path: root/recipes-extended/glusterfs/glusterfs.inc
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-03-25global: convert license to SPDX variantsHEADmasterBruce Ashfield
2022-03-02glusterfs: switch from distutils3 to setuptools3Jeremy Puhlman
2021-07-31global: overrides conversionBruce Ashfield
2020-09-02glusterfs: backport patch to fix failure for gcc-10Chen Qi
2020-02-11glusterfs: change pythnon2 dependencies to python3 onesChen Qi
2020-01-22misc: python3 readinessBruce Ashfield
2019-09-03glusterfs: fix RDEPENDS of glusterfs-geo-replicationChen Qi
2019-09-03glusterfs: support usrmergeChangqing Li
2019-05-06glusterfs: remove PACKAGECONFIG libibverbs for arm 32 and mipsKai Kang
2019-05-06glusterfs: set CVE_PRODUCTChen Qi
2019-04-26glusterfs: uprev from v5.4 to v6.1Hongzhi.Song
2019-03-21glusterfs: fix installed-vs-shipped qa issueKai Kang
2019-03-17glusterfs: uprev from v3.11.1 to v5.4Hongzhi.Song
2018-10-31glusterfs: Revert a CVE patch, CVE-2018-10924Hongzhi.Song
2018-09-30glusterfs: fix CVE-2018-10907Chen Qi
2018-09-30glusterfs: fix Fix CVE-2018-10913 and CVE-2018-10914Chen Qi
2018-09-30glusterfs: fix CVE-2018-10924Chen Qi
2018-09-30glusterfs: fix CVE-2018-10904Chen Qi
2018-09-30glusterfs: backport patch to fix a few CVEsChen Qi
2018-09-30glusterfs: fix CVE-2018-10923Chen Qi
2018-09-30glusterfs: fix CVE-2018-10911Chen Qi
2018-09-18glusterfs: fix CVE-2018-10841Chen Qi
2018-09-18glusterfs: fix CVE-2018-1088Chen Qi
2018-05-24glusterfs: build with libtirpcJoe Slater
2017-12-28glusterfs: use virtual/libibverbsChen Qi
2017-07-26glusterfs: uprev to 3.11.1Yi Zhao
2017-06-29glusterfs: Move from meta-openstack to meta-cloud-servicesHe Zhe