AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-11-30Merge pull request #691 from ArsalanHAwan/zeus-e3000-ga-202011zeus-e3000-ga-202011zeusWade Farnsworth
2020-11-30Merge pull request #690 from ArsalanHAwan/zeus-fix-lttng-modulesWade Farnsworth
2020-11-30release/zeus-e3000-ga-202011: add release docs and tagArsalan H. Awan
2020-11-30lttng-modules: fix lttng vmalloc_sync_all symbol lookup failed errorsArsalan H. Awan
2020-11-26Merge pull request #689 from ArsalanHAwan/enable-nfsWade Farnsworth
2020-11-26amd-common-configurations: enable nfs-server & nfs-client image featureArsalan H. Awan
2020-10-23Merge pull request #688 from ArsalanHAwan/zeus-amd-code-dropWade Farnsworth
2020-10-23e3000/linux-yocto: add patches for xgbe, emmc, spi & usb for kernel v5.4Arsalan H. Awan
2020-10-22Merge pull request #687 from ArsalanHAwan/zeus-fix-sdkWade Farnsworth
2020-10-22Merge pull request #686 from ArsalanHAwan/zeus-fix-lttng-modulesWade Farnsworth
2020-10-22distro/poky-amd.conf: fix sdk build with debian package-managementArsalan H. Awan
2020-10-22lttng-modules: rm patch that was added for an older kernelArsalan H. Awan
2020-10-16Merge pull request #685 from ArsalanHAwan/zeus-initWade Farnsworth
2020-10-16docs: remove unsupported bsps and inapplicable items from the docsArsalan H. Awan
2020-10-15meta-amd-bsp: remove unsupported codeArsalan H. Awan
2020-10-15meta-amd-bsp: remove unnecessary filesArsalan H. Awan
2020-10-15dpdk: upgrade to v18.11.8 as per yocto zeusArsalan H. Awan
2020-10-15libffi: upgrade to v3.3~rc0 as per yocto zeusArsalan H. Awan
2020-10-15e3000/kernel: move to linux-yocto v5.4.50Arsalan H. Awan
2020-10-15Fix amd-spi build failureRahul Kumar
2020-10-15bsp/kernel: add linux-yocto v5.4.50 & linux-yocto-rt v5.4.50 recipesArsalan H. Awan
2020-10-15bsp/kernel: rm linux-yocto-4.14.71 bits as it is not used by any bspArsalan H. Awan
2020-10-15distro/poky-amd.conf: set INIT_MANAGER = "systemd"Arsalan H. Awan
2020-10-15bsp/grub: fallback to grub 2.02 as 2.04 fails to build for amd znver1Arsalan H. Awan
2020-10-15meta-amd/bsp,distro: move to yocto zeus branchArsalan H. Awan
2020-10-15docs/BUILD.md: change branch name to YOCTO_BRANCH varArsalan H. Awan
2020-10-15docs: set ground for next releaseArsalan H. Awan
2020-09-24Merge pull request #680 from ArsalanHAwan/master-merge-warriorWade Farnsworth
2020-09-23Merge branch 'warrior' into masterArsalan H. Awan
2020-02-27Merge pull request #677 from ArsalanHAwan/warrior-r1000-ga-202002warrior-r1000-ga-202002warriorWade Farnsworth
2020-02-27release/warrior-r1000-ga-202002: add release docs and tagArsalan H. Awan
2020-02-14Merge pull request #676 from ArsalanHAwan/warrior-e3000-ga-202002warrior-e3000-ga-202002Wade Farnsworth
2020-02-14release/warrior-e3000-ga-202002: add release docs and tagArsalan H. Awan
2020-01-23Merge pull request #675 from chaudharyak/warriorWade Farnsworth
2020-01-21Merge pull request #674 from wfarnsworth/wfarnsworth-fix-mailing-listArsalan H. Awan
2020-01-20R1000 : R1000 firmware updateChaudhary Amit Kumar
2020-01-17R1000_LP : add 4.19.8 amdgpu patch for R1000 LPChaudhary Amit Kumar
2020-01-17Fix link to mailing listWade Farnsworth
2019-12-19Merge pull request #673 from ArsalanHAwan/warrior-e3000-rt-kernel-upgradeWade Farnsworth
2019-12-19e3000/rt-kernel: move to linux-yocto-rt v4.19.8 from v4.14.71Arsalan H. Awan
2019-12-19e3000/linux-yocto-rt: add recipe for the RT kernel v4.19.8Arsalan H. Awan
2019-12-18Merge pull request #672 from ArsalanHAwan/warrior-e3000-kernel-upgradeWade Farnsworth
2019-12-18e3000/kernel: move to linux-yocto v4.19.8 from v4.14.71Arsalan H. Awan
2019-12-18e3000/linux-yocto: add recipe for kernel v4.19.8Arsalan H. Awan
2019-12-16Merge pull request #671 from ArsalanHAwan/warrior-e3000-docs-updatesWade Farnsworth
2019-12-16Merge pull request #670 from ArsalanHAwan/warrior-dpdk-fixWade Farnsworth
2019-12-16Merge pull request #669 from ArsalanHAwan/warrior-nextWade Farnsworth
2019-12-16docs/CUSTOMIZE.md: add e3000 as supported bsp for customizable featuresArsalan H. Awan
2019-12-16docs/FEATURES.md: list e3000 bsp supported featuresArsalan H. Awan
2019-12-16docs/DOCUMENTATION.md: add link for dpdk documentationArsalan H. Awan