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+Furthermore, the `vermeer` platform does not have an on-board RS232
+serial port. Therefore, the graphical console is enabled on this
+machine by default and the user is required to interact with the
+machine using a display device plugged into a dGPU connected via the
+PCIe slot.
+In case the user does not have a dGPU, and wants to interact with the
+machine over the RS232 serial interface, the user needs to have an
+`LPC to UART Adapter` module plugged into the LPC header on the
+Using a serial cable connected between the host machine's RS232 port
+and this module, the user will be able to interact with the machine
+using the serial interface, but will still not be able to install the
+OS to a harddrive using the serial interface. For that, the graphical
+console has to be disabled. In order to achieve that, add the
+following to the `local.conf` and rebuild an image.
+MACHINE_FEATURES_remove = "screen-console"
+The resulting image will have no graphical console support and will
+only have the serial console support. After this, the user will also
+be able to install the OS to a harddrive using the serial interface.
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