AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
41 hoursMerge branch 'v5.10/standard/base' into v5.10/standard/preempt-rt/sdkv5.10/xl...v5.10/standard/preempt-rt/sdkv5.10/xlnx-socBruce Ashfield
41 hoursMerge tag 'v5.10.176' into v5.10/standard/basev5.10/standard/baseBruce Ashfield
8 daysLinux 5.10.176v5.10.176v5.10/baseGreg Kroah-Hartman
8 daysHID: uhid: Over-ride the default maximum data buffer value with our ownLee Jones
8 daysHID: core: Provide new max_buffer_size attribute to over-ride the defaultLee Jones
8 daysxfs: remove xfs_setattr_time() declarationGaosheng Cui
8 daysfs: use consistent setgid checks in is_sxid()Christian Brauner
8 daysattr: use consistent sgid stripping checksAmir Goldstein
8 daysattr: add setattr_should_drop_sgid()Amir Goldstein
8 daysfs: move should_remove_suid()Amir Goldstein
8 daysattr: add in_group_or_capable()Amir Goldstein
8 daysfs: move S_ISGID stripping into the vfs_*() helpersYang Xu
8 daysfs: add mode_strip_sgid() helperYang Xu
8 daysxfs: use setattr_copy to set vfs inode attributesDarrick J. Wong
8 daysxfs: set prealloc flag in xfs_alloc_file_space()Dave Chinner
8 daysxfs: fallocate() should call file_modified()Dave Chinner
8 daysxfs: remove XFS_PREALLOC_SYNCDave Chinner
8 daysxfs: don't leak btree cursor when insrec fails after a splitDarrick J. Wong
8 daysxfs: purge dquots after inode walk fails during quotacheckDarrick J. Wong
8 daysxfs: don't assert fail on perag references on teardownDave Chinner
8 daysPCI/DPC: Await readiness of secondary bus after resetLukas Wunner
8 daysPCI: Unify delay handling for reset and resumeLukas Wunner
8 dayss390/ipl: add missing intersection check to ipl_report handlingSven Schnelle
8 daysio_uring: avoid null-ptr-deref in io_arm_poll_handlerFedor Pchelkin
8 daysdrm/i915/active: Fix misuse of non-idle barriers as fence trackersJanusz Krzysztofik
8 daysdrm/i915: Don't use stolen memory for ring buffers with LLCJohn Harrison
8 daysx86/mm: Fix use of uninitialized buffer in sme_enable()Nikita Zhandarovich
8 daysx86/mce: Make sure logged MCEs are processed after sysfs updateYazen Ghannam
8 dayscpuidle: psci: Iterate backwards over list in psci_pd_remove()Shawn Guo
8 daysfbdev: stifb: Provide valid pixelclock and add fb_check_var() checksHelge Deller
8 daysmmc: sdhci_am654: lower power-on failed message severityFrancesco Dolcini
8 daysmm/userfaultfd: propagate uffd-wp bit when PTE-mapping the huge zeropageDavid Hildenbrand
8 daysftrace: Fix invalid address access in lookup_rec() when index is 0Chen Zhongjin
8 daysmptcp: avoid setting TCP_CLOSE state twiceMatthieu Baerts
8 daysdrm/shmem-helper: Remove another errant put in error pathDmitry Osipenko
8 daysALSA: hda/realtek: Fix the speaker output on Samsung Galaxy Book2 ProHamidreza H. Fard
8 daysALSA: hda: intel-dsp-config: add MTL PCI idBard Liao
8 daysKVM: nVMX: add missing consistency checks for CR0 and CR4Paolo Bonzini
8 dayscifs: Fix smb2_set_path_size()Volker Lendecke
8 daystracing: Make tracepoint lockdep check actually test somethingSteven Rostedt (Google)
8 daystracing: Check field value in hist_field_name()Steven Rostedt (Google)
8 daystracing: Make splice_read available againSung-hun Kim
8 daysinterconnect: fix mem leak when freeing nodesJohan Hovold
8 daysfirmware: xilinx: don't make a sleepable memory allocation from an atomic con...Roman Gushchin
8 daysserial: 8250_em: Fix UART port typeBiju Das
8 daystty: serial: fsl_lpuart: skip waiting for transmission complete when UARTCTRL...Sherry Sun
8 daysext4: fix possible double unlock when moving a directoryTheodore Ts'o
8 daysdrm/amd/display: fix shift-out-of-bounds in CalculateVMAndRowBytesAlex Hung
8 dayssh: intc: Avoid spurious sizeof-pointer-div warningMichael Karcher
8 daysdrm/amdkfd: Fix an illegal memory accessQu Huang