AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
3 daysMerge branch 'v5.4/standard/base' into v5.4/standard/tiny/intel-x86v5.4/standard/tiny/intel-x86Bruce Ashfield
3 daysMerge tag 'v5.4.196' into v5.4/standard/basev5.4/standard/baseBruce Ashfield
3 daysMerge tag 'v5.4.195' into v5.4/standard/baseBruce Ashfield
3 daysMerge tag 'v5.4.194' into v5.4/standard/baseBruce Ashfield
3 daysMerge tag 'v5.4.193' into v5.4/standard/baseBruce Ashfield
4 daysLinux 5.4.196v5.4.196v5.4/baseGreg Kroah-Hartman
4 daysafs: Fix afs_getattr() to refetch file status if callback break occurredDavid Howells
4 daysi2c: mt7621: fix missing clk_disable_unprepare() on error in mtk_i2c_probe()Yang Yingliang
4 daysx86/xen: Mark cpu_bringup_and_idle() as dead_end_functionPeter Zijlstra
4 daysx86/xen: fix booting 32-bit pv guestJuergen Gross
4 daysReinstate some of "swiotlb: rework "fix info leak with DMA_FROM_DEVICE""Linus Torvalds
4 daysARM: dts: imx7: Use audio_mclk_post_div instead audio_mclk_root_clkAbel Vesa
4 daysfirmware_loader: use kernel credentials when reading firmwareThiébaud Weksteen
4 daysnet: stmmac: disable Split Header (SPH) for Intel platformsTan Tee Min
4 daysblock: return ELEVATOR_DISCARD_MERGE if possibleMing Lei
4 daysInput: ili210x - fix reset timingMarek Vasut
4 daysnet: atlantic: verify hw_head_ lies within TX buffer ringGrant Grundler
4 daysnet: stmmac: fix missing pci_disable_device() on error in stmmac_pci_probe()Yang Yingliang
4 daysethernet: tulip: fix missing pci_disable_device() on error in tulip_init_one()Yang Yingliang
4 daysselftests: add ping test with ping_group_range tunedNicolas Dichtel
4 daysmac80211: fix rx reordering with non explicit / psmp ack policyFelix Fietkau
4 daysscsi: qla2xxx: Fix missed DMA unmap for aborted commandsGleb Chesnokov
4 daysperf bench numa: Address compiler error on s390Thomas Richter
4 daysgpio: mvebu/pwm: Refuse requests with inverted polarityUwe Kleine-König
4 daysgpio: gpio-vf610: do not touch other bits when set the target bitHaibo Chen
4 daysnet: bridge: Clear offload_fwd_mark when passing frame up bridge interface.Andrew Lunn
4 daysigb: skip phy status check where unavailableKevin Mitchell
4 daysARM: 9197/1: spectre-bhb: fix loop8 sequence for Thumb2Ard Biesheuvel
4 daysARM: 9196/1: spectre-bhb: enable for Cortex-A15Ard Biesheuvel
4 daysnet: af_key: add check for pfkey_broadcast in function pfkey_processJiasheng Jiang
4 daysnet/mlx5e: Properly block LRO when XDP is enabledMaxim Mikityanskiy
4 daysNFC: nci: fix sleep in atomic context bugs caused by nci_skb_allocDuoming Zhou
4 daysnet/qla3xxx: Fix a test in ql_reset_work()Christophe JAILLET
4 daysclk: at91: generated: consider range when calculating best rateCodrin Ciubotariu
4 daysice: fix possible under reporting of ethtool Tx and Rx statisticsPaul Greenwalt
4 daysnet: vmxnet3: fix possible NULL pointer dereference in vmxnet3_rq_cleanup()Zixuan Fu
4 daysnet: vmxnet3: fix possible use-after-free bugs in vmxnet3_rq_alloc_rx_buf()Zixuan Fu
4 daysnet/sched: act_pedit: sanitize shift argument before usagePaolo Abeni
4 daysnet: macb: Increment rx bd head after allocating skb and bufferHarini Katakam
4 daysARM: dts: aspeed-g6: fix SPI1/SPI2 quad pin groupJae Hyun Yoo
4 daysARM: dts: aspeed-g6: remove FWQSPID group in pinctrl dtsiJae Hyun Yoo
4 daysdma-buf: fix use of DMA_BUF_SET_NAME_{A,B} in userspaceJérôme Pouiller
4 daysdrm/dp/mst: fix a possible memory leak in fetch_monitor_name()Hangyu Hua
4 dayscrypto: qcom-rng - fix infinite loop on requests not multiple of WORD_SZOndrej Mosnacek
4 daysKVM: x86/mmu: Update number of zapped pages even if page list is stableSean Christopherson
4 daysPCI/PM: Avoid putting Elo i2 PCIe Ports in D3coldRafael J. Wysocki
4 daysFix double fget() in vhost_net_set_backend()Al Viro
4 daysperf: Fix sys_perf_event_open() race against selfPeter Zijlstra
4 daysALSA: wavefront: Proper check of get_user() errorTakashi Iwai
4 daysSUNRPC: Ensure we flush any closed sockets before xs_xprt_free()Meena Shanmugam