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authorAndrey Zhizhikin <andrey.z@gmail.com>2021-03-22 21:22:15 +0000
committerOtavio Salvador <otavio@ossystems.com.br>2021-03-22 18:45:23 -0300
commit7f277d1a160a3e25aac21f58efc17087bd4d714d (patch)
parent40fcbbb91e141af78cc383109c8f7008c7b5357a (diff)
linux-fslc: update to v5.10.25
Kernel repository has been upgraded to v5.10.25 from stable korg. Following upstream commits are included in this version: ---- 3ba56f490c7a Linux 5.10.25 dd0b7edb7794 net: dsa: b53: Support setting learning on port 0f6cab2350d5 ALSA: usb-audio: Don't avoid stopping the stream at disconnection df8596f57743 Revert "nfsd4: a client's own opens needn't prevent delegations" 894ecf0cb505 Revert "nfsd4: remove check_conflicting_opens warning" d955f13ea212 fuse: fix live lock in fuse_iget() 2d7888b2c4cd RDMA/srp: Fix support for unpopulated and unbalanced NUMA nodes 3672c3ce622e bpf, selftests: Fix up some test_verifier cases for unprivileged 1010f17aaa78 bpf: Add sanity check for upper ptr_limit 6a3504bf4006 bpf: Simplify alu_limit masking for pointer arithmetic ac1b87a18c1f bpf: Fix off-by-one for area size in creating mask to left c4d37eea1c64 bpf: Prohibit alu ops for pointer types not defining ptr_limit bf93113d46f8 crypto: x86/aes-ni-xts - use direct calls to and 4-way stride fcfab1a9aa40 crypto: aesni - Use TEST %reg,%reg instead of CMP $0,%reg ---- Link: https://lore.kernel.org/r/20210319121745.112612545@linuxfoundation.org Signed-off-by: Andrey Zhizhikin <andrey.z@gmail.com>
1 files changed, 2 insertions, 2 deletions
diff --git a/recipes-kernel/linux/linux-fslc_5.10.bb b/recipes-kernel/linux/linux-fslc_5.10.bb
index 160fc752..994f5175 100644
--- a/recipes-kernel/linux/linux-fslc_5.10.bb
+++ b/recipes-kernel/linux/linux-fslc_5.10.bb
@@ -19,9 +19,9 @@ LIC_FILES_CHKSUM = "file://COPYING;md5=6bc538ed5bd9a7fc9398086aedcd7e46"
# LINUX_VERSION define should match to the kernel version referenced by SRC_URI and
# should be updated once patchlevel is merged.
-LINUX_VERSION = "5.10.24"
+LINUX_VERSION = "5.10.25"
KBRANCH = "5.10.x+fslc"
-SRCREV = "e6b07ba59f3569a1061cfebf4bb68c0a502062c2"
+SRCREV = "07073b4e6808043bd30eb67e1948b57677838a41"
COMPATIBLE_MACHINE = "(mxs|mx5|mx6|vf|use-mainline-bsp)"