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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-09-29housekeeping: Add a non-numeric PR prefix to allow PRINC in bbappendsicehouseMark Asselstine
2014-04-15glanceclient: use BPN instead of PNMark Asselstine
2014-04-03clients: update to the latest client codeBruce Ashfield
2014-03-31Memory leak from timingsAmy Fong
2014-03-17python-*: prevent setuptools from fetching required eggsMark Asselstine
2014-03-03*client: updating the openstack client packages to their latest versionsBruce Ashfield
2013-12-09python-*client: update PV to include client versionBruce Ashfield
2013-08-28python-glanceclient: added 0.9.0Mihai Prica