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2013-10-03quantum: configuration and packaging updatesBruce Ashfield
2013-10-03openstack: compute node image free space and deploymentBruce Ashfield
2013-10-03openstack: extra space, network facilities to controller image and deploymentBruce Ashfield
2013-10-03rabbitmq: add /var/log/rabbitmq to packagingBruce Ashfield
2013-10-03postgresql: enable global listening, and explicit IP permissionsBruce Ashfield
2013-10-03openstack: create simple deployment frameworkBruce Ashfield
2013-10-03postgresql: fix slow database startup errorsBruce Ashfield
2013-10-03python-quantum: add pyparsing as an explicit dependencyBruce Ashfield
2013-10-03nova-common: adapt to non /home/root directory structuresBruce Ashfield
2013-10-03nova-controller: fix packaging errorBruce Ashfield
2013-10-03python-keystone: improve first run reliabilityBruce Ashfield
2013-10-03python-pycrypto: override do_installBruce Ashfield
2013-10-03meta-openstack: add bbappends for WRL5.0.xBruce Ashfield
2013-10-03python-nova*: Hack for FILESMark Hatle
2013-09-15python-nova*: FILES re-ordering and clarificationMark Hatle
2013-09-13erlang: Fix hard coded /usr/lib in do_installMark Hatle
2013-09-13novnc: introduce no VNC for guest console accessBruce Ashfield
2013-09-07python-pycrypto: Fix configure failureMark Hatle
2013-09-06python-nova: use explicit file lists, versus variablesBruce Ashfield
2013-09-06pycrypto: fix QA errors and configure failBruce Ashfield
2013-09-06tgt: use "tgt" instead of PN and drop protocolBruce Ashfield
2013-09-06erlang: fix QA error and use ${libdir}Bruce Ashfield
2013-09-03python-lockfile: fix upstream sourceBruce Ashfield
2013-09-03iproute2: re-sync to oe-core masterBruce Ashfield
2013-09-03meta-openstack: allow dangling bbappendsBruce Ashfield
2013-09-01dnsmasq: remove /run to avoid QA errorBruce Ashfield
2013-08-28cloud-controller: remove duplicate python-novaclientBruce Ashfield
2013-08-28nova: split into explicit compute and controller recipesBruce Ashfield
2013-08-28docs: clarify docs names and rolesBruce Ashfield
2013-08-28iptables: update bbappend to match oe-coreBruce Ashfield
2013-08-28keystone: make identity.sh re-entrantBruce Ashfield
2013-08-28iproute: update bbappend to match oe-core masterBruce Ashfield
2013-08-28openstack: update to 2013.1.3 releaseBruce Ashfield
2013-08-28postgresql: add 9.2.4 bbappendBruce Ashfield
2013-08-28openstack: set libvirt PACKAGECONFIG optionsBruce Ashfield
2013-08-28openstack: rename and clarify image namesBruce Ashfield
2013-08-28python-setuptools: remove site.pyBruce Ashfield
2013-08-28python-setuptools: avoid conflicting site.pyBruce Ashfield
2013-08-28python-pycrypto: change upstream referenceBruce Ashfield
2013-08-28python-psycopg2: remove references to pg-configBruce Ashfield
2013-08-28keystone: add openrc fileBruce Ashfield
2013-08-28ebtables: Move RRECOMMENDS to ebtables recipeMihai Prica
2013-08-28iproute2: Move RRECOMMENDS to iproute2 recipeMihai Prica
2013-08-28python-cinder: Add cinder-scheduler packageMihai Prica
2013-08-28python-cinder: Update cinder-volume initscript and postinstallMihai Prica
2013-08-28python-cinder: Fix path errorMihai Prica
2013-08-28python-quantum: Add postinstall for quantum-plugin-openvswitchMihai Prica
2013-08-28tgt: Update runtime dependenciesMihai Prica
2013-08-28tgt: Inherit update-rc.d for initscriptsMihai Prica
2013-08-28python-quantum: Changed DB name to ovs_quantumMihai Prica