AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-05-20Merge branch 'master-next' into 'master'HEADyocto-4.0kirkstone-rome-ga-202205kirkstone-milan-ga-202205masterAndy Dracup
2022-05-20docs: update for kirkstone-4.0Zhaolong Zhang
2022-05-20dpdk: update to 21.11Zhaolong Zhang
2022-04-28Merge branch 'master-next' into 'master'yocto-3.4honisterAndy Dracup
2022-04-27kernel: upgrade linux-yocto(-rt) from v5.10.70 to v5.10.109Zhaolong Zhang
2022-04-27kernel: add linux-yocto(-rt) 5.15 supportZhaolong Zhang
2022-04-27layer.conf: Update to kirkstoneZhaolong Zhang
2022-04-27docs: update for honister-3.4Zhaolong Zhang
2022-04-27kernel: refactor linux-yocto_5.10 recipeZhaolong Zhang
2022-04-27README: update maintainersZhaolong Zhang
2022-04-22Merge branch 'master-next' into 'master'Andy Dracup
2022-04-22kernel: upgrade linux-yocto(-rt) to v5.10.70 from v5.10.47Zhaolong Zhang
2022-04-22bsp: split ethanolx into milan and romeZhaolong Zhang
2022-04-19grub/grub-efi: fix preferred version warningZhaolong Zhang
2022-04-19layer.conf: Update to honisterZhaolong Zhang
2022-04-19bsp: fix tune file pathZhaolong Zhang
2022-04-19linux-yocto: drop 5.4 recipeZhaolong Zhang
2022-04-19libffi: generalize bbappend versionZhaolong Zhang
2022-04-19meta-amd: Convert to new override syntaxZhaolong Zhang
2022-04-19bsp: fix layer dependencyZhaolong Zhang
2022-03-10Merge branch 'hardknott' into 'master'Andy Dracup
2022-03-10Merge branch 'LINCCM-12891' into 'hardknott'Andy Dracup
2022-03-10core-image-sato: add the x11 feature to fix build dependence errorBaogen Shang
2021-12-06Merge pull request #718 from ArsalanHAwan/master-merge-hardknottWade Farnsworth
2021-12-06Merge branch 'hardknott' into masterArsalan H. Awan
2021-10-26Merge pull request #717 from ArsalanHAwan/release-hardknott-vermeer-ga-202110hardknott-vermeer-ga-202110Wade Farnsworth
2021-10-26release/hardknott-vermeer-ga-202110: add release docs and tagArsalan H. Awan
2021-10-26docs/CUSTOMIZE.md: add console customizations & limitations on vermeerArsalan H. Awan
2021-10-26docs/FEATURES.md: update UART support documentation for vermeerArsalan H. Awan
2021-10-18Merge pull request #716 from ArsalanHAwan/hardknott-vermeer-serialWade Farnsworth
2021-10-18vermeer: use the LPC-UART serial for kernel console and serial-gettyArsalan H. Awan
2021-09-07Merge pull request #715 from ArsalanHAwan/hardknott-machine-feature-ccpWade Farnsworth
2021-09-06kernel: create MACHINE_FEATURE for ccp drivers & enable on e3000 onlyArsalan H. Awan
2021-09-02Merge pull request #714 from ArsalanHAwan/hardknott-vermeer-disable-ccpWade Farnsworth
2021-09-01kmod: prevent ccp module autoload at system boot on vermeerArsalan H. Awan
2021-08-31Merge pull request #713 from ArsalanHAwan/hardknott-vermeer-bspWade Farnsworth
2021-08-31docs: add vermeer as supported machine & enlist its supported featuresArsalan H. Awan
2021-08-31docs: set ground for next release based on yocto v3.3.2Arsalan H. Awan
2021-08-31kernel: upgrade linux-yocto(-rt) to v5.10.47 from v5.10.25Arsalan H. Awan
2021-08-29kernel: fix configure warnings related to CONFIG_X86_BIGSMPArsalan H. Awan
2021-08-29vermeer: enable screen-console MACHINE_FEATURE until we dont get serialArsalan H. Awan
2021-08-29bsp: implement screen-console MACHINE_FEATUREArsalan H. Awan
2021-08-29vermeer: use zen2 instead of zen3 as it is not supported in gcc 10.2.0Arsalan H. Awan
2021-08-29vermeer: add base bsp based on zen3 tunings with kernel 5.10 supportArsalan H. Awan
2021-08-29machines: use the new amd64 based zen arch specific compiler tuningsArsalan H. Awan
2021-08-29machine/include: add compiler tunings for zen 1,2 & 3 inheriting amd64Arsalan H. Awan
2021-08-12Merge pull request #712 from ArsalanHAwan/hardknott-v1000-dpdk-fixWade Farnsworth
2021-08-12dpdk: fix axgbe net driver for v1000Arsalan H. Awan
2021-08-05Merge pull request #711 from ArsalanHAwan/hardknott-enable-pciehpWade Farnsworth
2021-08-02linux/pciehp: enable the pcie hotplug kernel driverArsalan H. Awan