BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterdpdk: 23.07 -> 23.11 (LTS)Lee Chee Yang4 days
kirkstonedpdk-module/21.11 : update version to 21.11.4Yogesh Tyagi5 months
dunfelldpdk/19.11 : upgrade 19.11.13 -> 19.11.14Yogesh Tyagi7 months
langdalexdp-tools: build static libraryNaveen Saini10 months
honisterdpdk/19.11: upgrade 19.11.5 -> 19.11.9Anuj Mittal2 years
hardknottdpdk/20.11: disable afxdp PACKAGECONFIG by defaultAnuj Mittal3 years
zeusdpdk: bump to 18.11.8Lee Chee Yang4 years
warriorIntroduce the v18.11.1 bbKevin Hao5 years
sumodpdk: support build with external & multilib toolchainsArsalan H. Awan5 years
thudlayer.conf: Add thud to LAYERSERIES_COMPATHongxu Jia5 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
4 daysdpdk: 23.07 -> 23.11 (LTS)HEADmasterLee Chee Yang
2023-10-06xdp-tools: update to 1.2.10Lee Chee Yang
2023-10-03dpdk.inc: switch to using https protocolAnuj Mittal
2023-10-03layer.conf: update LAYERSERIES_COMPATLee Chee Yang
2023-10-03dpdk/23: update to 23.07Lee Chee Yang
2023-10-03dpdk/21.11: update to 21.11.5Lee Chee Yang
2023-07-07dpdk-module/21.11: upgrade 21.11.3 -> 21.11.4Yogesh Tyagi
2023-07-07dpdk/21.11: upgrade 21.11.3 -> 21.11.4Yogesh Tyagi
2023-05-11dpdk-module/21.11: upgrade 21.11.2 -> 21.11.3Yogesh Tyagi
2023-05-11dpdk/21.11: upgrade 21.11.2 -> 21.11.3Yogesh Tyagi