propagate patch port pairing errors to db. b80675c6b ovsdb-idl.c: Remove meaningless MAX(). 6a7bceaac hmap: Improve debug log message when reporting unusually large buckets. 51f518b98 faq: Add Q&A for applying patches from email. dbf4a9280 odp-util: Do not rewrite fields with the same values as matched 5f44aaba7 Makefiles: Generate datapath ovs key fields macros c7ea79f54 OVN: Make periodic RAs consistent with RA responder. 36ffc4666 OVN: Always send prefix option in RAs 6e5f4942d OVN: Use offset instead of pointer into ofpbuf 3594ffab6 ovn-controller: Add a new thread in pinctrl module to handle packet-ins. 5073838f2 ovn pinctrl: Pass 'struct rconn *swconn' to all the functions which use it e06c44a86 tests: Remove maximum version kernel check. 304c8075c ofproto: fix the bug of bucket counter is not updated 170ef7265 netdev-dpdk: Print netdev name for txq mapping. 7f26e4114 dpif-netdev-perf: Fix millisecond stats precision with slower TSC. 8352f3a84 ovn-ctl: Make sure OVN_RUNDIR is created for central nodes. 2351c7fd0 ovn-ctl: Unify OVN_RUNDIR usage. b16b5caff rhel: Fix sphinx BuildRequires on Fedora Rawhide 6ca88964d ovs-vsctl: Add datapath_type column to show command. 23b16a03f reconnect.c: Don't transition back to ACTIVE when forced to RECONNECT. acd9a7fae ifupdown.sh: Add missing "--may-exist" option c39751e44 python: Monitor Database table to manage lifecycle of IDL client. 2a6d9168d python: Fix package requirements with old setuptools 272ee841d netdev-rte-offloads: Add thread-safety notes. 1028cb71d dpif-netlink: make offload failed EOPNOTSUPP and ENOSPC cases lower priority level log ca053914f AUTHORS: Add Roni Bar Yanai. e0c58ca61 netdev-rte-offloads: Rename netdev_dpdk_* functions 3d67b2d28 netdev-dpdk: Move offloading code to a new file 6775bdfc9 netdev-dpdk: Expose flow creation/destruction calls 2e97b8419 dpif-netdev-perf: Fix double update of perf histograms. 450ff2bcd dpdk: Stop dumping memzones to stdout. 21bc550ec dpctl: Drop parser debug information. 3885c72cc odp-util: added NULL check for error pointer argument 41c2e25c3 netdev-tc-offloads: Properly get the block id on flow del/get b1307a45f netdev-tc-offloads: Improve log message for icmpv6 offload not supported 5eabc1c9b manpages: Highlight --ct-next option. 2115f1151 ofp-protocol: Changed the number of bits in OFPUTIL_P_ANY from 10 to 9. 82b9ac94b conntrack: Replace structure copy by memcpy(). 901a0dad3 conntrack: Lookup only 'UNNAT conns' in 'nat_clean()'. a720a7fa8 conntrack: Fix race for NAT cleanup. 2fc160f50 dpctl: Stop showing the dpctl/help command. 9a7df6f3c AUTHORS: Add Sharon Krendel. 2f564bb15 netdev-linux: netem QoS support f7e468501 treewide: Clean up inclusions of netdev-dpdk header. 4e8aa5378 ovn-nbctl: Don't segfault when ovn-northd doesn't configure dynamic addresses. e8a7d666f dpif-netdev.at: Add basic test for partial HW offloading. fa059073a netdev-dummy: Add flow offloading related logs. 4960f9ad9 netdev-dummy: Set flow mark for offloaded flows. b4f86fccd netdev-dummy: Implement dummy put/del flow offload API. 761398f89 dp-packet: Copy flow mark on packet clone. 0f706b37d dp-packet: Add flow_mark support for non-DPDK case. 228355c53 datapath-windows: Add annotations to find vport functions 3cdf29c52 datapath-windows: Guard vport usage in user.c 07f6b71da faq: Update features supported on Hyper-V adffc2f75 datapath-windows: Fix race condition during port creation 132733d4b datapath-windows: Fix potential deadlock in event subscription 9c60fd487 datapath-windows: Fix nbl cleanup when memory allocation fails a47e2db20 dp-packet: Refactor offloading API. cae643534 netdev-linux: Remove ingress qdisc before trying to add shared block bb5538d20 netdev-tc-offloads: Remove ingress qdisc on tc init flow api ea11bb064 ovsdb-idl: Fix memory leak of ovsdb_idl_db_clear. 2cd62f75c ovsdb raft: Precheck prereq before proposing commit. 2a7be04ea OVN: Add support for DHCP option 150 - TFTP server address 318799a28 OVN: Add support for DHCP option 210 - path prefix 75926610d ovsdb-idl: Fix memory leak of idl->remote. 97c0635e5 meta-flow.xml: Fix typos of flow-based tunnel command examples. 2fdfa4854 travis: Remove 'sudo' configuration. addc7953c OVN: Add port addresses to IPAM after all ports are joined. c225ce220 dpif-netlink: Free leaked ofpbuf by using ofpbuf_delete f1301a259 OVN: select a random mac_prefix if not provided 2257757aa AUTHORS: Add parameswaran krishnamurthy. d2ede8c07 ofproto: Fix for ovs-vswitchd crash on flow-mod with unsupported action 1705b8b3e ovs-actions.xml: Fix inconsistency in documentation of controller action. 23a4e0162 ovsdb: Update NEWS for fast-resync feature. 74352f876 ovsdb: Move trigger_run after storage_run and read_db. ea4b45ab7 OVN: update RA next_announce according to {min, max}_interval e7f6ba220 lib/tc: add ingress ratelimiting support for tc-offload 6455316bd dpdk: Fix case-sensitivity of dpdk-init knob. 5832e6a4f ovsdb: Add NEWS for fast-resync feature. f19f763bc rconn: Avoid occasional immediate connection failures. 0bdc0bf75 rhel: Fix tests on mock and koji f385abded rhel: Use PIDFile on forking systemd service files 8511af877 NEWS: Clean up the 2.11.0 release notes a bit. b82a90e26 rhel: limit stack size to 2M. cadfff1e9 AUTHORS: Add Brian Haley. 8f7231a84 ovn: Make DHCP log messages unique 403a6a0cb ovsdb-idl: Fast resync from server when connection reset. b49b9316a ovsdb-idl: Support monitor_cond_since method in C IDL. 9167cb52f ovsdb-monitor: Support monitor_cond_since. 695e81502 ovsdb-server: Transaction history tracking. 222bed54c ovsdb-monitor: Refactor ovsdb monitor implementation. abe3cf8fd oss-fuzz: Fix oss build errors because of ovs API change 92330af52 dp-packet: Constantify offloading APIs. 5d1765d30 dpif-netdev: Reduce log level for not found mark id. 324215c65 netdev-dpdk: Use single struct/union for flow offload items. d74c92021 hash: Enable hash_bytes128 optimization for aarch64. ec9895b21 ovn-nbctl: Add lsp-get-ls command 11ff2942b AUTHORS: Add Moshe Levi. 1951fae63 ovn: update ovn-ctl usage with status, promote and demote commands 1c8689d78 conntrack: Consolidate 2 selection statements. 32b2c81f2 conntrack: Skip ephemeral ports with specified port range. 4cd0481c9 conntrack: Fix wasted work for ICMP NAT. d40533fc8 odp-util: Improve log messages and error reporting for Netlink parsing. f0e3075ff vlog: Better handle syslog handler exceptions. 206a26e55 ipf: More cleanup. 00189ccda Merge pull request #276 from petrutlucian94/py_requirements 00fcc832d Update Python package requirements 76d85771f conntrack: Fix L4 csum for V6 extension hdr pkts. 5be00cf9c packets: Change return type for 'packet_csum_upperlayer6()'. 8ba510bf7 ovn-controller: Provide the option to set the datapath-type of br-int f01f75a0b AUTHORS: Add Matthias May. f2f78d5c8 rstp: add ability to receive VLAN-tagged BPDUs be0845957 ovsdb_monitor: Fix style of prototypes. a3f420265 ovsdb-client: Fix typo. 0caac1e91 ipf: Handle non-zero L2 padding for first fragments. 1630b26fd tests: Fix udp checksums for some tests. 9b5136c3d ipf: Check minimum fragment against L3 size. e53213365 ipf: Do not preallocate more than needed. 6efa20f2e ipf: Misc Cleanup. 5ca1fff42 faq: Return GRE-IPv6 tunneling support. 530a1c18f ovn-nbctl: Daemon mode should retry when IDL connection lost. 1f4a175ec Add a simple test to check port binding when "encap-ip" external_ids is set. b520ca7c7 Support for multiple VTEP in OVN 8bdf4e674 ofctl: break the loop if ovs_pcap_read returns error 9307fc460 checkpatch: Escape range operators inside regex. 692fc656f netlink: added check to prevent netlink attribute overflow 0af63ac5e Set release dates for 2.11.0. 6ebc4b09c netdev-dpdk: Flow validation refactoring. 5a7ad5bc3 doc: Add "Representors" topic document 32d43eeef AUTHORS: Add Eli Britstein <elibr@mellanox.com> 3f7a64db4 acinclude: Omit unnecessary define 84844e3f2 acinclude: Include libverbs and libmlx4 when needed 939bad9ad acinclude: Include libverbs and libmlx5 when needed a62a96099 Initialize the right database. cda1b109c conntrack: Simplify 'ct_addr'. 763b40b0f conntrack: Remove redundant call to 'hash_finish()'. 4ea96698f Userspace datapath: Add fragmentation handling. 9f17f104f dp-packet: Add 'do_not_steal' packet batch flag. 1aa7bbca9 dp-packet: Add 'dp_packet_batch_is_full()' api. e981a45a6 ovs-atomic: Add 64 bit apis. 51b9a533e conntrack: Reword conntrack_execute() description. c6fb6677c tests: Add missed local stack checks. 523464abb flow: Enhance parse_ipv6_ext_hdrs. e030622ae dp-packet: Add const qualifiers for checksum apis. e0f42d4a6 monitor: Fix crash when monitor condition adds new columns. 5b5aa2d8a acinclude: Also use LIBS from dpkg pkg-config 439abc099 faq: Update OVS/DPDK version table for OVS 2.11. 49b0a9338 python: Fix E117 over-indented. fec800ed0 debian: Add libelf-dev dependency for dkms 865cee2ba acinclude: Check for rte_config.h before checking dependencies. 216abd280 dpif-netdev: Add thread safety annotation to sorted_poll_list. 4b3c58f36 acinclude: Use NUMA_AWARE_HUGEPAGES too for libnuma check. 9171c6353 conntrack: Exclude l2 padding in 'conn_key_extract()'. 69c45b36b dp-packet: Add 'dp_packet_l3_size()'. 78a0b2721 conntrack: Remove unnecessary check in process_ftp_ctl_v4 175b9a640 rhel: Add an example to specify custom options fce20b8b7 ovs-ctl: Permit to specify additional options 612f80fa8 ovn: change load balancer references to weak in NB schema 1f6daa731 ovs-lib.in: Cleanup old socket and pidfiles in stop_daemon a8b12ea59 travis: Drop redundant DPDK build check. 0fdc054fd travis: Use parallel jobs for DPDK and sparse builds. 13429e329 travis: Enable printing of executed commands. ad68ace08 travis: Dump config.log on configure failures. 8e7d5b643 travis: Run testsuite with desired options. 914ea15d8 automake: Clean up cxxtest.cc. b95cd0e50 datapath: Clean up some gcov, tmp and cache files. b6b4f5b8c travis: Fix building datapath instead of userspace with DPDK_SHARED. 0227bf092 lib/tc: Support optional tunnel id 47ab42a0b acinclude: Drop DPDK_EXTRA_LIB variable. a41b2aea4 AUTHORS: Add Ophir Munk <ophirmu@mellanox.com> 1d6139a48 AUTHORS: Add Asaf Penso <asafp@mellanox.com> fa2353af7 netdev-dpdk: Memset rte_flow_item on a need basis. 49d6aafb9 ofproto: Don't always treat passive controllers as "equal". c66be90bd vswitchd: Allow user to configure controllers as "primary" or "service". 29718ad49 Remove support for OpenFlow 1.6 (draft). a0baa7dfa connmgr: Make treatment of active and passive connections more uniform. ae6e4f12f travis: Speed up linux kernel downloads. 731dbbbe0 Fix OpenFlow v1.3.4 Conf test failures: 430.500, 430.510 7f289e021 skiplist: Drop data comparison in skiplist_delete. 29e41156d skiplist: Remove 'height' from skiplist_node. c3f6bae25 conntrack: Fix possibly uninitialized memory. 11e476532 flow: fix a possible memory leak in parse_ct_state 3782d8efb ofproto-dpif-trace: Fix for the segmentation fault in ofproto_trace(). ada5efce1 datapath: Fix IPv6 later frags parsing 0b37a7e19 datapath: Derive IP protocol number for IPv6 later frags 29478e6c7 datapath: Avoid OOB read when parsing flow nlattrs 7c84d7f48 datapath: Add support for kernel 4.18.x 7c5793e62 dpif-netlink: Fix a bug that causes duplicate key error in datapath fcfd14ce3 test: Fix failed test "flow resume with geneve tun_metadata" 9b2b84973 Support for match & set ICMPv6 reserved and options type fields 401eacfb2 odp-util: Stop parse odp actions if nlattr is overflow 1f886f070 ofp-actions: Set an action depth limit to prevent stackoverflow by ofpacts_parse 561ac8382 AUTHORS: Add Hyong Youb Kim <hyonkim@cisco.com>. 6012a4200 ovs-tcpdump: Fix an undefined variable 8e37d8fbb ovn-controller: Fix chassisredirect port flapping when ovs-vswitchd crashes 83f93ef30 system-dpdk-macros.at: Drop dpdk-socket-mem configuration. 298530b87 conntrack: Fix max size for inet_ntop() call. cd7c99a6a conntrack: fix ftp ipv4 address substitution. 8411b6cce dpdk: Limit DPDK memory usage. dbcb014d1 lib/tc: add set ipv6 traffic class action offload via pedit 95431229b lib/tc: add set ipv4 dscp and ecn action offload via pedit 0d9f0cd44 lib/tc: fix 32 bits shift for pedit offset calculation f8b63e593 lib/tc: make pedit mask calculations byte order agnostic 68c00e3ee dpdk: Use svec instead of re-inventing. 509c92dcd raft.c: Remove noisy INFO log 9c68ca343 dpdk: Use dynamic string for socket-mem construction. 409f72458 Fix test 'testing ovn -- IP packet buffering' on Windows c8915346b datapath-windows: Add support for 'OVS_KEY_ATTR_ENCAP' key attribute. 9da3207af Revert "ofproto-dpif: Let the dpif report when a port is a duplicate." d605d6db6 Revert "ofproto-dpif: Check for EBUSY as well" c37cb3eea Revert "dpif-netlink: Don't destroy and recreate port if it exists" b53433079 treewide: Get rid of // comments, even inside comments. 5cc463d60 AUTHORS: Add Li RongQing. 7a17a07d5 flow: fix udp checksum 2525148ab hash: Implement hash for aarch64 using CRC32c intrinsics. 39bd2f6b7 ovs-macros.at: Better hide 'exec -a' checking. 9e4f118e2 stt: Fix return code during xmit. 9fe4b2fbd rhel: bug fix upgrade path in kmod fedora spec file df4f576cf datapath: return -EEXIST if inet6_add_protocol fails 4a90b277b compat: Fixup ipv6 fragmentation on 4.9.135+ kernels 5dbdb8140 Fix crash due to multiple tnl push action d643d62cb travis/linux-build: enable testing with clang builds c0883d8c6 travis: enable testsuite with dpdk 6e87f9f47 seq: Correct example in comment. fe2870c57 Prepare for post-2.11.0 (2.11.90). 836d1973c Prepare for 2.11.0. d13d71150 conntrack: Fix FTP seq_skew boundary adjustments. efa29a891 conntrack: fix expectations for ftp+DNAT. 253e4dc06 conntrack: fix tcp seq adjustments when mangling commands. Signed-off-by: Jens Rehsack <sno@netbsd.org>
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-rw-r--r--recipes-extended/ovs-dpdk/ovs-dpdk_2.13.0.bb (renamed from recipes-extended/ovs-dpdk/ovs-dpdk_2.11.bb)2
1 files changed, 1 insertions, 1 deletions
diff --git a/recipes-extended/ovs-dpdk/ovs-dpdk_2.11.bb b/recipes-extended/ovs-dpdk/ovs-dpdk_2.13.0.bb
index 60e9fe14..8b48533f 100644
--- a/recipes-extended/ovs-dpdk/ovs-dpdk_2.11.bb
+++ b/recipes-extended/ovs-dpdk/ovs-dpdk_2.13.0.bb
@@ -9,7 +9,7 @@ inherit python3native
SRC_URI = "git://source.codeaurora.org/external/qoriq/qoriq-components/ovs-dpdk;nobranch=1 \
-SRCREV = "abc80ef87a8786050f27afb2a797cadd14e2a6bd"
+SRCREV = "71d553b995d0bd527d3ab1e9fbaf5a2ae34de2f3"
S = "${WORKDIR}/git"