path: root/meta-amd-distro
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-10-22distro/poky-amd.conf: fix sdk build with debian package-managementArsalan H. Awan
2020-10-15distro/poky-amd.conf: set INIT_MANAGER = "systemd"Arsalan H. Awan
2020-10-15meta-amd/bsp,distro: move to yocto zeus branchArsalan H. Awan
2019-10-06dpkg: add a service to configure postinsts failed pkgs before GUI loadsArsalan H. Awan
2019-10-06meta-amd-distro/layer.conf: include bb and bbappend filesArsalan H. Awan
2019-09-14distro/poky-amd.conf: fix sdk build with debian package-managementArsalan H. Awan
2019-09-11distro/poky-amd.conf: rm hddimg completely and only support wic and isoArsalan H. Awan
2019-09-11meta-amd-distro: mv distro related configs and the wic img file hereArsalan H. Awan
2019-07-25poky-amd: enable devices auto mounting using udev-extraconfArsalan H. Awan
2019-07-25poky-amd: add rootfs space to avoid no space left issues on first bootArsalan H. Awan
2019-07-25poky-amd: enable buildhistoryArsalan H. Awan
2019-07-25poky-amd: enable connman as network managerArsalan H. Awan
2019-07-25poky-amd: enable openssh-server via IMAGE_FEATURE ssh-server-opensshArsalan H. Awan
2019-07-25poky-amd: enabled package-management with deb PACKAGE_CLASSESArsalan H. Awan
2019-07-25poky-amd: disable sysvinit and enable systemd as system init managerArsalan H. Awan
2019-07-25meta-amd-distro: initialize amd distro layer with poky-amd distroArsalan H. Awan