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2018-09-25consul-migrate: update to use go.bbclassMark Asselstine
2018-09-25consul-migrate: use SRC_URIs not DEPENDSMark Asselstine
2018-09-25consul: update to use go.bbclassMark Asselstine
2018-09-25consul: remove unneeded DEPENDSMark Asselstine
2018-09-25consul: consule-migrate: move from meta-overcMark Asselstine
2015-10-14dhcp: bbappend to use PNVu Tran
2015-06-19dhcp: fix build errorBian Naimeng
2015-02-20bbappend: rsync to oe-core master round2Bruce Ashfield
2014-08-29bbapends: resync bbappends to oe-core/meta-oe versionsBruce Ashfield
2014-08-27dhcp: fix double 'request' in dhclient.confMark Asselstine
2014-08-25bbappends: resync bbappends to oe-core/meta-oe latestBruce Ashfield
2014-06-24dhcp: add dhcp classless static route supportAndy Ning