AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-09-15Linux 5.4.146v5.4.146Greg Kroah-Hartman
2021-09-15clk: kirkwood: Fix a clocking boot regressionLinus Walleij
2021-09-15backlight: pwm_bl: Improve bootloader/kernel device handoverDaniel Thompson
2021-09-15fbmem: don't allow too huge resolutionsTetsuo Handa
2021-09-15IMA: remove the dependency on CRYPTO_MD5THOBY Simon
2021-09-15IMA: remove -Wmissing-prototypes warningAustin Kim
2021-09-15fuse: flush extending writesMiklos Szeredi
2021-09-15fuse: truncate pagecache on atomic_o_truncMiklos Szeredi
2021-09-15KVM: nVMX: Unconditionally clear nested.pi_pending on nested VM-EnterSean Christopherson
2021-09-15KVM: x86: Update vCPU's hv_clock before back to guest when tsc_offset is adju...Zelin Deng
2021-09-15KVM: s390: index kvm->arch.idle_mask by vcpu_idxHalil Pasic
2021-09-15x86/resctrl: Fix a maybe-uninitialized build warning treated as errorBabu Moger
2021-09-15perf/x86/amd/ibs: Extend PERF_PMU_CAP_NO_EXCLUDE to IBS OpKim Phillips
2021-09-15tty: Fix data race between tiocsti() and flush_to_ldisc()Nguyen Dinh Phi
2021-09-15time: Handle negative seconds correctly in timespec64_to_ns()Lukas Hannen
2021-09-15bpf: Fix pointer arithmetic mask tightening under state pruningDaniel Borkmann
2021-09-15bpf: verifier: Allocate idmap scratch in verifier envLorenz Bauer
2021-09-15bpf: Fix leakage due to insufficient speculative store bypass mitigationDaniel Borkmann
2021-09-15bpf: Introduce BPF nospec instruction for mitigating Spectre v4Daniel Borkmann
2021-09-15ipv4: fix endianness issue in inet_rtm_getroute_build_skb()Eric Dumazet
2021-09-15octeontx2-af: Fix loop in free and unmap counterSubbaraya Sundeep
2021-09-15net: qualcomm: fix QCA7000 checksum handlingStefan Wahren
2021-09-15net: sched: Fix qdisc_rate_table refcount leak when get tcf_block failedXiyu Yang
2021-09-15ipv4: make exception cache less predictibleEric Dumazet
2021-09-15ipv6: make exception cache less predictibleEric Dumazet
2021-09-15brcmfmac: pcie: fix oops on failure to resume and reprobeAhmad Fatoum
2021-09-15bcma: Fix memory leak for internally-handled coresZenghui Yu
2021-09-15ath6kl: wmi: fix an error code in ath6kl_wmi_sync_point()Dan Carpenter
2021-09-15ASoC: wcd9335: Disable irq on slave ports in the remove functionChristophe JAILLET
2021-09-15ASoC: wcd9335: Fix a memory leak in the error handling path of the probe func...Christophe JAILLET
2021-09-15ASoC: wcd9335: Fix a double irq free in the remove functionChristophe JAILLET
2021-09-15tty: serial: fsl_lpuart: fix the wrong mapbase valueAndy Duan
2021-09-15usb: bdc: Fix an error handling path in 'bdc_probe()' when no suitable DMA co...Christophe JAILLET
2021-09-15usb: ehci-orion: Handle errors of clk_prepare_enable() in probeEvgeny Novikov
2021-09-15i2c: mt65xx: fix IRQ checkSergey Shtylyov
2021-09-15CIFS: Fix a potencially linear read overflowLen Baker
2021-09-15bpf: Fix possible out of bound write in narrow load handlingAndrey Ignatov
2021-09-15mmc: moxart: Fix issue with uninitialized dma_slave_configTony Lindgren
2021-09-15mmc: dw_mmc: Fix issue with uninitialized dma_slave_configTony Lindgren
2021-09-15ASoC: Intel: Skylake: Fix module resource and format selectionCezary Rojewski
2021-09-15ASoC: Intel: Skylake: Leave data as is when invoking TLV IPCsCezary Rojewski
2021-09-15rsi: fix an error code in rsi_probe()Dan Carpenter
2021-09-15rsi: fix error code in rsi_load_9116_firmware()Dan Carpenter
2021-09-15i2c: s3c2410: fix IRQ checkSergey Shtylyov
2021-09-15i2c: iop3xx: fix deferred probingSergey Shtylyov
2021-09-15Bluetooth: add timeout sanity check to hci_inquiryPavel Skripkin
2021-09-15mm/swap: consider max pages in iomap_swapfile_add_extentXu Yu
2021-09-15usb: gadget: mv_u3d: request_irq() after initializing UDCNadezda Lutovinova
2021-09-15nfsd4: Fix forced-expiry lockingJ. Bruce Fields
2021-09-15lockd: Fix invalid lockowner cast after vfs_test_lockBenjamin Coddington