AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
5 daysMerge branch 'v5.10/standard/preempt-rt/base' into v5.10/standard/preempt-rt/...v5.10/standard/preempt-rt/bcm-2xxx-rpiBruce Ashfield
5 daysRevert "printk: declare printk_deferred_{enter,safe}() in include/linux/print...v5.10/standard/preempt-rt/baseLi Wang
5 daysmm/page_alloc: Drop the deferred printingKevin Hao
10 daysMerge branch 'v5.10/standard/preempt-rt/base' into v5.10/standard/preempt-rt/...Bruce Ashfield
10 daysMerge branch 'v5.10/standard/base' into v5.10/standard/preempt-rt/baseBruce Ashfield
10 daysMerge tag 'v5.10.180' into v5.10/standard/basev5.10/standard/baseBruce Ashfield
12 daysLinux 5.10.180v5.10.180v5.10/baseGreg Kroah-Hartman
12 daysdrm/amd/display: Fix hang when skipping modesetAurabindo Pillai
12 daysmm/page_alloc: fix potential deadlock on zonelist_update_seq seqlockTetsuo Handa
12 daysdrm/exynos: move to use request_irq by IRQF_NO_AUTOEN flagTian Tao
12 daysprintk: declare printk_deferred_{enter,safe}() in include/linux/printk.hTetsuo Handa
12 daysKVM: x86: move guest_pv_has out of user_access sectionRishabh Bhatnagar
12 daysKVM: x86: do not report preemption if the steal time cache is staleRishabh Bhatnagar
12 daysKVM: x86: revalidate steal time cache if MSR value changesRishabh Bhatnagar
12 daysKVM: x86: do not set st->preempted when going back to user spaceRishabh Bhatnagar
12 daysKVM: x86: Remove obsolete disabling of page faults in kvm_arch_vcpu_put()Rishabh Bhatnagar
12 daysKVM: Fix steal time asm constraintsRishabh Bhatnagar
12 daysKVM: x86: Fix recording of guest steal time / preempted statusRishabh Bhatnagar
12 daysKVM: x86: Ensure PV TLB flush tracepoint reflects KVM behaviorRishabh Bhatnagar
12 daysdrbd: correctly submit flush bio on barrierChristoph Böhmwalder
12 daysserial: 8250: Fix serial8250_tx_empty() race with DMA TxIlpo Järvinen
12 daysext4: fix invalid free tracking in ext4_xattr_move_to_block()Theodore Ts'o
12 daysext4: remove a BUG_ON in ext4_mb_release_group_pa()Theodore Ts'o
12 daysext4: bail out of ext4_xattr_ibody_get() fails for any reasonTheodore Ts'o
12 daysext4: add bounds checking in get_max_inline_xattr_value_size()Theodore Ts'o
12 daysext4: fix deadlock when converting an inline directory in nojournal modeTheodore Ts'o
12 daysext4: improve error recovery code paths in __ext4_remount()Theodore Ts'o
12 daysext4: check iomap type only if ext4_iomap_begin() does not failBaokun Li
12 daysext4: fix data races when using cached status extentsJan Kara
12 daysext4: avoid a potential slab-out-of-bounds in ext4_group_desc_csumTudor Ambarus
12 daysext4: fix WARNING in mb_find_extentYe Bin
12 daysKVM: x86: do not report a vCPU as preempted outside instruction boundariesPaolo Bonzini
12 daysKVM: x86: hyper-v: Avoid calling kvm_make_vcpus_request_mask() with vcpu_mask...Vitaly Kuznetsov
12 daysHID: wacom: insert timestamp to packed Bluetooth (BT) eventsPing Cheng
12 daysHID: wacom: Set a default resolution for older tabletsPing Cheng
12 daysdrm/amdgpu: disable sdma ecc irq only when sdma RAS is enabled in suspendGuchun Chen
12 daysdrm/amdgpu/gfx: disable gfx9 cp_ecc_error_irq only when enabling legacy gfx rasGuchun Chen
12 daysdrm/amdgpu: fix an amdgpu_irq_put() issue in gmc_v9_0_hw_fini()Hamza Mahfooz
12 daysdrm/panel: otm8009a: Set backlight parent to panel deviceJames Cowgill
12 daysf2fs: fix potential corruption when moving a directoryJaegeuk Kim
12 daysARM: dts: s5pv210: correct MIPI CSIS clock nameKrzysztof Kozlowski
12 daysARM: dts: exynos: fix WM8960 clock name in Itop EliteKrzysztof Kozlowski
12 daysremoteproc: st: Call of_node_put() on iteration errorMathieu Poirier
12 daysremoteproc: stm32: Call of_node_put() on iteration errorMathieu Poirier
12 dayssh: nmi_debug: fix return value of __setup handlerRandy Dunlap
12 dayssh: init: use OF_EARLY_FLATTREE for early initRandy Dunlap
12 dayssh: mcount.S: fix build error when PRINTK is not enabledRandy Dunlap
12 dayssh: math-emu: fix macro redefined warningRandy Dunlap
12 daysinotify: Avoid reporting event with invalid wdJan Kara
12 daysplatform/x86: touchscreen_dmi: Add info for the Dexp Ursus KX210iAndrey Avdeev