AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-02-17Linux 5.4.99v5.4.99Greg Kroah-Hartman
2021-02-17ovl: expand warning in ovl_d_real()Miklos Szeredi
2021-02-17net/qrtr: restrict user-controlled length in qrtr_tun_write_iter()Sabyrzhan Tasbolatov
2021-02-17net/rds: restrict iovecs length for RDS_CMSG_RDMA_ARGSSabyrzhan Tasbolatov
2021-02-17vsock: fix locking in vsock_shutdown()Stefano Garzarella
2021-02-17vsock/virtio: update credit only if socket is not closedStefano Garzarella
2021-02-17net: watchdog: hold device global xmit lock during tx disableEdwin Peer
2021-02-17net/vmw_vsock: improve locking in vsock_connect_timeout()Norbert Slusarek
2021-02-17net: fix iteration for sctp transport seq_filesNeilBrown
2021-02-17net: gro: do not keep too many GRO packets in napi->rx_listEric Dumazet
2021-02-17net: dsa: call teardown method on probe failureVladimir Oltean
2021-02-17udp: fix skb_copy_and_csum_datagram with odd segment sizesWillem de Bruijn
2021-02-17rxrpc: Fix clearance of Tx/Rx ring when releasing a callDavid Howells
2021-02-17usb: dwc3: ulpi: Replace CPU-based busyloop with Protocol-based oneSerge Semin
2021-02-17usb: dwc3: ulpi: fix checkpatch warningFelipe Balbi
2021-02-17h8300: fix PREEMPTION build, TI_PRE_COUNT undefinedRandy Dunlap
2021-02-17i2c: stm32f7: fix configuration of the digital filterAlain Volmat
2021-02-17clk: sunxi-ng: mp: fix parent rate change flag checkJernej Skrabec
2021-02-17drm/sun4i: dw-hdmi: Fix max. frequency for H6Jernej Skrabec
2021-02-17drm/sun4i: Fix H6 HDMI PHY configurationJernej Skrabec
2021-02-17drm/sun4i: tcon: set sync polarity for tcon1 channelJernej Skrabec
2021-02-17firmware_loader: align .builtin_fw to 8Fangrui Song
2021-02-17net: hns3: add a check for queue_id in hclge_reset_vf_queue()Yufeng Mo
2021-02-17x86/build: Disable CET instrumentation in the kernel for 32-bit tooBorislav Petkov
2021-02-17netfilter: conntrack: skip identical origin tuple in same zone onlyFlorian Westphal
2021-02-17ibmvnic: Clear failover_pending if unable to scheduleSukadev Bhattiprolu
2021-02-17net: stmmac: set TxQ mode back to DCB after disabling CBSMohammad Athari Bin Ismail
2021-02-17selftests: txtimestamp: fix compilation issueVadim Fedorenko
2021-02-17net: enetc: initialize the RFS and RSS memoriesVladimir Oltean
2021-02-17xen/netback: avoid race in xenvif_rx_ring_slots_available()Juergen Gross
2021-02-17netfilter: flowtable: fix tcp and udp header checksum updateSven Auhagen
2021-02-17netfilter: nftables: fix possible UAF over chains from packet path in netnsPablo Neira Ayuso
2021-02-17netfilter: xt_recent: Fix attempt to update deleted entryJozsef Kadlecsik
2021-02-17bpf: Check for integer overflow when using roundup_pow_of_two()Bui Quang Minh
2021-02-17drm/vc4: hvs: Fix buffer overflow with the dlist handlingMaxime Ripard
2021-02-17mt76: dma: fix a possible memory leak in mt76_add_fragment()Lorenzo Bianconi
2021-02-17lkdtm: don't move ctors to .rodataMark Rutland
2021-02-17vmlinux.lds.h: Create section for protection against instrumentationThomas Gleixner
2021-02-17ARM: kexec: fix oops after TLB are invalidatedRussell King
2021-02-17ARM: ensure the signal page contains defined contentsRussell King
2021-02-17ARM: dts: lpc32xx: Revert set default clock rate of HCLK PLLAlexandre Belloni
2021-02-17bfq-iosched: Revert "bfq: Fix computation of shallow depth"Lin Feng
2021-02-17riscv: virt_addr_valid must check the address belongs to linear mappingAlexandre Ghiti
2021-02-17drm/amd/display: Decrement refcount of dc_sink before reassignmentVictor Lu
2021-02-17drm/amd/display: Free atomic state after drm_atomic_commitVictor Lu
2021-02-17drm/amd/display: Fix dc_sink kref count in emulated_link_detectVictor Lu
2021-02-17drm/amd/display: Add more Clock Sources to DCN2.1Sung Lee
2021-02-17nvme-pci: ignore the subsysem NQN on Phison E16Claus Stovgaard
2021-02-17ovl: skip getxattr of security labelsAmir Goldstein
2021-02-17cap: fix conversions on getxattrMiklos Szeredi