AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-03-21showdesktop: Make sure active state is initializedgtk2Jussi Kukkonen
2013-09-26battery-apm: silently handle APM not being availableRoss Burton
2013-09-26battery-acpi: don't warn in normal situationsRoss Burton
2013-09-26mb-panel: handle consecutive separatorsRoss Burton
2013-07-10notify: add spec_version to GetServerInformationRoss Burton
2013-07-09battery: various small improvementsRoss Burton
2013-07-09clock: various small improvementsRoss Burton
2013-07-08build: use git.mkRoss Burton
2013-07-08build: move more logic into Makefile.appletsRoss Burton
2013-07-08applets: add a binary to verify applet linkageRoss Burton
2013-07-08build: silent make portability warningsRoss Burton
2013-07-08applets: add exit applet, that tells MBWM to exitRoss Burton
2013-06-17build: remove lies about gmodule-export's link argumentsRoss Burton
2013-06-17build: check for x11 and gdk-x11 explicitlyRoss Burton
2013-04-26build: silence more compile warningsRoss Burton
2013-04-26build: include the marsheller header to silence compile warningsRoss Burton
2012-12-22all: don't use sealed structs, bump GTK+ dependency to 2.18Ross Burton
2012-12-22all: only include gtk/gtk.hRoss Burton
2012-07-26build: use AM_V_GENRoss Burton
2012-07-26build: use GNOME_COMPILE_WARNINGS to get sensible warning controlRoss Burton
2012-07-26build: fix indentationRoss Burton
2012-07-26startup-notify: fix compile warningsRoss Burton
2012-07-26startup: fix compile warningRoss Burton
2012-07-26build: enable silent rulesRoss Burton
2012-07-26build: no need to pass --enable-maintainer-modeRoss Burton
2011-07-11startup.c: Fix typo and compile failureZhai, Edwin
2010-08-19Rename sync to sync_applet to prevent conflict with unistdross
2010-04-13Fix bad list iteration logic (thanks Stanislav Brabec)ross
2010-04-13Fix use-before-free in the startup applet (thanks Stanislav Brabec)ross
2010-04-13Fix a double-tree in MbScalingImage (thanks Stanislav Brabec)ross
2010-03-05added --fullscreen optiontf
2010-03-04Added --center-horizontally and --center-vertically optionstf
2010-03-04Ensure that right/bottom alligned panel remains so if screen size changestf
2010-03-04Added --reserve-extra-width and --reserve-extra-height optionstf
2010-03-04removed trailing spacetf
2010-03-04Use _NET_WM_STRUT_PARTIAL instead of _NET_WM_STRUTtf
2009-05-072009-05-07 Ross Burton <ross@linux.intel.com>ross
2009-05-072009-05-07 Ross Burton <ross@linux.intel.com>ross
2008-11-142008-11-14 Ross Burton <ross@linux.intel.com>2.0ross
2008-11-14Remove generated fileross
2008-11-142008-11-14 Ross Burton <ross@linux.intel.com>ross
2008-11-142008-11-14 Ross Burton <ross@linux.intel.com>ross
2008-10-282008-10-28 Rob Bradford <rob@linux.intel.com>rob
2008-09-302008-09-30 Ross Burton <ross@linux.intel.com>ross
2008-09-302008-09-30 Samuel Ortiz <sameo@linux.intel.com>sameo
2008-09-252008-09-25 Ross Burton <ross@linux.intel.com>ross
2008-06-202008-06-20 Ross Burton <ross@openedhand.com>ross
2008-06-192008-06-19 Ross Burton <ross@openedhand.com>ross
2008-03-042008-03-04 Marcin Juszkiewicz <hrw@openedhand.com>hrw
2008-02-212008-02-21 Ross Burton <ross@openedhand.com>ross