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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-01-03conf: mark layer compatible with mickledoreBruce Ashfield
2022-12-22layer.conf: add meta-virtualization to LAYERDEPENDSMingli Yu
2022-09-29layer.conf: set langdale compatibilityBruce Ashfield
2022-02-21conf: drop honister from compatibilityBruce Ashfield
2022-02-18conf: add kirkstone to layer compatibilityBruce Ashfield
2021-07-31conf: set compatibility to honisterBruce Ashfield
2021-06-04conf: drop gatesgarth from layer compatibilityBruce Ashfield
2021-06-03conf: add honister to LAYERSERIES_COMPATBruce Ashfield
2021-03-15conf: add hardknott compatibilityBruce Ashfield
2020-10-15conf: add gatesgarth to compat, drop zeusBruce Ashfield
2020-03-24conf/layer: update compatibilityBruce Ashfield
2019-10-08layer: add zeus as compatibleBruce Ashfield
2019-07-03meta-cloud-services: add layer depends on networking-layerMingli Yu
2019-05-06layer.conf: depends on meta-filesystemsKai Kang
2019-04-02conf: add warrior to layer compatBruce Ashfield
2018-10-09conf/layer.conf: add `core' to LAYERDEPENDSHongxu Jia
2018-09-30conf: add thud to compatible releasesBruce Ashfield
2018-05-21Add LAYERSERIES_COMPATJeremy A. Puhlman
2013-08-29meta-cloud-services: add common layer infrastructureBruce Ashfield