AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-05-05Merge pull request #135 from abelal/default_audio_devicemel-lite-2014.12.merlin-falcon-betaDrew Moseley
2015-05-05alsa-state: use generic naming for default deviceAwais Belal
2015-04-16Merge pull request #132 from mwpow3ll/gstomxDrew Moseley
2015-04-16gstreamer1.0-omx: machine override 0001-Adjust-gstomx.conf-for-Radeon.patchMichael
2015-04-14Merge pull request #131 from drewmoseley/openvg-release-2014.12Drew Moseley
2015-04-14remove openvg from PACKAGECONFIG variable in mesa recipeArindam Nath
2015-04-14Merge pull request #130 from mwpow3ll/fix_machineoverridesDrew Moseley
2015-04-14Fix MACHINEOVERRIDESMichael
2015-04-14Merge pull request #129 from abelal/default_audio_device_amixerDrew Moseley
2015-04-14alsa-state: set default device for alsamixerAwais Belal
2015-03-24Merge pull request #124 from abelal/connman_updateDrew Moseley
2015-03-24baldeagle, steppeeagle.conf: move to connman 1.28Awais Belal
2015-03-20Merge pull request #121 from abelal/fix_display_legacy_bootDrew Moseley
2015-03-18steppeeagle.conf: provide display mode for VESAAwais Belal
2015-03-18baldeagle.conf: provide display mode for VESAAwais Belal
2015-03-07Merge pull request #118 from abelal/drop_v86d_dependenciesDrew Moseley
2015-03-08linux-amd: drop unneeded v86d dependenciesAwais Belal
2015-03-06Merge pull request #117 from abelal/replace_base_containsDrew Moseley
2015-03-06Merge pull request #116 from abelal/intamddet-670Drew Moseley
2015-03-05Globally replace base_contains with bb.utils.containsAwais Belal
2015-03-04amd-multimedia: install gstreamer packages only on melAwais Belal
2015-03-04linux-amd: disable KGDB if distro is not MELAwais Belal
2015-03-04packagegroup-core-x11-sato: remove gaku only is distro is not MELAwais Belal
2015-03-04packagegroup-core-tools-profile: profiling should be enabled on MEL distro onlyAwais Belal
2015-03-04packagegroup-core-tools-testapps: only allow extra items on MEL distroAwais Belal
2015-02-12Merge pull request #112 from mwpow3ll/intamddet-646Drew Moseley
2015-02-12linux-amd: Add MEL 2014.12 FS supportMichael
2015-02-10Merge pull request #111 from MentorEmbedded/intamddet-646Drew Moseley
2015-02-10Fix console-image supportMichael
2015-02-10Merge pull request #110 from drewmoseley/fix-se-low-powerDrew Moseley
2015-02-10meta-amd: Fix for gstreamer pipeline triggering DPM low power mode.Arindam Nath
2015-02-09Merge pull request #109 from MentorEmbedded/mpowellDrew Moseley
2015-02-09linux-amd: Add mos7840 usb-serial supportMichael
2015-02-06Merge pull request #102 from drewmoseley/fix-udevadm-optionsSean Hudson
2015-02-06Merge pull request #108 from drewmoseley/disable-v86dDrew Moseley
2015-02-04amd: Disable v86d.Drew Moseley
2015-01-23Merge pull request #104 from abelal/iperf_release_201412Drew Moseley
2015-01-23iperf: fix out of tree configurationAwais Belal
2015-01-21Merge pull request #103 from abelal/fix_service_dependencyDrew Moseley
2015-01-21psplash: fix dependency chaining for psplash-quitAwais Belal
2015-01-12Merge pull request #100 from abelal/disable_sata_pmpDrew Moseley
2015-01-12linux-amd: disable SATA port multiplierAwais Belal
2015-01-09init-install: Use more generic udevadm optionsDrew Moseley
2015-01-05Merge pull request #101 from abelal/profiling_toolsDrew Moseley
2014-12-31linux-amd: disable kgdb on mel-liteAwais Belal
2014-12-31packagegroup-core-tools-profile: disable oprofile on mel-liteAwais Belal
2014-12-31packagegroup-core-tools-profile: disable perf on mel-liteAwais Belal
2014-12-29Merge pull request #99 from abelal/gstreamer-omx-use-multi-scmDrew Moseley
2014-12-29gstreamer1.0-omx: use multiple SCM rather than gitsmAwais Belal
2014-12-24Merge pull request #97 from abelal/enable_uvesaDrew Moseley